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Studio Artemy focuses on creating modern, holistic and soulful divination tools to help others transform their reality and turn their purpose into gold.

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As an Astrologer and a member of the esoteric, spiritual and tarot community for over a decade, I am constantly impressed by Studio Artemy and their productions. I own every deck that has been created, and I have not found another that has the quality, attention to detail and overall beauty quite like them! Every single item that is made is thoughtfully made with care, and it shows, even down to the hand-painted edging and the vegan silk construction of the altar cloths! I always look forward to what will come next out of this incredible company! Studio Artemy is truly stunning!


The Fortuna Deck is a powerful soul with clear messages that pull no punches.  It challenges you while also supporting you - and is definitely centred in Astrology (my pulls always align with transits in the stars) Not to mention, it’s insanely well designed. Luxe in every sense of the word.  The cards are top quality that beg to be shuffled. Absolutely. In. Love.


I absolutely love both my Astrosoul deck and my Ethereal Orbs decks. They are not only wonderful quality with stunning imagery but always seem to hit the nail on the head. 


I love all of the products I’ve purchased from Studio Artemy—so much so, that I set calendar notifications for any new product launches! The attention to detail is superb—from the edging and materials, to how each product works and fits together. And, the design and artistry is impeccable. I’m excited for anything that Studio Artemy produces.


The Astrosoul deck is heaven. The painted blue edges are sure to last a long time if not forever. The cover design is mesmerizing. It looks like the star burst is etched within the card. I could stare at it all day.


When I received my Ethereal Orbs deck I was stunned. The texture of the box is is incredible and I love all the little details on the cards. This is going to be my favourite deck ever! Thank you for putting something of such high quality on the market.


It's been a couple of months since I started using the Astrosoul Oracle Deck and I've honestly never felt such a deep and instant connection with a deck. I'm an astrologer the answers I receive are always straightforward. Thank you for creating such a wonderful companion for my day-to-day life.


I love my deck! The craft & detail exude the passion put into this project. It’s exemplary in all ways. From the foil to the card stock. So intentional. Maria's diligence is noted & beautiful!


The Fortuna Tarot deck is just beyond! My Amethyst Aura deck not only inspires me with its rainbow foil ripples but also with its impeccably accurate and on point messages! Maria’s extensive knowledge of astrology and tarot is so evident in both the guidebook and in the imagery on each and every card! It is such a beautiful deck and one of my absolute favourites to work with. As a person new to astrology her work is teaching me so much but even if you are a seasoned astrologer or tarot reader you will recognise all the beautiful and subtle features in this deck!! If you’re on the fence about this deck you should just buy it - You won’t regret it!


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