Lararium Grand Tableau Altar Cloth
Lararium Grand Tableau Altar Cloth
Lararium Grand Tableau Altar Cloth
Lararium Grand Tableau Altar Cloth
Lararium Grand Tableau Altar Cloth
Lararium Grand Tableau Altar Cloth

Lararium Grand Tableau Altar Cloth

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Discover the Sacred Origins

The name 'Lararium' comes from ancient Latin, referring to the sacred altar in affluent Roman houses and villas where offerings and prayers were made to the Gods. This altar cloth draws inspiration from this rich tradition, providing a sacred space for your spiritual practices.

Product Features

Size: 80 x 80 cm (31 x 31 inches)

  • Matches the size of all other altar cloths in our collection for a consistent setup.

Fabric: Thick velvet with a soft touch and luxurious gold foil

  • Offers a velvety touch for a premium feel and enhanced durability.

Design: Features the 36 Lenormand cards, also known as Lenormand houses

  • Perfect for your Grand Tableau readings, adding depth and clarity to your divination practices.

Aftercare Instructions

  • Hand-Wash Only: Use cold water with delicate soap.
  • Rinse and Air Dry: Avoid the washing machine or dryer to maintain fabric quality.
  • Ironing: To remove creases, iron at a low temperature on the reverse side, opposite the print.

Add a Touch of Ancient Magic to Your Altar

This altar cloth is not only a beautiful addition to your sacred space, but also a practical tool for your divination practices. The integration of the 36 Lenormand cards into the design enhances your Grand Tableau readings, making each session more meaningful and insightful.

No AI is used, each visual is manually crafted from scratch

Designed with love and a touch of magic by Maria Praena


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