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Hi friend! I'm Maria, the creative force behind Studio Artemy (Art + Alchemy = Artemy)

I specialize in providing professional graphic design services and mentorship for both businesses and individuals, helping them bring their visions and dreams to life through branding and design.

Prior to establishing my own small business, I honed my craft over more than a decade, accumulating extensive experience as a professional graphic designer. I've had the privilege of working in various studios, startups, and agencies specializing in print work and UX/UI design. (I couldn't resist delving into both realms!) Throughout my journey, I've always been driven by the quest to uncover the 'why' behind every creative endeavor.

Design, to me, is a language intricately woven with usability. It's not just about the what and why, but also the how. My design ethos revolves around storytelling – I specialize in crafting unique experiences and products for those who aspire to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

These days, astrology plays a significant role in my design process. If integrating astrology into your brand strategy resonates with you, feel free to request it as a key aspect of our collaboration.

Here are some of my design services and offerings:

Logo + Branding
Books and Book Covers
Magazines + Printed materials
Social Media Templates
Custom Art
Promotional Merchandise 
    I sadly do not offer services for designing card decks at this moment in time.
    Feel free to send a request using the form below including as many details about your project, expectations, ideas etc. 

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