New Moon in Gemini - Evolution means revolution

Either we evolve or we dwell... (quite literally) 
Because we either adapt and revolutionize our way of thinking, or our vision will tank with us
In my years as a professional astrologer, I don't think I've ever seen such a mutable, Gemini-led New Moon. This lunation reminds us that change is a constant in life. We must embrace change fully, or we will not be able to make progress, no matter how hard or scary it feels.
Do you feel like you've hit a wall lately? Do you need a change in your life but don't know where to start? 💭
I sense this conflicting energy has been with us for quite some time, as Jupiter has been gravitating close to Uranus in the late degrees of Taurus. However, Jupiter is now in the mutable sign of the Cosmic Twins, helping us embrace the winds of change! This year especially.  While Jupiter is at detriment in Gemini, this is the first face of the Decan in Gemini, ruled by Jupiter in Gemini and the 8 of Swords in Tarot, so it's somewhat in a position that is comfortable for Jupiter and it maintains some distance from Saturn in Pisces before they start exchanging squares.
This New Moon in Gemini has Mercury dignified in its domicile sign, sharing space with Venus and Jupiter, reinforced by positive energy exchanges from a dignified Mars in the very last degrees of Aries. Mutable signs signify duality and ambiguity, while cardinal signs (like Aries) depict change, movement, and evolution. Therefore, this New Moon in Gemini is particularly powerful for visualizing and writing down goals, or starting something new. Though the effects of what we seek to manifest in our lives won't come immediately, we are tapping into the energy of newness and freshness this New Moon provides 🧠.
If you've read my other lunation reports, you know I'm a big fan of discussing the Moon Mansions and Fixed Stars. As a traditional astrologer, I feel this element provides even more insight into what this cycle may mean for us.
This New Moon in Gemini occurs in the VI Mansion, which represents attraction and opposition, encapsulating the energy of Gemini (duality) perfectly. As Christopher Warnock said: "It signifies love, friendship, and affection. It can indicate the imminence of a new friendship or love, or the intensification of current relationships. Al-Hana is a very positive Mansion, but not every activity can be auspiciously undertaken here. The dual images of the Mansion indicate a fundamental polarity, which is the source of its attractive power. The energy of love it usually signifies can flip from attraction to repulsion. This is a Mansion of power and flow, not conducive to the slow growth of crops or the stability necessary for the long endurance of a building or city."
Additionally, both the Sun and the Moon are in close proximity to the Fixed Star Aldebaran, also known as the Bull's Eye, the Eye of God, or the Messenger of Light. Aldebaran is one of the four Guardians of the Heavens, alongside Regulus, Antares, and Fomalhaut. It is one of the most fortunate and auspicious Fixed Stars, acting like a compass redirecting us toward our purpose and success.
So, while conflicting interests may currently invade your life, this New Moon sets the early stages for planning, visualizing, and manifesting. When I speak of manifestation, I always emphasize that it is not about simply thinking something into reality, as often suggested in the new age world. Manifestation involves visualization, which is why mood boards are extremely powerful. The mind understands many languages beyond words, including images (hence why Mercury is linked to the Magician in Tarot 🔮).
If you take any advice during this New Moon in Gemini, let it be this: dream big and wide. Don't narrow down your dreams or niche down your interest to one or two things just because people say that's the way to go these days. You are a complex human being with infinite potential. Let curiosity be your guide. Try new things, experiment, dare to fail, and then stand up and start again. Good things come to those who see failure as just another stepping stone in their journey, knowing their mistakes are also their teachers.
New Moon in Gemini ♊️
Maria & Studio Artemy 

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