The Astralis Compendium
The Astralis Compendium
The Astralis Compendium
The Astralis Compendium
The Astralis Compendium
The Astralis Compendium
The Astralis Compendium
The Astralis Compendium

The Astralis Compendium

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Magic is in the mundane 

Printed in small batches with love and a little bit of magic in the UK. Thank you for supporting an independent artist and self-funded publisher – Maria x

(Stickers and cards not included)

The Astralis Compendium is a guided journal to learn how to cultivate a magic practice by channeling the energy of the celestial bodies in your everyday life, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. 

This is more than just a 'journal'; The Astralis Compendium is an experience, a powerful tool for self-awareness and reflection, helping you to connect deeper with yourself, your intuition, and the Universe. 

With over 15+ prompts, this guided journal is meant to become a daily practice for you, a ritual where you switch off and connect with the present moment. The journal is beginner-friendly and comes with instructions on how to make the most of your journaling experience.

The two main sections in the journal are divided based on planetary divisions. 

The first section belongs to the seven traditional planets where you will find exercises to practice planetary magic and guidance on how to do so, as well as a section to track and take notes of astrological transits of your choice, allowing you to identify patterns relevant for your own growth and development. Next to this, you'll find a Tarot & Oracle page with prompts for daily pulls and reflections.

The second section is associated with the transpersonal planets and their teachings. Here you'll find:

A goal and dream tracker (Uranus hopes and dreams)

A gratitude section (Neptune spirituality and meditation)

A shadow work page (Pluto  transformation and renewal)


  • A5 size (210mm x 148mm / 5.8 x 8.3 inches)
  • Luxurious vegan leather cover
  • Holographic gold foil stamp for the cover and the spine
  • Gilded edges with a hidden message
  • Undated, can be used at any time during the year (there's a section to add date and time for your journaling experience though)
  • 120 gsm thick paper
  • 204 pages, of which 200 are for you to write. If you were to use your journal every day, it will last you around 6.5 months
  • Each piece is bespoke, produced in small print runs done locally in the UK by highly skilled printers and artisans as opposing to mass production in China

In Studio Artemy we care about our planet and always strive to find alternatives that are more eco-friendly and kinder to mother Earth. That's why we're proudly 80% plastic free – our shipping supplies are bio-degradable and compostable, our wrapping paper is made of recycled paper and eco-friendly inks. 

We also belong to the Eco-Packaging Alliance, which takes a percentage of the money we spend on our shipping supplies and invests the funds on planting trees in areas that need it the most, helping fight against global deforestation. 

We believe in the power of individuality and how our actions can have a huge impact in the world around us, even if these aren't noticeable right away. Change is possible, and by taking small steps together we can transform the reality we live in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brendan B
Beautiful is an understatement

I cannot express with words how much I am in love with Maria’s ability to design something beautiful. The colors, the design, the magic. She is so talented; she knows what she’s doing. She has poured her heart into her products. And I couldn’t stop at one deck, I had to buy nearly the whole damn shop. Every product is truly as beautiful in real life as it looks on the website and IG. And by the way, she is so supportive (and personable) in the event there’s a question or something. She does so much work. If you’re on the fence for any reason, I can tell you there’s no reason to be, it’s worth it. Thank you, and I’m so excited to see your future products.


This journal is wonderful if you are into doing daily work and writing with astrology and tarot. The book looks and feels magical, a lot of care and imagination was put into these. The holo edging is a lovely bonus.
One thing I noticed was that there must have been something that damaged the Astralis during shipping as it arrived a bit crumpled at the top edge and the delivery box a little beat up. These may need more packaging material around them during the shipping process as this (combined with the Clavis Aurea) are relatively heavy hardcover journals. It's a minor cosmetic issue, however, and doesn't subtract my appreciation for these unique journals.

Vanessa Delzingaro
Day Planner

My astrological day planner is stunning and I use it everyday! Thanks for creating such a gift!

Holly Marsh
SO beautiful!

I was a little worried when the box my order was packaged in had a tear, revealing bubble wrap. I was relieved to see that everything was still there, and then some! It was such a pleasant surprise and the quality of everything- from the tarot decks to the journal to the gorgeous surprise bookmark blew me away! Thank you for sharing your art and your magic. :)

Samantha March
Beautiful Journal

This is such a beautiful journal! I’ve wanted to start journaling for a while now and I love that this one incorporates tarot and astrology into the mix. It’s such high quality and the gold design on the front is lovely! Another amazing design piece from Studio Artemy!

Lovingly Crafted

Produced in small batches and created with deep love and intention by an independent artist

Earth Conscious

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we also plant one tree per order to offset our carbon footprint

Woman Owned

Studio Artemy is powered by women and supports LGBTQ+ inclusion, orientation and gender equality

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