Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura
Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura
Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura
Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura
Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura
Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura
Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura
Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura
Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura
Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura
Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura

Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura

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(Also available in Emerald Anima and as a Bundle)

The Fortuna Tarot Deck is a 79 card deck designed to help you unlock your potential and turn your purpose into gold. Combining ancient alchemical principles, tarot, astrology, and numerology you will embark on a new journey within toward clarity and enlightenment, opening the gates of the occult and spirituality.

These cards respect some of the traditional symbolism found in other tarot decks combined with modern elements, purposely designed to help your mind to tap into higher realms, adding more layers to your readings. This deck celebrates the union between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forces, that’s why the Court cards have been rearranged to Princess (Page) Prince (Knight), then Queen and King. 

The Cards

  • 79 unique designs 
  • 120 mm x 75 mm card size
  • Luxurius matte card stock (350 gsm)
  • Silver holographic foil for front and back 
  • Custom hand-painted symmetrical watercolour background for the back of the cards
  • Hand-painted edges  

The Guidebook 

Extensive guidebook which includes the different theories and core elements found within the deck, meanings, and descriptions of the cards and their archetypes, as well as some unique spreads to use with your cards.

The Box

  • Sturdy two-part box to hold the card and guidebook
  • Rose petal finish (velvet touch)
  • Luxurious silver holographic foil
  • Custom hand-painted watercolour background

Designed and written by Maria Praena


In Studio Artemy we care about our planet and always strive to find alternatives that are more eco-friendly and kinder to mother Earth. That's why we're proudly 80% plastic free – our shipping supplies are bio-degradable and compostable, our wrapping paper is made of recycled paper and eco-friendly inks. 

We also belong to the Eco-Packaging Alliance, which takes a percentage of the money we spend on our shipping supplies and invests the funds on planting trees in areas that need it the most, helping fight against global deforestation. 

We believe in the power of individuality and how our actions can have a huge impact in the world around us, even if these aren't noticeable right away. Change is possible, and by taking small steps together we can transform the reality we live in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Leonardo Dos Santos
Great quality

The cards are amazing. Worth the price.

Fortuna Amethyst Tarot deck

I absolutely love this deck!!! ❤️ nicely packaged! Shipping speed was quick.

Hannah Tucker McLellan
Tarot deck

The design and quality of these cards is fabulous, it's just what I was looking for and will help me get back into tarot!

I review decks on YouTube

I review decks on YouTube and I was drawn to the Fortuna Amethyst Aura deck so I purchased it to review it on my YouTube Channel Starseeddragon you can see the review here:
It's a wonderful deck and has a great energy.

Nadia Falak
Fortuna Tarot Deck Amethyst Aura 💜

The most elegant deck that I've ever seen. Great quality, great design, beautiful colours, I really love it! 🥰
My favourite colour is purple, and my favourite crystal is amethyst, so this deck I feel done for me. I'm so happy to have it! And the costumers attention, is great too! Maria is so lovely!
I'm very thankful. 💜💜💜 YouTube video placeholder

Lovingly Crafted

Produced in small batches and created with deep love and intention by an independent artist

Earth Conscious

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we also plant one tree per order to offset our carbon footprint

Woman Owned

Studio Artemy is powered by women and supports LGBTQ+ inclusion, orientation and gender equality

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