Iter Gaudium ✦  100 Journaling Reflections 

Iter Gaudium ✦  100 Journaling Reflections 

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Iter Gaudium ✦  100 Journaling Reflections – A Pathway to Happiness 

These 100 journaling reflections will help you feel present, in alignment, and connected to your heart and soul.  You can use these every day, any day, or every other day, as well as combine them in whatever way works best for you. The document is divided into five sections, where you will find prompts to write about creativity, self-love, money, the inner child, and general daily reflections. 

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Iter Gaudium translates as a ‘pathway to happiness’. Shortly after COVID hit, I searched for ways to feel more connected to myself, my spirituality, and my day-to-day life. I then realised that, even during my time of freedom, I was not living to my maximum potential. I was not being appreciative of all of the things I already had in my life. 

Journaling has become a form of meditation for me, it is the most powerful way I have yet found to sit down with my thoughts and my emotions to help me process them. In the midst of these difficult times, the inspiration to create a map for those to arrive at the deepest part of their souls was born. 

With these journaling reflections, I want you to remember there is always something special and valuable to write about every day, as each day that passes will never come back.

Designed and written by Maria Praena

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