New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo is here! However, as a Leo Sun myself, I am a little bit disappointed (to say the least!) though let me explain. There is something very special about seeing the Moon in a sign ruled by the all mighty luminary Sol.


Both the Moon and the Sun in Astrology fall in a very specific and unique category compared to the rest of the planets. And so, when the Moon is in Leo, the expansive and enlightening energy of the Sun is being reflected by the receptive energy of the Moon, which kind of makes it feel as if it was a mini ‘full moon’.


The energy is warm, inspiring, creative, and playful. This year though, the tension between the planet Mars and Uranus increases as they get closer to the North Node in Taurus and the squares projected to Mercury in Leo. The next 2 weeks are going to be a bit of a bumpy ride, but also incredibly transformative and, in a way, liberating.


While there are some intense aspects happening during this lunation, I am someone who likes to see the underlying silver lining of a situation as I do not believe things are either black or white. Difficult transits in Astrology advise of an upcoming challenge we must undergo and what areas of our lives are we being guided to master. 


The New Moon in Leo will be almost perfectly conjunct the Fixed Star Azmidiske, known to give prosperity as well as strength of mind and spirit to those who consecrate its powers. There’s a strong connection between this New Moon in Leo and the spiritual process of enlightenment. It is often said that enlightenment is achieved once we integrate our shadows. And in order to do that, we need to recognise all we are, both light and darkness. This New Moon in Leo is inviting us to revisit the importance of having acceptance for who we are at the core. And how everything about us humans and the endless possibilities that reside within our minds are a miracle on itself.


Mercury is known to be the messenger between realities, often travelling in and out of the underworld. During this lunation, Mercury in Leo will be receiving squares from Mars and Uranus in Taurus. Speaking our truth may not be the easiest all the time, however, we are honouring ourselves when we do so, even though that could stir up uncomfortable situations or bring up difficult conversations. 


The tension will continue to build up as the Sun moves forward in the sign of Leo and gets closer to the same number of degrees Mars and Uranus are in. The Sun in Leo depicts self-expression, authenticity and creativity. How there is something unique and special in every single one of us, even if you have not figured that out for yourself quite yet. There is something about you none else does, or has the ability to offer to others. The Leo and Aquarius axis represent the power between singularity and community. When we share our abilities or  what we know with others, not only do we help others grow in their journey, but we also expand as a result of our light being shared in the world.


With singularity comes one problem, which is engrained in the archetype of Leo – not everything about ourselves is meant to be special or unique. We all have flaws, and that is just part of our human existence. Trying to mask out those flaws or deny we have them can only create pain in the long run. 


Truth be told, many people feel discontent these days because they have not realised what their true potential is. And so, this New Moon in Leo is inviting us to explore within ourselves what that is and what that means for us and could possibly add on to other people’s lives. It is not an easy job, and it requires time and dedication to define our purpose. Yet, after having seen countless astrological charts from people I have done readings for, I can reassure there is something about you that makes you YOU.


I like to see Mars as an intense activation in a chart that will create a ripple effect affecting other points directly connected to it that feel very tangible (as Mars is considered one of the personal planets, anything Mars activates will most likely be perceived as something tangible, raw, and real). As Mars continues to sit closely next to Uranus, which depicts higher realms, we are being called to let go of the things that restrain ourselves or our true nature, so we can unleash out true power. There is a sense of deep attachment associated with the sign of Taurus, thought through Uranus and the North Node we know that holding on to the past or what is safe will interfere with our own evolution.


Therefore, the purpose of this New Moon in Leo is in a way reminiscent with the ancient myth of King Midas and his golden touch. You are gold, there is true potential residing within you, and you have the ability to turn what you touch into gold. (Gold was considered the ultimate goal in Alchemy which is associated to enlightenment in spiritual Alchemy).


So are you going to continue to live based on old limiting beliefs, or are you willing to confront your shadows and let your potential shine, even if that means exposing yourself to the world?


Here are a few journaling prompts to reflect on for this New Moon in Leo: 

✦ what makes me different/unique?

✦ what am I the most proud of about myself?

✦ how can I use my knowledge to help others shine in their journey?

✦ what aspects of myself have I been neglecting and should appreciate more?

✦ what things do I love about myself (physical body and personality)?

✦ how can I inspire others to become a better version of themselves?

✦ what practices help me feel more confident?

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