Full Moon in Aries



OCTOBER 20TH 10:57 AM EST | 15:57 PM BST


purpose, determination, passion, excitement


“Today I am reconnecting with my purpose, fighting against uncertainty and old fears.  My passion is my drive. My vision is my guiding star. None besides me can define what I am capable of doing. I am a visionary.


After a couple of eventful weeks, we’re close to the end of Libra season. For many, this Mercury retrograde has had some of the most tangible effects they’ve experienced in a long time. I believe this to be partly because of the effects of Pluto. I find the lunations happening in the Aries - Libra axis to be some of the most powerful every year, and this could be because Cardinal signs in Astrology depict the initiation of a process or movement, that’s why cardinal signs fall in the transition of each season Spring equinox (Aries season), Summer equinox (Cancer season), Fall equinox (Libra season), Winter equinox (Capricorn season). But also because this lunation is putting closure to what we initiated during the time we experienced the New Moon in Aries this year (March 28th). Aries season is considered as the ‘Astrological New Year’ and that’s why these lunations (New Moon & Full Moon in Aries) tend to have a stronger manifestations and feel more real and intense.

The Full Moon will be peaking at 27º26’ of Aries, falling in the third Mansion, which is ruled by 25º degrees of Aries to 8º Taurus. Funnily enough, this Mansion of the Moon teaches us life is all about balance, and that instead of seeking for more or new experiences, we should focus on sustaining what we already have in our lives. This mansion was considered very auspicious when asking for new career opportunities. A distinct T-square is pulling the strings of an imaginary bow, pointing towards our future. There’s a world of possibilities ahead of us, only if we are able to release the tension (fears) that are holding us back.

There are some positive aspects supporting this Full Moon. Venus is in the joyful sign of Sagittarius (making a very wide trine to the Full Moon through the lenses of traditional astrology), Mars is currently at detriment (debilitated) in Libra and being combusted by the Sun so the malefic side-effects of Mars are being diminished during this lunation. Mars will have its own resurrection later on October 30th when it moves to its traditional domicile sign of Scorpio regaining his strength in a way that makes him more auspicious to work with.

Now let's break down the effects and possible manifestations for each sign during this Full Moon in Aries.

*To make the most of your horoscopes remember to read for your rising sign first, then for your Sun sign if you were born during the day or your Moon sign if you were born at night.


Keywords: ego, body, energy levels, personality

The Full Moon in Aries is highlighting your first house, one of the most personal areas in the chart, which happens to be your comfort zone since you’re the natural ruler of this house. This may manifest as a boost of energy for you, a moment of connection where things start to flow seamlessly in your life. While Mars, your natural ruler is currently in detriment in the sign of Libra, it is also being combusted by the energy of the Sun. Make sure you surround yourself with people who support you and your vision, that make you feel secure and uplifted. Communication will be easier now Mercury is finally direct, and you also have the support of Jupiter (also direct) and Saturn in Aquarius activating the house of hopes and dreams, making sextiles to your sign. Don’t let this opportunity go!

Tarot: 9 of Keys (Swords) Reversed The 9 of Keys is one of the most dreaded cards in Tarot, it depicts nightmares, fears, insecurities that keep us awake at night. However, this card also signifies how we hold the keys to our healing. Those experiences are not what they may seem on the surface, you’ve got 9 keys that could open new doors for you, depicting choice. You can choose to filter the experiences you allow to manifest in your reality. Do not feed the fear. Instead, focus on the opportunities that are in front of you. 


Keywords: intuition, dreams, secrets, sacrifice

Taurus the Full Moon in Aries will activate your 12th house which is often a house we have a hard time looking at, since it’s where we bury the things we fear, traumatic events, what creates discomfort. This is an opportunity for you to consciously pay attention to the voice of your subconscious, letting go of the things that are currently holding you back. This Full Moon marks the end of a cycle we started back in Aries season, about six months ago. Take the lessons you’ve learnt with you and leave what feels heavy. Jupiter is now direct activating your 10th house of career and purpose, creating nice sextiles to the Full Moon. Maybe this will be a nice opportunity to revisit your current long-term goals to make sure these still make sense in your life. 

Tarot: Princess of Candles (Page of Wands) This card appears as an indication to keep dreaming big. 


Keywords: community, connection, technology, hope

This Full Moon in Aries will highlight your 11th house of connectivity, community and hope. Your relationships with those in your close environment are here to support you, not to drown you down. This Full Moon is asking you to reassess your priorities and boundaries when it comes to forming bonds with others. With your ruler Mercury now direct, it is easier to see things clearly. The Great Benefic Jupiter stationed direct this week too activating your 9th house which is directly connected to your spirituality and publishing work. Matters that have been left on hold for a while will start to gain some speed. 

Tarot: The Sun The most auspicious card in the whole deck is making an appearance for you today. A reminder no matter how difficult life sometimes may feel, the darkest of nights is followed by the energy of the sun every morning. If you feel like has been ‘a bit too much’ recently, know this too shall pass and your peace will soon be restored. 


Keywords: career, purpose, exposure, reputation

Cancer the Full Moon in Aries is currently blazing over the highest point in your chart, known as the 10th house. Here not only we see public life and career, but also one’s purpose in life. Our true calling. Whatever you’ve been working on for the past 6 months (since Aries season aka March this year) is finally coming full circle. Your efforts are being rewarded. Mercury and Jupiter are now direct, activating your 4th house and 8th house respectively. If you feel your boundaries have been crossed, it is now time to be clear about it and perhaps think on how these could be defined in a more detailed way. Managing your resources is crucial for you at the moment, having the support of Jupiter be selective about where your energy is being redirected.

Tarot: 3 of Elixirs (Cups) What a better card to commemorate the end of a big cycle! The 3 of Elixirs not only depicts celebration, but also invites us to connect with the present moment and be mindful of our experiences. Life is fleeting. The beautiful moments we experience are not forever. This is a sign for you to celebrate yourself and also life itself. Make sure to rejoice in the small things in life.


Keywords: spirituality, wisdom, higher learning, foreign lands

The fiery Full Moon in Aries is now illuminating your 9th house Leo, highlighting your house of spirituality, wisdom and publishing work. This Full Moon is here to reframe your vision about life, ensuring what you are currently working on is supporting your own evolution, giving you a burst of energy and offering you direction if you have been feeling lost lately. Mercury and Jupiter are now direct, so not only will your communication with others feel more constructive and clear, but there is also a rekindling happening in your relationship sector. I know you are someone who feels emotions very deeply and this Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn retrograde has not been easy. You will now be able to express yourself like you are used to. 

Tarot: Prince of Elixirs (Knight of Cups) Reversed Knights in Tarot depict a energy that is more curated and mature. The Prince of Elixirs is a traveller between realities. Based on my personal theory, this archetype depicts the energy of the Sun in Leo and Venus in Pisces, which is very fitting for you Leo. This card indicates the lost spark that has drowned during the past months is being reignited by the energy of the Full Moon. A moment of connection, passion and joy is resurfacing. Soak in this moment. Treasure your connection with those you love.


Keywords: transformation, shared resources, inheritance, intimacy

Virgo this Full Moon in Aries is currently illuminating the house in your chart known to be in the shadows (aka the 8th house). This powerful Full Moon is asking you to be vocal and clear about your desires. To communicate those freely without fear or judgement. I know you value privacy the most, though expressing how we truly feel is the only way others can fully understand us and what is crossing our minds. Now Mercury and Jupiter are direct, you will finally feel more in tune with yourself and your thoughts. The birth of a new idea or connection could also manifest during this lunation. Pay attention to the signs and your surroundings.

Tarot: 10 of Talismans (Pentacles) Reversed This card indicates abundance is a state of mind. Those who feel content are most likely to tap into this mindset. Not because they have accumulated wealth, but because they know how to appreciate everything they have worked on. Every success in our journey comes from a well detailed vision and strategy. It is time to count your blessings Virgo.


Keywords: relationships, agreements, collaborations, contracts

Libra the Full Moon is blazing over your 7th house, highlighting your relationship sector, reminding you our differences make us unique and allow others to compliment us. I know you are someone who enjoys harmonious connections, however sometimes having harsh contracts in our relationships adds some spice and excitement to the mix. Mercury and Jupiter are now direct, supporting you in your communication and creative endeavours. A solid structure must be in place for you to thrive. Make sure you are defining all the steps and coming up with an alternative route if you feel the road is blocked.

Tarot: Judgement Reversed Delays can be seen as signs of protection from the Universe. What is meant for you will never pass you. Learn how to surrender and accept what is. The answers you seek will come in due time. For now, all you can do is use your patience as a vehicle. 


Keywords: work, habits, routine, health

Dear Scorpio, the Full Moon in Aries is currently activating your 6th house, inviting you to revisit your current routine, making sure what you do everyday is supporting you. This is the house of the mundane, but is also known as the house of healing. Only we can heal ourselves (metaphorically speaking). What we do everyday has the ability to either create bridges between realities or burn them. If you feel stagnant, stressed or lost, this Full Moon is inviting you to establish new rituals that are more in alignment with your current situation. A big 6 months chapter is coming full circle. It is time to incorporate more habits that will offer you freedom and support. Mercury and Jupiter are now direct, offering you a new way to look at things.

Tarot: 4 of Talismans (Pentacles) Reversed Holding onto things will only create set-backs and delays in our journey. This card reversed comes as an indication for us to release our need for control, which is something I know you like to do Scorpio because it offers you comfort. Thing is, there will always be things we cannot control and that is ok. Allow life to flow and surprise you. While you can’t be in control of life, you can choose how to look at things.


Keywords: creativity, self-expression, good fortune, inner child

Sagittarius the Full Moon in Aries is highlighting your 5th house, offering you a burst of energy. What is that you TRULY want? This Full Moon in Aries is inviting you to reevaluate your desires, to go after them, to bow to the fire burning inside you. If you feel your purpose does not define you anymore, it is time to seek new adventures. A big 6 months chapter is coming full circle during this Full Moon, so do not feel restricted to stick to the old. Mercury and Jupiter (your ruler) are now direct, opening new doors for you to make new meaningful connections and explore new environments.

Tarot: The Lovers Reversed The Lovers is in this case seen as a mirror. It reminds us our choices define who we are, and how these are constantly changing. Though, it is through them we can understand the true nature of our soul. What choices have you made recently? What do these say about you? How do these represent you? As the Lovers appeared reversed, it can indicate there is a disconnection between your choices and the purpose of your soul. Make sure you ask yourself these questions and reevaluate your beliefs.


Keywords: home, family, boundaries, foundations

The Full Moon is highlighting your 4th house Capricorn, where we see our home environment and safety. This Full Moon is inviting you to establish new boundaries. Remember our boundaries allow us to filter our experiences, as well as our connection with others. It is clear you have changed in the past 6 months, like we all have. What used to offer you support and comfort back then may no longer be something that applies to today. Mercury and Jupiter are now direct, helping you to find new inspirations and a sense of hope in life. We are now coming out from a dark place, where a new journey unfolds in front of us. Do not feel you need to stick to old experiences because you worked really hard on making those succeed. It is now time to reinvent yourself. Allow new inspirations to flow over you.

Tarot: Queen of Talismans (Pentacles) Reversed When the Queen of Talismans appears reversed, she invites us to reevaluate our own worth. You may be going through a face where it is hard to witness your potential, though this card is reminding you you are capable of success, abundance and affluence. These are and will always be available to you, only if you believe in yourself. Do not waste your energy in wondering what others may think of you, instead focus all of that energy inwards. Make use of your potential.


Keywords: knowledge, communication, short travel, siblings

Aquarius the Full Moon is creating an activation in your 3rd house of communication, knowledge and close environment. Now that Jupiter and Saturn are direct, the energy flows freely again. Conversations have a different tone of voice, they feel more empowering and uplifting. We can say the way in which you communicate now feels in alignment with your values, after the chaos and confusions that arose during the Mercury retrograde are starting to dissipate. This is also a time for you to be in charge of your future, to be the one that defines the rules, instead of being influenced by the opinion of others.

Tarot: Alchemy (Temperance) When the Temperance card appears in a reading, it is reminding us we are alchemists and, therefore, creators of our own reality. In order to master the elements, proficiency is required. After trials and errors we can find our own formula to success. What does success mean to you? What things need to happen in order for you to feel successful? 


Keywords: finances, values, security, self-worth

The Full Moon in Aries is highlighting your 2nd house Pisces, which is directly connected to your values and wealth. This Full Moon is inviting you to reevaluate how the past 6 months have been for you, what has worked and what has not, so you can take that knowledge with you on this new journey you are about to embark on. It seems you have outgrown your own skin and it is now time you allow new experiences to come into your life. You have learnt a lot about yourself, your needs, and your wants up until now. So it is time to manifest those desires into your physical reality.

Tarot: The Oracle (The Hierophant) What a reminder from the Universe to seek your own truth. The Oracle is a symbol of inspiration, wisdom and trust. The Universe always offers help to those who seek to be guided. May this be a reminder for you to tune in to yourself, as the answers you need can only be found by embarking on a journey within.

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