New Moon in Cancer – Unlocking the Heart

DATE JUL 17th 
TIME EST 2:32 PM |  7:32 PM BST 
Protection, restoration, nurturance, preservation
“I trust that the paths I take are safe. I am divinely protected and guided at all times.”
The New Moon in Cancer is here, reaching its peak at 24º. The Moon finds it home in the sign of Cancer, making this lunation one to rejoice in before the Venus in Leo retrograde starts.
The Moon is at home in the sign of Cancer, making this lunation well balanced and full of supportive aspects which has not happened in a while due to the tension we have been experiencing in the cardinal axis over the past years.
One of the most significant aspects to highlight during this lunation though, is the change of the nodes from Taurus and Scorpio to Aries and Libra. Nodal changes occur every year to year and a half and these often represent turning points in one’s fate and destiny on a personal level, but also for the collective. Depending on where your natal nodes are you will be experimenting these changes in a more intense and tangible way. If you are having either your nodal or inverted nodal return, you are on for a ‘fun’ ride. The eclipses will begin to uncover situations that will lead you to a new path, which in many cases feels like a sudden, drastic change of plans or BIG realisations. 
If your nodes are in the Cancer - Capricorn axis, you will then experience your nodal squares which are likely to push you out of your comfort zone, presenting situations where your abilities will be tested. By no means I am trying to scare you, but rather warning you these situations are very likely to manifest in your life so you can be prepared for it. I find clients often experience certain transits, such as profected years and nodal activations a bit earlier than the exact activation dates, which in the case of the nodes in Aries and Libra will happen in September / October when the eclipses happen.
Some of you may be feeling a bit more tired, cranky or even uninspired. I fear I may sound like a broken record, though I have been telling clients and friends that 2023 is a transitional year, where many subtle yet significant changes are happening almost on a monthly basis. It takes time for our bodies and minds to adapt to any change, therefore if you feel you are struggling a little bit to stay afloat, surrender to the situations that are outside of your control and let the tides guide you. Especially during this New Moon in Cancer.
Traditionally, this lunation is creating an activation of the IX Mansion, also known as ‘The Gaze’. According to Christopher Warnock This Mansion generally implies a negative answer to questions. It warns of approaching misfortune, particularly with regard to health and travel. The manifestation of this energy might be more inwardly directed, too, foretelling a time of depression or disappointment. Al-Tarf gives us heed to prepare. By cultivating acceptance, emotional stability, wisdom and faith that all things have purpose, burdens grow much lighter.Is good to defend yourself from being attacked by another man.Is good to defend yourself from being attacked by another man.
I cannot help it but think how much this Mansion reminds me of the most recognisable symbol the sign of Cancer is linked to, which is a crab. The hard shell of the crab protects it from any external damage. In Astrology, the sign of Cancer represents one’s ribcage and chest, protecting the most important organ that keeps us alive – the heart (ruled by Leo). 
This Mansion reminds us we are in change of protecting our hearts, either from other people’s energies or from external circumstances that may interfere with our happiness or vision by stablishing better boundaries, which is a main element in this lunation. 
As we continue to transition and progress through the second half of the year, we will be guided to redirect our actions and goals towards our personal fulfillment and evolution as well as strengthening our connection with others, using relationships as a mirror to witness who we truly are, how much we have evolved over the years and where are we heading towards.
It is safe to say that, as a collective, the general dynamics between people are going to be massively affected by this nodal change. In some ways these conclusions we are going to arrive to are going to help us reevaluate whether our relationships are meant to last or not, but more importantly, some situations are going to guide us to choose ourselves above anything else. 
Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces are in a harmonious exchange between each other and this New Moon in Cancer, which facilitates holding space for ourselves and our emotions to flourish. As I explain to my clients, not all emotions are meant to be easy and some of them can be very triggering and uncomfortable, however, this lunation is inviting us to make space for whatever arises without that interfering with our inner peace. It is okay to not know. It is okay to need time to process things. It is okay to rest. 
I hope during this New Moon in Cancer you protect your space and your energy by making yourself a priority. 
Much love,
Maria xx

Journaling prompts for the New Moon in Cancer:

✦ What makes me feel safe?
✦ How do I (really) feel today?
✦ Describe how do you deal with uncofortable/difficult emotions
✦ Write down about your current personal boundaries and how are you planning on expanding them. Which new ones do you want to implement.

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