Cancer & the Moon in Medical Astrology by Jessica Kaitse

Harnessing the Nurturing Energies of the New Moon in Cancer for Your Well-Being

The upcoming New Moon in Cancer is a powerful opportunity to prioritise self-care, emotional healing, and nurturing your overall well-being. As we delve into medical astrology, we can tap into the unique qualities of this water moon and align ourselves with its supportive energies.

In medical astrology, the New Moon signifies a turning point where forces within us become more introspective, enhancing our connection with the lunar cycles and the tides of our bodies.

Cancer is associated with the stomach and the breasts, emphasising the importance of nourishing ourselves from within. During this time, we can practice being mindful of consuming foods that support our well-being, particularly those that hydrate and nourish.

Like Cancer, the energy of a water moon encourages the downward flow of energy and enhances the body's excretory system. Hydrating practices like drinking ample water and incorporating moisturising routines can also be beneficial during this lunar phase.

The New Moon in Cancer forms aspects with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, intensifying its transformative energies. Suppose you have personal planets or angles closely aligned with these outer planets. In that case, you may experience heightened intuitive abilities and a deeper connection with healing and spirituality. Trust your instincts and tune into your inner guidance.

As you embrace the energies of this New Moon, remember that medical astrology is a complementary tool that empowers and informs. It should never be used to instil fear or replace professional medical advice. Embrace the nurturing and supportive qualities of the Cancer energy, and use it as an opportunity to prioritise self-care, emotional healing, and creating a nurturing environment for yourself and those around you.
Jessica Kaitse (she/her) is a Medical Astrologer, yoga teacher, tarot reader a web designer. Understanding the transformative power of healing journeys, she creates a nurturing space for others to explore their own paths to wellbeing using Medical Astrology. Follow her on Instagram @jessicakaitse or visit for classes, readings and Medical Astrology insights.

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