New Moon in Aries


DATE MAR 21st 

TIME 12:23 AM EST | 17:23 PM BST 


beginnings, journey, purpose, direction


“I am open to all new ways that can help me connect deeper with my purpose. The Universe is always guiding me to my desired destination.”

Happy Astrological New Year everyone!
Aries season marks the starting point of a new cycle, as well as the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the autumn equinox for those located in the Southern Hemisphere. I am going to be brutally honest (in true Aries energy fashion) but the beginning of this new season is going to feel AMAZING, or at least the astrology will reflect that in the transits we are about to experience.
Aries season has not loved to it maximum potential over the past few years due to the intense squares between Mars, Saturn and Uranus. However, this year the tides have changed – Jupiter is currently in Aries increasing the heat and expanding the Sun in its exaltation, Venus is in its domicile sign of Taurus where it is able to bring all of the benefic goddess whilst Saturn is in Pisces exchanging positive sextiles with Venus – truly a stunning concoction of elements working in synergy with each other.
This Aries season and Aries New Moon has a powerful yet interesting added element to it (or a few). Unlike the Aries seasons from previous years, this Aries season also marks the beginning of the new eclipses in the Aries and Libra axis, as well as the ingress of Pluto in Aquarius. And while Pluto will not make a full ingress in Aquarius until late 2024 and it is a 20 year long transit, in this article written by one of my favourite astrologers Aubrey Houdeshell exclusively for Studio Artemy Aubrey covers the major themes we are likely to experience collectively, the future of AI technology, social media and what this means on a personal level so make sure you check it out HERE
I find the New Moon in Aries is one of the most powerful lunations for manifestation purposes, and this year we will have two New Moon in Aries, this one at 0º and one at 29º at the end of Aries season, which is also a partial eclipse. CHANGE IS IN THE AIR. There is currently a big Aries stellium in the sky guiding us to take the reins of our future by embracing change, as we envision the future we seek to manifest.  
The new eclipses happening in the Aries and Libra axis will drive the focus to individuality and our relationships. Our actions will therefore become a driving force redirecting us towards our purpose, while our personal connections become a mirror allowing us to witness our true essence. We will delve into the eclipse season themes more into detail on further reports.
The Aries stellium during this New Moon (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron) is currently exchanging a benefic exchange with Mars in Gemini, Aries ruler, reinforcing the importance of this exchange. Our mind is filled with new ideas and inspiration, ready to embark on a new adventure. I would advise to practice more mindfulness and intention during this transit, because despite of how auspicious this transit is on a general level, it can also turn into too many ideas happening at once, feeling overwhelmed and burning out quicker. Not all ideas and projects have to happen all at once – take notes of all ideas that cross your mind during this lunation and focalise in the most tangible and accessible ones. Then you can revisit the rest of them in the future when the time is right.
The New Moon in Aries is happening in the I Mansion, also known as The Two Signs 0º to 12º51 Aries. According to Christopher Warnock this Mansion provides the impetus to move forward, to overcome inertia and change the status quo. The mansion is auspicious for journeys and for taking medicine, as here the Moon transmits the force and power vital to breaking the hold of illness over the body. 
The I Mansion is also associated with beginnings. It can indicate an imminent journey or trip, or the initiation of a new cycle in the life of the querent. It may indicate that it is time to begin the treatment of an illness, or it can serve as a warning that it is time to take the "medicine" of breaking out of a stagnant situation. It reminds us of the double-edged nature of beginnings, which are also endings and sometimes destructive.
As we embark on a new journey, do not forget to look back and appreciate where you came from. It is not the final destination but the whole journey that defines us.
New Moon blessings beautiful souls, Maria xx

Journaling prompts for the New Moon in Aries:

✦ What are your current goals?
✦ What goals do you feel are now outdated or do not represent you anymore?
✦ What new goals have I been wanting to achieve?
✦ Describe your most recent accomplishment (big or small):
✦ What words of reassurance would you tell to your older self?
✦ Name one or a few things you are very looking forward to that keep you motivated:
✦ Write an affirmation that helps you to connect deeper with your (current) purpose:

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