Pluto in Aquarius

By Astrologer Aubrey Houdeshell (she/her/hers)
On March 23rd we will experience one of the most important astrological shifts of 2023 as Pluto moves into Aquarius for the first time. 
Any time Pluto changes signs it’s a big deal. As the outermost planet in our solar system, Pluto is a slow moving dude, changing signs the least often out of any of the heavenly bodies in Astrology. Pluto can spend anywhere from 13-21 years in a sign, thanks to its orbit being more of an elliptical or oval shape, giving it a unique pattern and setting it apart from the rest of the planets who tend to have a pretty fixed timeframe.
As an outer planet, Pluto falls into the domain of Modern Astrology, and is most prominent in Evolutionary Astrology. This mysterious planet represents the ideals of power and control, destruction and creation, cycles of death and rebirth, deep healing, compelling spiritual gifts, sex, shadow work, and, ultimately, transformation. Pluto is our own personal Underworld. However, when we confront transiting Pluto, this is where we begin to see the influence of the Plutonian journey on a collective level, not just an individual one. Pluto drags up whatever needs to be addressed by society as a whole, and we are forced to grapple with the consequences and subsequent transformation of a culture.
So, what does this mean for Pluto in Aquarius? In order to begin to understand what’s headed our way, we first need to take a look back at where we’ve been.
Pluto first entered Capricorn back in 2008, meaning that we, as a collective, have spent roughly the past fifteen years enduring the Plutonian journey wherever Capricorn rules in our individual charts, as well as embarking upon this journey on a larger, societal scale. Over the past decade and a half we’ve had to confront such themes as corruption, money and capitalism, the government and the powers that be, the patriarchy, tradition, infrastructure, material stability and sustainability, and the like. 
Capricorns have a tendency to be buttoned-up; they like to abide by the rules of society and doing whatever it is they’re “supposed to be” doing according to these norms and structures. Aquarius, on the other hand, lives to break such rules. As both of these signs are traditionally ruled by Saturn, they are both concerned with societal structures and foundations. However, where Capricorn seeks to establish these structures of power, Aquarius shows up to dismantle any outdated or corrupt ones, and replace them with something that is more equal, accessible, and supportive for all peoples. Aquarius is the sign of community, and strives, above all else, to implement systems that serve everyone regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality, race, religion, or creed. Aquarius is truly the sign of the everyman.
Aquarius is also the sign of the future! Its modern day ruler is Uranus, the planet of sweeping, revolutionary change, that shows up and gives everything a total overhaul without warning. Which perhaps explains its avant-garde nature that thrives on innovation and pushing the envelope. Aquarius is the sign that advances the conversation of humanity forward, which is why it also presides over cutting edge arenas like technology and science. This sign is where we see the geniuses throughout history who possessed visions that at the time may have been deemed insane, or at least were deeply misunderstood initially, but ended up changing things for society as a whole. In our individual charts, the house ruled by Aquarius is the area in our lives where we, too, are just a little bit different from the crowd, and possess the gift of the vision for the future. This is where we live on the cutting edge of things and may be ahead of the times. You can expect to see the rise of such geniuses, as well as the demise of those who may be more corrupt than we first realized.
With Pluto’s ingress into the sign of the Water Bearer on March 23rd, we will begin to shift towards these Aquarian themes both individually and collectively. You can expect to see things such as cryptocurrency coming forward once again - a truly perfect example of the rebellious spirit of Aquarius who desires freedom above all else. Cryptocurrency, too, takes on this rebellious spirit as an alternative means of money that is completely decentralized and challenges long-standing establishments such as the FDIC. This arena is especially poignant when you consider that the ultra-rich have a tendency to use it as a financial playground, as well, where Aquarius strives more towards the everyman. This dichotomy is a strong example of the Shadow Work that Pluto will bring forward on a collective level: as we move deeper and deeper towards dismantling systems that keep the ultra-rich, well, ultra rich, we will be forced to reckon with how they may insert themselves in things that were originally meant more for the rest of us, to level the playing field.
Beyond that, technology will certainly continue to play an integral role in our lives. Things on the tip of the spearhead of technology, such as A.I., will become a big conversation piece, as well. We are already seeing the rise of A.I. into the mainstream via things like filters that have gone viral across social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok - yet another Aquarian domain - that have later turned out to be problematic when it is revealed that the art used in the programs are directly ripped off from artists who are neither given credit, nor paid. We can expect to see conversations surrounding the ethics of A.I. and similar technologies take center stage as Pluto forces us to reckon with questions such as, what happens when these resources fall into the wrong hands? Similarly, we will begin to explore just how A.I. and technology as a whole can be accessible to more and more groups of people, as well as science. How can we harness the power of science and technology to serve the greater good? Since Pluto loves to deal in extremes there will no doubt be a push away from technology as well, as we are forced to grapple with how things like social media have taken over our lives, and not always for the better.
We may also see shifts towards alternative ways of living. Here in the United States many believe we are in the late stages of capitalism - which tracks pretty hard with the later degrees of Capricorn - and then begs the question: what comes after? Certainly, the Plutonian journey through Aquarius will bring forward a desire not only for greater equality, but for greater sustainability, as well. We are already seeing trends like this in fashion as people largely move away from luxury items and have started to demand more sustainable practices from fashion houses. Many people are now rejecting the celebrity culture of only wearing an outfit once, and then never wearing it again, and are into renting items, buying second hand, and repurposing clothing via thrifting, upcycling, etc. All very Aquarian.
In our individual lives it will be important to look at which house is ruled by Aquarius, as we will all begin a new Plutonian journey in our own lives, too. 
Keep in mind that this year we will only deal with Pluto in Aquarius from late March through June 11th, at which point, thanks to Pluto going retrograde for about half the year, it will re-enter Capricorn for the rest of 2023. Thus, whatever has transpired in the last two degrees of Capricorn will re-emerge for us, both individually and collectively, for some final lessons and integrations. Again, you can expect to see this play out in your own lives, the lives of those around you, and on a national and international scale.
Pluto will then re-enter Aquarius on January 20th, 2024, and whatever transpires over the coming few months will have its moment to circle back, too. From September 1st through November 19th, 2024, we will experience Pluto in Capricorn for the last time, and then finally, when Pluto re-enters Aquarius for the third time in November, we will be fully initiated into our new Plutonian journey until 2043.
All of this is to say that Pluto’s ingress into the Water Bearer this year will offer us a window into the next major cycle of our lives, yes, but it’s also important to recognize that we will all be in a period of liminality as Pluto dances in and out of Aquarius and Capricorn, and we close out a major decade-and-a-half long cycle and get ready to open up a new, twenty-year-long chapter as well. Welcome to the real Age of Aquarius.

About Aubrey

Aubrey Houdeshell is an Astrologer, Tarot Reader, and Writer based out of Denver, Colorado. Before getting into the Astrology business, she went to university for dual majors in Writing and French, and has written for several publications, as well as having been an Editor, running her own section.

For about 4 years she's been building and running her Tarot and Astrology business, Graveyard Roses. The focus of her work is centered around Evolutionary Astrology and helping people acquire the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to be empowered in their lives and to embrace their Karmic callings that are ultimately meant to help each of us grow and evolve into our fullest selves.

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