Mindful products, services and habits for 2023

I have been discussing over different of my social media channels and in my newsletter how the beginning of 2023 is inviting us to take a slow and mindful approach. To romanticise the small things in life. And in this article I wanted to recommend you some of my favourite products, services and rituals to help you connect with this beautiful energy which I am sure it will help you make the most of your year 


This yearly planner is the only one I have been able to keep up and enjoyed using all throughout 2022 and trust me I have tried them all! It is one of the most comprehensive astrological planners you can find in the market and what I love about it is not only the high quality materials and clean aesthetics, but the incredible content you get to enjoy inside this planner. This year Katy, the founder of Magic of I, delves into the connection between the stars and the world of fungi, or as she call it 'astromycology'. I love seeing other astrologers innovating aspects of this ancient subject! And of course the planner is filled with other useful information, one of my favourite sections is the one called 'Optimum Times' which explores the influence of the phases of the Moon in our everyday life as it travels through the different signs, as I can see some similarities with the theories explored in the Mansions of the Moon which, if you do not know, it is something I have been obsessed about since I discovered this many years ago and have been using it on all my astrological reports.
You can find all Magic of I products on their website: www.magicofi.com
I discovered this planner/almanac a few years ago as it was featured in one of the Astrology Podcast episodes by Chris Brennan and I have to say the level of customisation of this planner is absolutely insane. You can add so many different fields to make this astro planner totally personalised to you by choosing your preferred house system, annual profections, and even zodiacal releasing. Truly incredible this is available because I have not seen anything like it. There is a digital version available too for those of you who prefer this format.
You can find all HoneyComb products on their website: www.honeycomb.co/store
As an artist I appreciate seeing other small business bringing out products that are unique in the market. I declutter my Tarot & Oracle decks last year and kept a very selective and minimal collection I resonate with and enjoy using regularly.
Last year the Threads of Fate came up with a new deck and concept called The Empyrean Deck which is lenticular and was one of my most used and favourite acquisitions last year. It is an Oracle deck, meaning is super user friendly especially if you are still learning tarot and comes with a very handy guidebook.
You can find all Threads of Fate products on their website: www.threadsoffate.com
Last year I released a special limited edition version of the Fortuna Tarot Deck, which is the connection to a much bigger project I will be developing in 2023.
If you have been here for a while you probably already know I have been very interested in the topic of past lives and reincarnation for many years. It is something I have explored through my personal practice and also in consultations with clients. Now, I totally understand this may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think the concept of reincarnation can be applied to our everyday life, as we shed old layers of consciousness and experience rebirth in some areas in our lives.
In this new deck I'm working on (or should I say 2?) called The Arcanum Vitae Deck we will explore the concept of past lives and reincarnation using the Major Arcana system, Lenormand, Cartomancy and Astrology. Arcanum Vitae translates as 'the secret of life'. If you own a copy of the Fortuna Tarot Opal Omen you will be able to exchange the Major Arcana cards with this new deck. 
I will continue sharing more sneak peeks on my social media channels so make sure you follow me if you want to know more about this new product.
Quantities are limited for this deck since it is a limited edition and you can find it here: Fortuna Tarot Deck Opal Omen


I always recommend having an astrological consultation to anyone I know! It can open so many doors in our lives and transform the way we see and approach life. Now, the tricky part is who should you trust to receive a reading or this kind of service? There are many astrologers out there, especially after the rise in popularity on this subject. So here are my personal recommendations from people I know, trust, and have received readings from:
Anthony is an Astrologer, Artist, Poet, Designer & Curator. He spends his time running his Astrological business where he specialises in making the abstract feel more tangible. He has been a practicing astrologer for over a decade and a student of the craft for over 15 years. He has a background in Fashion and Interior Design and has spent years bridging the gap between his passions. Because astrology is at the heart of everything he does, he has created intersections of art, design, dreamwork, and poetry with astrology. He currently runs and operates his own magazine called, The Astro Edit. He resides in Rhode Island with his partner, his cat, and his rabbit. 
Social Links
Website: www.perrotta.co
I received a few consultations from Leisa a few years ago and absolutely loved them! I am not entirely sure if she has opened her bookings for old and new clients but it is worth checking her work. She has been featured in The Astrology Podcast by Chris Brennan and one of the main characteristics about her work is her usage of the technique Zodiacal releasing – one of the most profound and complex techniques I have seen which totally changed the way I saw and used astrology. 
You can find Leisa Schaim here: www.leisaschaim.com
I am so happy to finally announce I am opening my bookings for old and new clients all throughout 2023! Last year I was only able to offer consultation to a few of my regular clients due to the lack of availability in my schedule. This year I finally will have the time to allocate some of my time to offer readings to clients again and I have a special reading in offer called 'The Year Ahead' where we can explore the major transits and aspects you will experience in 2023 and trust me when I say this year is full of major changes and energy shifts 
You can book a reading with me here: www.calendly.com/studioartemy


Listening to a podcast in the morning has become kind of a ritual for me. I do not do this every single morning, but I try to for the most part. I know podcast are a very personal preference and the ones I listen to are educational and explore the topics of wellness, nutrition, spirituality, finances, productivity and more. Here is a list of my favourite podcast:
Having a consistent journaling practice has been proven to reduce stress while also help us to foster growth in our journey. I know the thought of journaling can be very intimidating for people, especially at the beginning because you are unsure as to how to start or what you should journal about. Over the past year I have built a collection of journals that are guided to help those who feel a bit stuck when it comes to journaling, though there is also a collection of Grimoires you can use and have total freedom as the content you want to include in your journal. My personal favourite has been working with the Oniria Dream Journal as it is one of the most comprehensive dream journals I have seen and I designed it with the purpose of helping you spot patterns within your dreams and decipher the hidden language of the subconscious.
Explore the journal collection here: https://studioartemy.com/collections/books-journals
I must admit reading was not a priority for me last year and it is a habit I have to build up again as I lost it completely. Last year I could only read a handful of books so this year I am determined to make this a priority! I have set a goal to read 25 books and at least 10 minutes every day. 
If you are interested about tarot, astrology and numerology books I wrote two articles that cover the books I always recommend to people and I am intending on updating those lists this year

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