Tarot & Numerology Book Recommendations

I remember when I purchased my first tarot deck, I was both excited yet overwhelmed to find out there was a rich and complex language full of hidden symbolism in each of the 78 cards that compose a tarot deck. What do they mean? Are they all connected? Can the tarot predict the future? What is the purpose of using tarot?
Over the years I have realised that, as like with any other spiritual system, tarot is a tool that can help us to unlock our truth. The future is always accessible to us, as the answers we seek can be found within us by tapping into the present moment. 
My vision of tarot has changed a lot since I began my journey. To me, tarot is a combination of multiple elements, such as astrology and numerology. Not everyone has to see it in that way, and that is ok. However, as someone who has explored all of those fields individually, I can see how this opens a world of possibilities to both the reader and the querent. Simply because life is not simple.  There is no such thing as yes or no, black or white. 
What never ceases to amaze me about tarot is that I never have the feeling I have learnt it all, and I probably never will. There is always something new, something I did not realise that was there, right in front of me, a symbol I overlooked, a connection that did not click right from the start. That is why I feel tarot changes with us, as we continue to open up to ourselves and deepen our practice.
If you are a beginner and are wondering how the heck are you going to memorise all of the different meanings (including reversals if you intend on using them) that there are in the 78 cards of the deck, the answer is simple – remember that you are a mirror. Each card in the deck is saying something about you, something about your own story, something you already know, but did not know how to put into words. 
Tarot depicts our soul’s journey, both Major and Minor Arcana tell us a story that feels familiar, and that we repeat over and over. What is hard is grasping the different details and notice how these change over time. Tarot can help us to spot different patterns and understand where they came from, what impact do these have in our life, and how these define us as individuals. It is a very powerful tool for self-discovery and expansion.
These are some of the books I’ve read and I recommend to anyone who is interested in delving deeper into the subject. And, of course, if you purchase a deck that has a guidebook, make sure to read that too. Every creator has their own unique vision of the subject and that can be very revealing especially when their art differs a lot from the traditional depiction of the cards.



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