Full Moon in Virgo

TIME 7:40 AM EST | 12:40 PM BST 
adaptation, resourcefulness, beginnings, progress
“I am a blank canvas. Every change and every new experience has something valuable to teach me about myself or about my current situation.”
The Full Moon in Virgo is here, reaching its peak at 16º of the sign.
And this is unlike any other Full Moon we have experienced this year. March 2023 marks a major turning in the astrological panorama, as the planet Saturn will finally leave the sign of Aquarius and enter Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, wrapping up a 3 years cycle that started back in 2020.
Anyone else feeling like this could possibly be the real beginning of 2023 and whatever we have been doing previously in January and February was like a trial period? If you are feeling the same, you are not alone!
The astrology of March will present many shifts in the astrology which will impact society as a whole and also each one of us on a more personal level, though the most significant transits will be Saturn entering Pisces and Pluto making an ingress into Aquarius for a brief time, which is the beginning stages of Pluto’s cycle. We will cover Pluto more in depth in another article.
This month one of my favourite astrologers Anthony Perrotta has written an in depth article for Studio Artemy covering all of the major elements and details you need to know about Saturn in Pisces (2023-2026). Check the article here.
This Full Moon in Virgo has some interesting yet subtle details to it we will decipher in this astroreport. While this feels like closing a big chapter and starting anew, there is a period of adaptation we will be embarking as a collective, having to implement a new way of thinking and approach to life. 
When I tried to envision how the early stages of Saturn in Pisces would be like, I stumbled upon the Japanese word ‘wabi-sabi (侘寂)’, which is a concept that depicts the process of finding beauty in imperfection, but also appreciating all stages of creation, including incompletion. This felt very significant for the themes Saturn in Pisces will bring, as rigidity, structures and boundaries are going to have to adapt and mould to fit a new reality. And much like the first Decan of Pisces, depicted in the 8 of Cups (aka Saturn in Pisces) There is beauty in letting go, because we know when we let go of the things that do not represent us anymore we are creating space for new experiences to come. 
During this Full Moon in Virgo, it is particularly striking both Saturn and Pluto will be at 29º which is also known as the anaretic degree, a point of tension in every sign which emphasises the depletion of the nature of the planet in that degree as their full expression is diminished. Both Saturn and Pluto are currently experiencing the effects of this degree and it is interesting to watch this unfold as they both transition to the next sign. 
This Full Moon in Virgo is ruled by Mercury and funnily enough Mercury is currently in its detriment and fall sign of Pisces, while Mars is in Gemini which is another Mercury ruled sign – lots of activity in the mutable axis which is something we have not experienced in a while. As a collective, the focus has been driven to slow and steady progress, building foundations, sticking to a plan and making it work whereas now… it feels we are kind of jumping into the unknown, accepting we may not have the answers for everything we may encounter yet having faith we will find a solution regardless. There is so much beauty and possibility in the realm of not knowing what the next step will be – our intuition gets sharper, we are more receptive to the signs, and we are learning to adapt ourselves to every step in the way.
While this lunation is not ruled by any significant Fixed Star that has not been activated yet, the Full Moon in Virgo will create an activation of the 13th Mansion also referred as ‘The Barker’. Christopher Warnock said “This Mansion signifies love, and especially sexual love. But the influence and power of this Mansion extends well beyond love an sex. It is generally auspicious, and it also signifies the achievement of heartfelt desire and the beginning of creative projects. This Mansion is also auspicious for the increase of trade and personal money, for the increase of harvests, for the completion of buildings, and for the liberation of captives.” 
I am particularly looking forward to the different alignments we will experience in the astrology moving forward, because especially in 2023 we will experience a big release and things will feel less rigid and more flexible, which is going to help us to project the desires we seek to experience into our tangible reality. Let this Full Moon in Virgo be that blank page in the beginning of this new chapter where you get to write down your own story as you want it to be written without external influences and expectations to get in the way.
As we embrace the archetype of The Hermit to lead this lunation, we embark on a new journey within bringing to light a new vision. 

Journaling prompts for the Full Moon in Virgo:

✦ What area of your life needs an upgrade?

✦ How do you embrace change?

✦ What do you fear about change and new beginnings?

✦ What change would you like to see in your life?

✦ What is something that has been working for you but is no longer giving you the results you expect anymore?

✦ What are you ready to let go of?

✦ Imagine you are the embodiment of the 8 of Cups, you are letting go the security you have built over the past years to pursue something new, what advice would you give to someone (maybe a close friend) who wants to pursue their dreams but is scared to take the plunge:

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