Saturn in Pisces

By Astrologer Anthony Perrotta (he/him/his)
Saturn moves out of its domicile on March 7th and into a Jupiter-ruled Pisces (2023-2026). Lessons of Saturn in Pisces are around fluidity and flexible structures. This is about seeing strength in elasticity. We can create foundations that are malleable and able to be moved as we see fit. Nothing is exactly as it is forever. Pisces understands the idea of evolution and change. So, we may need to look at where we have been too rigid with ourselves. This is about redefining our ideas of commitment — where we commit to the future vision and the becoming, not as things are in the moment. Intuitively, we can learn to pivot, shift, and stretch in our process of committing to our dreams.
Traditionally, Saturn finds “joy” in the 12th House which has a natural affinity with Pisces. We gain wisdom and endurance through our spiritual practices. This is deepening our bond to the divine and the unseen. With Saturn in Pisces, we integrate the body and spirit. This can look like making the mundane more magical. Can you stir your coffee or morning beverage with intentions? Can we move our bodies (if we feel safe to do so) with mindfulness? Can we see how the divine lives in the quiet realm of everyday life? Saturn in Pisces urges us to not just make time for our spiritual practices but also to integrate them into our routines. This could even look like creating art as a form of spiritual practice. Saturn teaches us that wisdom is found in our ability to believe. If life is all facts and figures, it loses meaning and inspiration. The beauty of life is found in our ability to hope.
Saturn in Pisces will also tell us the narratives around loosening. There is an unbinding as we move away from domiciled Saturn. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, where the accumulated energies of the previous signs dwell and amalgamate. Saturn in Pisces is an opportunity for us to unwind more. To loosen our grips a bit and find healthy ways to “escape”. But that isn’t dissociation. The guilt and shame we carry around productivity will be in question quite a bit for us collectively. The beauty is that Saturn in Pisces can show up as rooting ourselves in forgiveness. Possible practices to uphold through the next 2.5 years in this transit would be anything that makes you feel rooted in your spirituality. Emotional breakthroughs can be likely. There is also a level of getting comfortable in the quiet — listening to our intuitive selves.
For those with Saturn in Pisces or Saturn in Virgo, this transit is for you! You will either be experiencing a Saturn return or Saturn opposition. However, everyone will feel the impacts of this transit. Mutable signs will see Saturn show up more prominently, as well. Saturn Return people, this is a wonderful time to reform what isn’t working. You are entering a new phase of life overall. Saturn asks that we lean into this time and be flexible. Similarly, Saturn Opposition people, you too can learn flexibility. Anyone with Saturn in Virgo will find this a time to unbind. You are halfway between your Saturn returns, so this is a culmination or midpoint of that cycle! Plus, you are likely also in your Uranus opposition, creating an opening and jolt into a new phase of your life.
Interestingly, Saturn in Pisces can also show up in the dream realm. Practices around dreamwork and sleeping may be more influential. This could look like dreamwork, new sleep studies, or finding more correlations to sleep and the way the body heals itself. Additionally, Pisces has a connection to drugs (recreational and prescription). So there may be new regulations or changes with this. I.e. More research or studies conducted around hallucinogens. Saturn was in Pisces during the use of LSD and mushrooms in the 60s as a form of therapy for PTSD. We are now seeing certain states in the US and countries across the world legalize or decriminalize mushrooms and other hallucinogens.
Artist protection could be big in the coming years, as well. Look at the AI conversation we are collectively having. Artists deserve protection. Earlier, it was mentioned that healthy escapism may be something we are learning. Video games rose to immense popularity during Saturn in Pisces with new graphics and styles of games emerging. Gaming culture is very much so a byproduct of this transit. We can expect there to be some shifts in video gaming and AR. 
Saturn’s influence will also be on the discernment with illusion. This applies to discerning who you are learning from. Saturn is a teacher, and not every teacher will be who they say they are. Check credentials, understand who they are, and learn about the person before saying yes — especially those that are part of the esoteric, healing, or wellness communities. The demand for protection for those who are in the witch, astrology, tarot, and occult communities will also rise during this time. Not that it needs validation, but more that it needs protection from scams.
Overall, Saturn in Pisces will be about shattering illusions and deceptions, building foundations in the liminal spaces. We can ground the sacred in our bodies and learn to build mundane temples to the divine. We will see that spirituality and science, reality and mysticism are intrinsically connected. In many ways, Saturn in Pisces will bring us back to what it means to hope and dream again.


Anthony is an Astrologer, Artist, Poet, Designer & Curator. He spends his time running his Astrological business where he specializes in making the abstract feel more tangible. He has been a practicing astrologer for over a decade and a student of the craft for over 15 years. He has a background in Fashion and Interior Design and has spent years bridging the gap between his passions. Because astrology is at the heart of everything he does, he has created intersections of art, design, dreamwork, and poetry with astrology. He currently runs and operates his own magazine called, The Astro Edit. He resides in Rhode Island with his partner, his cat, and his rabbit. 

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