Eclipse Season 101

First of all, this is not the first time you have experienced the effects of eclipse season, and neither will it be the last time. We experience eclipses every year, meaning these astrological events are very common
In this post, I will offer you tools to decipher the meaning of eclipse season for you personally using Tarot and Astrology, so you can invite this period of growth and transformation without fear. But first, let’s uncover the meaning of eclipses in astrology
How do eclipses work in astrology?
Eclipses act as portals, closing big chapters in our lives and opening new timelines of events that are essential for our evolution. Eclipses also work in 6 months increments
The general theme of the Eclipses in the Aries and Libra axis revolves around understanding our innate potential, the integration of our personal boundaries, and how to communicate that with others, while creating a place of harmony so we can continue to thrive both in our individual journey and the one we share with those we choose to walk with. Here The Emperor and Justice are highlighted.
This total Solar Eclipse in Libra is ruled by the third Decan of Libra, which is depicted by the 4 of Swords. We’re being invited to embrace rest as an essential step in our transformational journey, so we can fully recharge our energy, bringing focus to what is important – us. If we are unable to make progress because we’re burnt out and tired, none else will for us. Rest is not a privilege, it’s a non-negotiable element we should embrace without shame.
Eclipse Season for the signs – Rest and Recharge – 4 of Swords
Aries Turning point in your relationship’s sector (personal, platonic, business)
Taurus Changes in daily life, work, routine, and also health
Gemini – Breakthrough of inspiration, positivity and good fortune
Cancer ✦ Changes in the home, family sectors, stronger boundaries and foundations
Leo Communication styles may change, important conversations
Virgo Financial sector is highlighted, remain cautious if investing
Libra Intense self-development and transformation
Scorpio  Finding new ways to recharge and look after your mental health
Sagittarius Changes in friendships, building new connections, forging new aspirations
Capricorn Turning point in your overall life direction, career, and purpose
Aquarius ✦ A new ideology may emerge, reaching higher levels of consciousness
Pisces ✦ Embracing evolution and managing your resources wisely, especially those assets that come from others
The main takeaway here is that we experience eclipses every year several times, and have had in the past many times even though we might did not know about them, though certain astrological accounts try to induce fear as a way to turn certain topics mainstream 
My personal favourite way to channel the energy of the eclipses is through journaling. It is no secret that having a consistent journaling practice can help us foster growth and feel more connected, soothe our energy levels, and contribute to our overall well being as once our thoughts are put into paper, we experience a big energy release, physically and mentally. It is especially interesting to look back at old journal entries and spot patterns that may arise when some elements are present, and that is personally what I love the most about this practice. It takes time to build a habit, especially when we are just staring off, though having those 10-15 minutes a day can be so beneficial in the long run is worth giving it a shout. If you lack inspiration as to what to write, here you can find 100 journaling reflections for money, creativity, inner child, self-love and more!
With love, Maria xx

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