Water Ritual – Planetary Magic

Blessings light being! In this ritual you’ll learn how to use water to harness the power of the full moon in Pisces. On the day of the Full Moon, you will think of something you’ve been wanting to release lately, as well as something positive to replace that negative energy for, turning that into an affirmation.
For instance: ‘I am letting go of my tendency to overthink and worry about things. I now welcome inner peace and patience, for I know things will happen just as they’re meant to be. I feel supported and guided by the Universe.’
Feel free to write a personal affirmation for this full moon that resonates with you or use this one if you relate to it. Write that affirmation 9 times and put that paper near a window or wherever it can be reached by the light of the full moon.
Fill up a jar or glass of water and place it on top of your paper. Leave it overnight. The day after (whenever you have the time) take the water jar and pour it slowly on a bowl at the same time you repeat your affirmation 9 times. You can also choose to sip on your full moon water first thing in the morning 9 times while thinking on your affirmation and repeating it inside your head.
I hope this Full Moon in Pisces brings closure of old cycles, opening a world of possibilities for you where all of your dreams manifest. 
Maria x

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