Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Scorpio


OCT 25TH | 5:45 AM EST  | 11:49 AM BST



Transformation, rebirth, preservation, shadow work



“I am not afraid of endings. As I continue to shed the old me, I welcome new and unlimited opportunities, allowing to let me go of uncertainty. I am supported, loved and guided at all times.”


When is the astrology going to get better?’ is probably the number one question I have been asked this year, and the truth is… The astrology only reflects the changes we experience on a collective and personal level. It does not have a direct impact on us, however some these effects can feel very personal if they create activations in our natal chart aspecting some of our personal placements.

To be honest, we astrologers have been discussing about this upcoming eclipse season for a few years, because there are many configurations that will result in an incredibly transformative experience, and it will not be smooth sailing I am afraid.

However in this article we will explore the all of the different aspects incurring during this solar eclipse / new moon in Scorpio, while also finding some silver-linings.

One important thing to note is that this will be the firs set of eclipses happening in the Taurus - Scorpio axis that is not partial, therefore the eclipses we experienced back in April were merely the starting point of this year and a half (roughly) transit. 

When we astrologers speak about eclipses, we often describe them as portals that create endings in our lives or can be the catalysts for new beginnings. It is very hard to determine what the outcome of an eclipse will be, however these events seem to be more fixed/fated than what we think.

The way to understand what the possible outcomes of an eclipse could be for you specifically is to look at the houses those eclipses are activating and see whether they are making aspects to any of your personal configuration or planets, like your rising sign, Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars. The houses the eclipses activate (happening in the North Node and South Node) will become 2 major points of reference in order to understand the effects or themes the eclipses will bring for you specifically.

As a collective, it is clear we have been navigating a very difficult time (for a while), but one clear characteristic that seems to follow Uranus in Taurus which is one of the main elements we will be looking at during this eclipse season is economic recession. I highly recommend the book Cosmos and Psyche where Richard Tarnas delves into how historical events have been linked to the transpersonal planetary transits across the human history.

I figured we could explore first what makes this solar eclipse / new moon in Scorpio challenging, then analyse some other elements I find interesting and uplifting.

The new moon in Scorpio will reach its peak at 2º of the sign, creating an activation on the South Node, often depicted as the tail of the dragon (Ketu). When talking about eclipses from a traditional astrology perspective, it is important to note the whole chart is considered inauspicious. I know most people refer to the nodes as the south node being connected to our karma and karmic debt (Ketu - the tail of the dragon) and the north node being connected to our purpose and direction in life (Rahu - the head of the dragon), however the whole chart is considered ‘karmic’ from a traditional perspective and eclipses, in general, were not considered a good omen.

Solar eclipses happen when they activate the south node, they often represent an big  energy release, inviting us to welcome practices that allow us to focus on our healing journey and shadow work. 

While analysing a chart in general, but specifically a transit ruled by the moon, it is important we look at the Mansion the Moon will be in for that lunation. During this solar eclipse / new moon in Scorpio the moon will be transiting the XVII Mansion, the keyword I would use to describe this mansion is ‘protection’. One of the main characteristics of the sign of Scorpio is their urge for protection and preservation (often misunderstood with obsession and possessiveness). Interestingly, this Mansion was known to be a fortunate omen for prosperity, only if we understand the only source of abundance it is contained within us. If you are driven by power or pride, then you are likely to live in a constant state of fear and loss.

The Moon is known to reach its fall position when in the sign of Scorpio (since it finds its exaltation in Taurus), so already the new moon in Scorpio is not an auspicious placement for the Moon to be. On top of that, during this solar eclipse / new moon in Scorpio Venus will be in the sign of Scorpio where it reaches its detriment (since Venus is at home when in Taurus or Libra) and during this lunation Venus will also be combusted by the Sun, which happens every time a planet gets very close to the Sun’s orb. When a planet is combusted it is known to have its energy depleted.

Since Venus is the planet of not only love, but values and possessions, on a general note I would say this Eclipse is inviting us to reframe our perspective about our attachments, what things in our lives are currently elevating us and what others are not allowing us to grow further in our journey.

As we spoke about the XVII Mansion earlier, the opposite side of protection is attachment. Holding onto something because we are simply unable to let it go. It feels so personal and it is so attached to us we start to believe it is part of our identity, so the idea of letting it go leaves us questioning ourselves, our direction, our purpose, our life. 

So this eclipse will uncover topics that can be a bit more triggering for us, but at the end of the day, necessary for our own evolution. The square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will be almost exact during this lunation too. This is an ongoing transit we have been experiencing throughout this year but has been coming on and off. Saturn retrograded until 18º Aquarius while Uranus sits at 17º of Taurus shadowing the North Node.

The Saturn and Uranus square is a symbol of revolution. Old structures must fall so new ones can be built. A bit of like a Tower moment if you will. But how can we think on a better future when we are stuck in the past? This is what represents/describes this transit in my opinion. As a society, the collective needs to find a way to find new solutions to old issues that are still lingering with us. The effects of a pandemic, politics, human rights and recognitions… Revolutions bring deep revelations. Saturn is at home in Aquarius in traditional astrology, so while the applying squares from Uranus have not been smooth sailing, I believe the past 2 years (and what is left for this transit) have and will allow us to have a better/broader perspective as what direction to take. What currently works for us and what does not. What is currently acceptable and what is not.


So what are the silver-linings you may ask? The planet Mercury will be closely conjunct to the Fixed Star Spica and will receive supportive trines from Mars in Gemini.  According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Venus and Mars; and, to Alvidas, of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. It gives success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness and injustice to innocence. [Robson, p.211.] With Mercury: Neat, tidy, clever, ingenious, favour of clergy and people in authority, gain through investment, responsible position. [Robson, p.212.] 


I believe this lunation, although intense, will offer all of us big revelations and clarity. Sometimes the truth can be a hard pill to swallow, but I am an advocate of the power of knowledge. It is better to live in truth than in a web of lies.


As I mentioned earlier in this post, it is a bit uncertain to describe how the eclipses will affect each individual (I have actually seen the craziest outcomes from eclipses) but I hope you found this information useful and that you use this time to do an internal declutter of the things that add on or bring you down in your life, practise shadow work, and use this transit to embrace your own healing.


Here are a few journaling prompts to use during this solar eclipse / new moon in Scorpio:

✦ What are my current fears/insecurities?

✦ What brings me security and why?

✦ What area(s) of my life feel stagnant?

✦ Where am I in my healing journey?

✦ What used to trigger me in the past but does not anymore?

✦ When am I my best? Why?

✦ Are there any attachments in your life? Am you worried to let go of something because the future feels uncertain?

✦ What can you do to embrace more your own evolution?


Sending infinite love, Maria x


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