Shadow Work – Planetary Magic Ritual

I think nowadays there is a big misconception about what shaodow work actually means. To me, the most powerful way to practice shadow work is to create an emotional transmutation. Being able to gather our emotions and label them. Understanding where they come from, when they were created, who or what was the reason that has made us hold those feelings within us, so we can fully liberate ourselves.

There are many different ways in which this can be done. Since we will be using the energy of Mars in Scorpio to assist us in this ritual, we will use a piece of paper, a pen, a bowl and a candle. Mars is connected with fire, and so before starting out with the directions on what to do, I want to create a disclaimer: please make sure you are fully present and careful when practising this ritual. Do not leave fire or candles unattended.

Grab a black or white candle if you are not comfortable with black. Write down the current emotions, insecurities, discomfort you are experiencing in a piece of paper. Write down the source of those thoughts/emotions (whether this is something someone has made you believe, or you were involved in a situation that has led you to think this way) whatever it is. Be honest with yourself.

Then in the backside of that same paper write down an affirmation that counteracts those negative thoughts/emotions. Example:

Paper side A: ‘I am not good enough at my job’. Source: ‘My manager always comments on my work saying I could do better’. OR ‘I do not like my body/my physical appearance’ Source: ‘When I was younger, someone commented on my – and ever since that has made me feel insecure’ 

Paper side B: ‘I am capable of being successful in anything I do. My ideas are unique and inspirational.’  OR ‘I am grateful for my body and for my health. I appreciate the skin I live in, everything about me, my appearance, and my body is as it should be’.

Now, light the candle and slowly and carefully start burning the paper. Place it into the bowl and watch it burn down to ashes. You can continue meditating until the candle is burnt down completely or blow the candle and set a final intention for your healing. Disclaimer: never leave fire or candles unattended.

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