New Moon in Taurus - A Bountiful Promise

DATE MAY 18th 
TIME 12:53 AM EST | 16:53 AM BST 
abundance, expansion, plenitude, ease
Abundance is my birthright. My life is full of serendipitous opportunities, guiding me to the right place at the right time.”


The New Moon in Taurus is perfecting today at 28º before the Sun departs to the next sign. The Moon in Taurus flourishes powerfully in exaltation, on a positive reception and unafflicted. The Rise of the Empress. 

For the past year and a half during the eclipses in the Taurus and Scorpio axis the Moon has been traveling through the depths of the underworld, yet today she rises once again, powerful as ever, with Mercury and Jupiter by her side. This New Moon depicts a blanc canvas for abundance, a promise for good things to come.

One of the most significant astrological transits we experienced just recently are the end of Mercury retrograde, which is really working on our favour during this powerful lunation, and the ingress of Jupiter in Taurus. This planetary ingress is a big one – Jupiter belongs to the ‘social planets’ meaning its effects and manifestations are experienced on a larger scale, also known as the ‘Great Benefic’ and it is often connected with good luck, abundance, expansion, and law.

Jupiter’s orbit usually dances between signs until the planet makes a full ingress into a new sign, however, this time Jupiter is making a full ingress in the sign of Taurus until May 2024. Big Taurus energy if you ask me, since Taurus is a fixed sign. All or nothing baby!

During this Jupiter in Taurus transit we can expect an accelerated growth in the food industry where sustainability becomes a core value, a stronger focus on sourcing organic and eco-friendly materials for clothing and other items whilst caring for the planet, as well as a possible expansion and innovation in the fashion, music and art industry when Jupiter and Uranus conjoin in 2024.

This Jupiter ingress in Taurus creates an activation of a new house in your chart, which will bring a new influx of serendipitous opportunities often connected with the themes of the house Jupiter enters and its manifestations will also be connected with the other relationships between the other planets in your chart. So make sure you pay attention to the themes that could be connected to the house Jupiter rules in your chart.

In traditional astrology, the Moon and the Sun are classified as Luminaries, and they are seen as the planets that oversee and bring order to the Heavens. The Sun rules the day, while the Moon rules the night. Jupiter is a morning star, while Venus is an evening star. We see a beautiful synergy of energies blending together almost seamlessly, where the ruler of this election is Venus, while Jupiter extends its powers onto the New Moon, depicting the unification of light and darkness.

This New Moon in Taurus is happening in the V Mansion, which goes from 21° 25' Taurus – 4° 17' Gemini.

Warnock says ‘This is a Mansion of thought and mind. It signifies the energy of the Mind of the Universe, particularly as manifest in the intellect of each person. It indicates the successful solution of an intellectual problem or the necessity of applying intelligence to a current dilemma.Signifies success in seeking a favour, such as a raise or a job, from a superior.’

Agrippa says ‘It helps to the return from a journey, to the instruction of scholars, it confirms edifices, it gives health and good will.’

This Mansion invites us to honour the connection between mind, body and spirit. The Holy Trinity. The union and balance between the Universal forces. Especially powerful for those who seek to apply for a new job, as well as for those who work in the creative field and seek to take their abilities and work to the next level.

Both Venus and Mars are currently in Cancer exchanging a sextile to the New Moon, while Saturn in Pisces is in a good reception to Venus and Jupiter. On Venus day. Very, very powerful lunation. A very different panorama than what we experienced last year during the eclipse activation. This New Moon is not an eclipse (since it is not aspecting the Nodes) and there is this beautiful combination between Earth and Water energy. I see this lunation as a lush garden, full of fauna and flora that is growing beyond limits, and that has enough resources to keep flourishing. A sanctuary in the woods.

What can we do with this energy New Moon energy? Set intentions about that which we seek to embody and experience. This lunation is ruled by the Divine Feminine, the Yin energy, which focuses on manifesting through attraction and reflection instead of seeking and chasing. You are manifesting things because you deserve it, because you are a magnet for abundance and new opportunities. The other day I mentioned over instagram how I saw quite a few people in the industry talking about this upcoming Jupiter in Taurus transit and how that will invite us to welcome more rest, and how I mentioned I, from my personal perspective, I feel this lunation is the opening stage of that Jupiter in Taurus which is going to invite us to create new systems that rely on productivity and efficiency, that can be running in the background without us having to dedicate our full attention to them, knowing these systems are providing us with the results we seek to achieve. I have not yet met a Taurus that is lazy, or that needs lots of resting and recovering time. In fact, Taurus is one of the most hardworking signs, and it is a fixed sign after all. Though building these new system can buy us more free time to use it as we please.

I hope this New Moon in Taurus fills you with a sense of serenity and plenitude. Sometimes we have a tendency to overlook that which we already have, forcing us to subscribe to the sense of urgency of constantly chasing the next big thing, the next goal, the next rise… 

If you choose to use this energy for manifestation purposes (which is truly a fantastic lunation for that) make sure you connect with the energy of Venus at Venus times and provide an offering to the goddess. 

Much love,
Maria xx

Journaling prompts for the New Moon in Taurus:

✦ What brings me peace and stability?

✦ What activities help me ground my energy?

✦ Name one aspect or extrasensory element of your day that brings you joy

✦ What are my current values? Have they changed recently?

✦ What systems are currently working in my life and what is not?

✦ Describe your perfect self-care routine and divide it into steps. Then use this exercise to analyse how can you incorporate them in your everyday life. Sometimes you may have to exclude one or two steps, though some others can become small rituals or habits

✦ Manifestation exercise: write down how do you envision yourself accomplishing that which you seek to manifest. What is the main feeling. How is your environment. What energy surrounds you.

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