New Moon in Libra

new moon libra chart


OCTOBER 6TH 7:05 AM EST | 12:05 PM BST


harmony, fairness, inner peace, connections


"Living in my truth brings me peace and harmony. I am realigning my priorities to focus on expanding the connection between my mind, body, and spirit."


The New Moon in Libra is here, however this isn’t the only astrological event happening this week and so far we’ve experienced the effects of the Mercury retrograde in full force. This lunation is inviting us to seek for new ways to restore our inner peace.

The New Moon in Libra is happening at 13º of the sign, however this isn’t the only astrological event that’s happening during this lunation. A day before the new moon, we had a very rare astrological transit happening also known as the ‘hellenistic void of course moon’. This unique astrological event that happens maybe once a year, where the transiting moon will travel a full sign (aka 30º) without making any aspects to other planets for a period of 24h *** (this applies to the 7 traditional planets only excluding Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). This transit was a reminder it's important to stop and reflect over our journey. When the moon is void, it’s advisable to invite meditation instead of action. Shortly after this, we experienced the outage of three of the main social media and messaging channels (Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp) which in a way helped us to reconnect with ourselves and have a break, which is also a very common manifestations during Mercury retrograde (issues with technologies, delays, etc). The Universe wanted to make sure the message was clear – Tune inwards.

*To make the most of your horoscopes remember to read for your rising sign first, then for your Sun sign if you were born during the day or your Moon sign if you were born at night.


Keywords: relationships, agreements, collaborations, contracts

Aries Sun, Moon or Rising, this new moon in Libra is activating your 7th house, inviting you to have a moment of reflection over your personal relationships. Mars, your ruler, is at detriment in this house, which is reminding you that listening to what others are trying to communicate with you is important. This new moon in Libra is highlighting the need to welcome more collaboration and it emphasises the importance of having big conversations with those you love/care about, sharing your feelings and being honest. Pluto is in your 10th house creating some tension with the new moon and stellium in Libra, which can manifest as a struggle juggling between your career and your personal life. Don’t feel like you need to choose though, as Pluto will station direct shortly after the new moon, create a list of what your main priorities are in both areas of your life and make sure all the main points are covered. Remember – you can have it all.

Tarot: High Priestess reversed ✦ While ensuring our thought process is supported by rationality and facts is important, don’t forget we are intuitive beings and many of the clues we receive from our environment come from our gut feelings. This is a time for you to have those more into consideration when evaluating your situation or making decisions. Asking yourself how you (truly) feel about a situation, a decision, a person in your life will add more layers to your current fact and support your decisions. Don’t feel the need to rush into things, instead, learn how to wait for the answers to come.


Keywords: work, habits, routine, health

Taurus Sun, Moon and Rising, the new moon in Libra will highlight your 6th house where we connect with the mundane world. You may be going through a period of disconnection from your spirituality, trying to ignite that passion again. Remember magic is in the mundane. What we do everyday has the ability to transform our reality. From our routines to our thought patterns, everything is connected. This new moon in Libra is asking you to revisit what you do everyday and whether your routine is helping you to support your spiritual journey. As Pluto is finally stationing direct in your 9th house, the veil is becoming thinner helping you to see better what’s on the other side. While the Mercury retrograde period can feel annoying at times, use this powerful time to your advantage to invite more reflection into your life.

Tarot: The Chariot ✦ While most people would state starting new things during a Mercury retrograde isn’t advisable, The Chariot is giving you green light to do so. Remember this is all about finding the purpose you’ve lost in your everyday life. Our routines help us to stay grounded and focused. Start implementing small changes everyday, even if it’s just one. After a few weeks or a month you’ll be a completely different person. More focused and with a stronger vision.


Keywords: creativity, self-expression, good fortune, inner child

Gemini Sun, Moon or Rising, the new moon in Libra is activating your 5th house, which can create a moment of connection and creativity, even when everything else seems to be falling apart. When Mercury is in retrograde, there’s an opportunity for us to appreciate the benefits this transit can have for us if we understand the potential behind it, so this is your time to make the most of it. If things aren’t going as planned or you’re facing delays, yet you feel inspired to do your work, use this moment to ask yourself questions, to revisit things, to make adjustments if necessary. Pluto is activating your 8th house and will turn direct on the same day of the new moon, which is screaming: ‘out with the old, in with the new’. If you don’t like something – change it. If something in your life isn’t working – replace it. 

Tarot: 6 of Talismans (Pentacles) reversed ✦ Speaking about balance, this card is indicating you may have been investing your energy or resources poorly, and is inviting you to reflect whether what you’re doing is bringing happiness into your life or is, instead, bringing you down. The number 6 is the number of healing, so in a way this is saying ‘it’s time to invest time in yourself and your own growth, and find new and more exciting ways to do so’.



Keywords: home, family, boundaries, foundations

Cancer Sun, Moon or Rising, the new moon in Libra is highlighting your 4th house, which is a house you know well since you're its natural ruler, inviting you to make the necessary changes in your home environment to restore your internal balance and peace. If something has been feeling off, if you feel the energy has been stuck for a while – this is the moment to make some changes. As Mercury continues with its retrograde, it would be a good time to rearrange some furniture or bring new elements into your home as a way to reset the energy and replace the old for something new. Pluto, which will turn direct on the same day of the new moon, is creating some tension in reminding you your relationships can also feel like home to you, and so there may be old patterns to be replaced in order to keep thriving in those relationships. In the same way you want to bring new energy into your home environment, you can do the same if you feel some of your relationships have been stuck. It's a good moment to use the benefits of the retrograde and reflect about those topics in order to help you find more harmony and joy.

Tarot: 6 of Elixirs (Cups) reversed ✦ Mercury retrograde can sometimes feel like a trip back to memory lane, something you’re naturally familiar with since it’s ingrained in the nature of your sign. You may be feeling more nostalgic lately, asking yourself a lot of questions: ‘Did I make the right decision?’ ‘This is what I wanted, though, do I still want it?’ When this card comes up reversed it can indicate we’ve been too much in our feelings lately and also living in the past. Remember both your past and future are irrelevant, as only through the present moments will you find the answers you seek.



Keywords: knowledge, communication, short travel, siblings

Leo Sun, Moon or rising, the new moon in Libra is activating your 3rd house, and since Mercury is retrograding there too, it emphasises the need to double check what you say and how you say things, to place special attention in how you communicate with others. Mars is in also there and in detriment, reminding you to put your ego on the side and think before you speak if there’s some tension in your conversations with others. Pluto which will station direct on that same day is creating some squares to the stellium in Libra, activating your 6th house which can make you feel a bit unsettled. If you feel a bit disconnected from your everyday routines and you think this may be affecting your mood, try to incorporate something new. Journaling can be very beneficial especially considering you’re having a 3rd house activation during this new moon in Libra and mercury is in retrograde. It’s important to reassess your priorities and acknowledge how you feel.

Tarot: Fortuna (Wheel of Fortune) ✦ The Fortuna card is a reminder of the different cycles we embark in life. Sometimes we find ourselves reaching for the top, while other times we hit rock bottom. This is an indication you’re currently at the top, so make the most of it while you’re there. Enjoy every second of it. Stay present. Life can sometimes feel like it comes in waves, and so the Fortuna card is saying ‘learn how to ride the waves’. There’s something valuable in each moment we experience.



Keywords: finances, values, security, self-worth

Virgo Sun, Moon and Rising, the new moon in Libra is falling in your 2nd house and knowing Mercury retrograde is also there, it’s important you take your time to revisit your finances and hold off any big purchases or investments. Mercury retrograde wants you to reevaluate what these material matters mean to you, since the 2nd house is also the house of our values. Invite this moment of reflection to make sure your finances are in alignment. Pluto will station direct activating your 5th house on that same day, which can lead to some impulsiveness. Since Pluto not only represents transformation, but also renewal, why not honouring this transit by giving away something you no longer need, yet you’re holding onto because of the sentimental value you think it has? Replacing that for something new will help you see we’re constantly changing and evolving, and there’s nothing wrong in either changing our beliefs or our likes.

Tarot: Prince of Elixirs (Cups) ✦ This card is showing up as an indication to rekindle the passion you’ve lost. To believe in yourself and your purpose, reminding you to not to shy away from your talents. As you’re replacing old energy with new one, why not treat yourself to something you love and that inspires you? You’ve worked hard to be in the position you currently are, so don't forget to commemorate every moment with something special. This can be anything, a dinner in a restaurant you love, a new book, going on a long walk in nature. Whatever sparks joy you for you – don’t forget to celebrate yourself more often.



Keywords: ego, body, energy levels, personality

Libra Sun, Moon or Rising, the new moon is activating your rising/ascendant sign, creating a ripple effect in your chart and also activating the rest of your angular houses. This is a moment for you to reevaluate everything about yourself, your life, the person you’re becoming and setting new intentions for your future. This new moon is a major reset moment for you, helping you to reevaluate your priorities and direction in life with the help of the Mercury retrograde. Pluto has been creating some tension in your 4th house for a while, which in many cases can translate as having to redefine what gives us security and redefining our boundaries in order to do so. Pluto will turn direct on that exact day, which can create an intense urge to make a huge declutter in your personal space, which in a way will help you to feel more in tune with your environment. Having less, but more valuable things surrounding you can make you feel more comfortable and supported.

Tarot: King of Elixirs (Cups) ✦ This card is indicating a moment of growth that has happened in your emotional development lately. Being the sign of the scales, you’re constantly seeking for the right balance between rationality and emotion. The King of Elixirs is showing that mastery you’ve gained up until now, helping you feel more secure and supported when expressing how you feel and making important decisions. You are in charge of your own emotional wellbeing, and that in itself is a powerful realisation. 



Keywords: intuition, dreams, secrets, sacrifice

Scorpio Sun, Moon or Rising, the new moon in Libra is highlighting your 12th house, reminding you our thoughts and mental patterns can either become a prison for our soul or liberate us. This new moon in Libra is inviting you to welcome more rest in your life, so you can focus on what truly matters. Only in a well rested body, can the mind truly thrive to its potential. If you’ve been feeling burnt out lately, this is a call from the Universe to stop and make sure your wellbeing and mental health is your number one priority right now. Pluto, your modern ruler, is turning direct on the same day of the new moon while Venus is in the anaretic degree (29º) in Scorpio, helping you to see old keys won’t open new doors. There needs to be a tangible change in you for your reality to change. Welcoming rest and reflection will help you restore your inner peace.

Tarot: Ace of Keys (Swords) reversed ✦ The blade of the sword is double edged, meaning we can use it to our advantage if we think strategically, otherwise we can end up cutting ourselves. In the same way, a key can help us open a new door or lock ourselves in a specific state of mind. Remember you’re the one holding the keys. Your choices have the ability to alter your reality. Clarity can only emerge when the mind is calm and at peace.



Keywords: community, connection, technology, hope

Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Rising, the new moon is activating your 11th house of friendships, connectivity, and social media. Considering the social media outage we experienced one day before the new moon, this is an indication you may need to reconsider the way in which you use this tool. Are you scrolling endlessly from feed to feed or are you using it with a purpose? This new moon is also inviting you to reflect over your connection with others, have you lost the spark in your relationships? Is there anything missing? What can you do about it? Pluto is stationing direct on the same day of the new moon in your 2nd house which can manifest as having mixed feelings about the topics of connections, internet and social media usage, inviting you to reflect what’s YOUR purpose behind them. Are your connections supporting you or drowning you? Are you using social media in a healthy way? See this as an opportunity to choose how you’re investing your time in these platforms and set new intentions using the new moon energy.

Tarot: Ace of Elixirs (Cups) reversed ✦ Tarot sometimes work as an extension of the transits we see in the celestial bodies, and it couldn't be more obvious in this case. We’ve spoken how you may be feeling there’s something missing in your connection with others, and perhaps this may be because you’re suppressing some feelings you have been experiencing by neglecting them. Our emotional state gives us clues about our environment, doing a regular check up will benefit you enormously. Some emotions are easier to acknowledge than others, though all of them are equally valid. Do some research over this topic and learn how to be more in tune with your feelings.



Keywords: career, purpose, exposure, reputation

Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising, the new moon is activating the highest point in your chart also known as the 10th house. This new moon is speaking directly to your purpose, asking you to reassess your priorities. We know being productive is highly valued in today’s society, however, this new moon is inviting you to welcome more balance between productivity and self-care. Remember YOU are your main priority in life. If you're not functioning properly, nobody else will do things for you. Only you are in charge of your life. As Pluto is stationing direct in your ascendant/rising sign, a big internal transformation is in the horizon for you. You’re probably coming out of a few months of disconnection realising a change must be made if you wish to continue moving forward. And trust me, I get it – getting things done, ticking things from your ‘to do’ helps you feel grounded though, don't feel you need to be productive 24/7. This is a big call from the Universe for you to restore a more balanced approach to life. Rest is also a form of productivity.

Tarot: 4 of Talismans (Pentacles) reversed ✦ Funnily enough, this card represents the decan of the Sun in Capricorn, something you may know well, as only we know ourselves fully. This card reversed indicates a moment where we’re holding onto something because we fear we will be left with nothing. It represents a scarcity mindset. We spoke about learning how to balance purpose, productivity and self-care is an important topic for you during this new moon, and this card is highlighting this. Don’t feel you have to choose though! In fact, you can have it ALL. That’s what balance is all about. Harmony and alchemy go hand in hand. This card is helping you see having a little bit of everything is better than having one single thing. You’ll feel more supported, content and complete this way.



Keywords: spirituality, wisdom, higher learning, foreign lands

Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising, the new moon in Libra is activating your 9th house inviting you to have a moment of reflection about how far you’ve come in your journey, and what needs to be restored and prioritised moving forward. What have you learnt so far this year about yourself and life in general? What areas have you outgrown or are lacking some investment? Since Mercury is retrograding during this new moon, it’s time to invite more reflection into your life so you can reassess things that don't seem as clear, instead of doing, creating, chasing, etc. Pluto is turning direct on this same day activating your 12th house, letting you know looking after your mental-health is important. If you’ve putting yourself under a lot of pressure to accomplish your goals, this is throwing the question: are you in the right headspace to enjoy what you’re doing or are you feeling totally disconnected from it? When we live in auto-pilot it’s easy to forget about the small joys of life. Don’t dismiss this call from the Universe and use the energy of this new moon to restore what’s currently missing in your life.

Tarot: The Devil ✦ Did I say you should be looking after your mental-health during this new moon? Yes I did. The Devil reminds us of the connection between the mundane and our spirituality, and how one couldn’t exist without the other. In many cases this card appears as a mirror reflecting back to us the things we dislike, discomfort or obsess about, that’s why working on our mental-health hygiene is important. Learning how to discern between what benefits us or what confuses us is powerful. It makes you in charge. Don’t obsess over the things you dislike and release your need to be in control of them. Instead, work towards what makes you content and happy. Some things may never change, but our approach to them can. 



Keywords: transformation, shared resources, inheritance, sexuality

Pisces Sun, Moon or Rising, the new moon is falling on your 8th house which is also referred as the house that remains in the ‘darkness’. This new moon is inviting you to reflect on the areas in your life you’ve been investing your energy on, and whether those patterns are depleting your energy because you can’t see any tangible benefits in return. In this house we see shared resources, maybe you’ve been working or dealing with someone for a while, and suddenly the roles have changed – you may feel they’re not supporting you as much, they’re, instead, making you feel empty and lost. Maybe this manifested as a lost opportunity for you, making you feel unsettled. As Pluto is stationing direct on the same day of the new moon, activating your 11th house of community and collaboration, think what areas in your life are currently lacking and how you can invest your time and resources in bringing more harmony between you, your work and others to restore some balance by communicating effectively what you want and what your expectations are. Remember you’re entitled to ask for help. I know sharing exactly how we feel or expressing our needs in such a direct way can make you feel vulnerable, however this is for your own good and evolution. Otherwise you’ll continue depleting your energy until you have nothing left. 

Tarot: The Empress ✦ This card represents the archetype of the Divine Feminine, which is directly linked to our feelings and intuition. If something has been feeling off for a while, create a safe space for yourself. Honour those feelings instead of fighting against them. It’s important to understand that, as life changes, so do we and our relationships with others. Remember you’re a creator of your own reality. You can plant the seeds for new opportunities to flourish by setting the right intentions, don't feel you need to cut things or people out of your life for new ones to enter. Maybe some of these opportunities or connections require more investment and nourishment at this moment in time. One of my favourite quotes from Lao Tzu says: ‘nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished’.

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