New Moon in Capricorn

And so it begins… The first New Moon of 2022 is here in the sign of Capricorn, a Saturn ruled sign, directly connecting this lunation to The World card in Tarot. 

I find the beginning of each year a bit bittersweet. The excitement of new beginnings blends with the deep transformation we experience as we shed the old layers of consciousness we have been building for a long time, knowing it is time to let go and start anew. 

I invite you to welcome this new year, new ‘me’ vision, removing the need to compare your progress to previous years, knowing you are in a chrysalis about to open to a world of possibilities that will be presented to you. Progress is not measured by achievements alone, but by how one is able to hold their vision and shape it into their reality. We cannot be certain of what the future holds, yet it is only when we realise we are the writers of our own story when magic happens.

Dear human, remember you are a magician, and that alchemy runs through your veins.

I hope you choose to begin this chapter with a clear mind, a calm spirit, a full heart and a head full of dreams. Head over to the blog to read the full astrological weather for this New Moon in Capricorn


The year 2022 begins with some interesting astrological configurations, as the planet Jupiter (also known as the Great Benefic) is finally away from Saturn’s orb returning to its traditional domicile sign of Pisces which already sets on a positive note this lunation. 


The new Moon in Capricorn will reach its peak at 12º. One of the main characteristics that we find in this new moon is that the planet Venus, currently in retrograde, is sitting closely next to Pluto in a tight conjunction. Venus retrogrades happen every 18 months, and these are known as the Venus star point or the rebirth of Venus. When we see both, the personal planet of love, values and possessions next to Pluto the transpersonal planet of rebirth, renewal and evolution we see how this new moon is, in a way, inviting us to ask ourselves big questions concerning our security, feelings of safety and wondering whether the fundations that are currently supporting our lives are strong enough to maintain us for a long time.


Interestingly, Mercury, which just entered the sign of Aquarius, started its shadow period just a couple of days ago, meaning it is in the same number of degrees it will return to after its retrograde period, starting on January 15th and ending on February 4th - 5th (depending on where you are located in the world). In traditional Astrology, Mercury was the only neutral planet that was able to travel between realities and change or adapt its nature as it pleased. Mercury in Aquarius wants us to bring new ideas to those foundations we spoke about, so when its retrograde starts and it goes back to Capricorn, we can see things differently. We have compiled enough data to realise what works for us and what does not. In Tarot, Mercury in Aquarius is ruled by the second decan of Aquarius which is related to the 6 of Swords. Sometimes, we need to move away from something we thought to be good for us, so we can gain a new perspective and reassess our priorities and come up with a new approach. 




The New Moon in Capricorn is highlighting your house of career and purpose Aries, take this time to reflect on the projects you have been working on and come up with a strategy to make sure you are investing your time in what is creating a direct benefit for you. Slow and steady wins the race. You may not have all the answers you need yet, though that does not mean you are not making progress. Continue to do what you do and focus on what each day brings you. 



This New Moon in Capricorn is highlighting your house of spirituality and higher learning, reminding you to seek for new horizons and to challenge what you think you know. As a fixed sign, it takes some time for you to feel ready to embark on a new journey, though sometimes it is necessary to step into the unknown so we can find ourselves again.



The New Moon is falling in your house of transformation Gemini, and with Pluto being in the same sign as the New Moon, so much of what you think it is protecting you it could be actually locking you in a place that could lead you to become stagnant in the long run. Dare to express how you feel without feeling vulnerable. Understanding our emotions do not define us is a powerful realisation.



The New Moon in Capricorn is activating your house of partnerships Cancer, which is in a way inviting you to revisit the foundations in which your relationships with others are built and whether there could be some limitations between you and other people. Understanding the weaknesses in our relationships helps us to create bridges between us and other people. Nobody is perfect, and our imperfections make us human. Focus on what can be rebuilt instead of what presents itself as a burden.



The New Moon in Capricorn is highlighting your house of work and daily routines Leo, reminding you of the importance healthy rituals can have in our lives. From reducing your screen time, to having walks in nature, journaling a few words every day, or simply taking 5 minutes of our time to connect with the present moment. Magic is in the mundane, and this New Moon is inviting you to connect with these daily practices that have the ability to transform how each day looks for you.  



The New Moon in Capricorn is activating your house of self-expression and creativity, reminding you of the importance of having a clear vision. While Venus is still in retrograde, this does not mean you cannot set new intentions you want to manifest in your life, it simply encourages you to ask your heart what it truly needs and wants. While you are used to relying on facts to make decisions, listening to our intuition is equally important. Learn how to ponder what the mind and heart are saying, as both are constantly guiding us.  



The New Moon in Capricorn is highlighting your house of family and security Libra, inviting you to establish new boundaries with those that belong to your close environment. Sometimes we may feel the need to spend more time on our own, reflecting about life and protecting our independence. Do not feel bad for requesting this and expressing it with others. Our boundaries are there to protect us, and those who understand that and appreciate us will not get offended by it. 



The New Moon in Capricorn is activating your house of communication and elementary learning, which is in a way inviting you to reflect on how do you communicate with others, and whether the communication skills you acquired through your close environment or other authority figures (such as your parents) continues to work for you, or whether it is time to let go of past conditionings and find new, better and more efficient ways to communicate and create strong connections with others. 



Sagittarius, this New Moon is highlighting your house of finances, possessions and values. In a way this New Moon is inviting you to reflect on where you invest your time and resources, making sure you are getting the results you expect. Remember to look after your energy, and pay attention to the things that could make you feel depleted and tired. 



The New Moon is creating a strong activation in the house in your chart related to your body and physicality Capricorn, inviting you to let go of practices that are not helping you to honour your body. This is your personal yearly reset as you will also be experiencing your Solar return, a time to stay open to new possibilities, envision your dreams and let go of what does not align with yourself and your life anymore. Venus retrograde in Capricorn is reminding you it is time to let go of self-limiting beliefs. 



Aquarius the New Moon in Capricorn is activating your house where the subconscious resides, a time to reinforce rest and healing. Our progress looks different every time, and this new moon is inviting you to slow down and look after your mental health. In this fast paced society we live in, resting can be seen as a revolutionary act, though answers will only come to us when we are ready to receive them. Repeat after me: “rest is a form of productivity”.



The New Moon in Capricorn is highlighting your house of hopes and dreams Pisces, reminding you it is only through hard work and dedication our dreams can become a reality. In this house we also see connections and friendships, which is reinforcing the need to rely more on your connections and perhaps build something together with someone you trust and admire. 

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