New Moon in Aries

APRIL 1ST 2:24 AM EST | 7:24 AM BST



purpose, direction, beginnings, action



“I am learning to enjoy the journey without expecting a specific outcome. I admire the progress I have made so far, and let go of the need to compare myself to others”.


The first New Moon of spring is here, in fiery Aries reaching its peak at 11º. This new moon falls in the first Mansion, reminding us of the importance of taking our time to look back at our progress whenever we feel stuck or when we question our abilities moving forward in our journey. 


Who were you one year ago? What were you doing back then? How was your life compared to how it is now? The beginning of a new journey can feel both scary and exciting. This New Moon in Aries is reminding us the world is our oyster, and that the things we experience through the journeys we embark on are in many cases more significant than the outcome we seek to attain. 


Through the years working with different astrological transits, I have always experienced the best and more tangible results using the Aries New Moon for manifestation purposes. How the New and Full Moon portal works is to set intentions during a New Moon (in this case the Aries New Moon) then around October during the Aries Full Moon in Libra season, which is when you are likely to see the effects of our manifestations.


When we think about this, there is a period of 6 months in between those two lunations. This is our time window to do the work. I do not believe in writing down our intentions and waiting for them to happen. Manifestation is a conscious choice, it is a spell. In order to manifest what we want, we need to have a clear mind, a vision. There needs to be purpose in our actions. So now, when you seek to manifest using the power of the moon to your advantage, regularly check-in with yourself  to see if your intentions are in alignment with what you are trying to manifest.


This New Moon will receive the support from Mars in Aquarius applying sextiles to both the Sun and the Moon. This is quite significant since Mars is Aries’ ruler, boosting up the effects of this lunation.


This New Moon in Aries has more to offer though. It is a celebration, inviting us to look back at our journey and see how far we have come. Even if you are not exactly at where you would like to be, this New Moon reminds us of the things we have accomplished and endured in our lives so far, and how many of these things were something we wished we once had. I hope during this New Moon in Aries, your intentions are driven by purpose and you appreciate your trajectory so far, knowing there will be new opportunities awaiting for you. 

*To make the most of your horoscopes remember to read for your rising sign first, then for your Sun sign if you were born during the day or your Moon sign if you were born at night.


Aries Sun, Moon or Rising

ego, body, energy levels, personality


This New Moon is falling in your most personal house Aries, giving you a boost of energy and offering you a new direction and purpose in your life, reminding you you are unstoppable. Use the energy of the new moon to your advantage, write down the things you are releasing, then write down what it is you want to manifest in your life. You could then burn down that piece of paper as a symbolic way to honour the energy of this lunation.


Taurus Sun, Moon or Rising

intuition, dreams, secrets, sacrifice


The New Moon in Aries is creating an activation of your house ruled by the subconscious chart, reminding you it is time to surrender to whatever life is bringing up for you at this moment in time, trusting you are being guided in your journey. I know you like to stick to your plan and have everything figured out, but this New Moon is asking you to release your need to control the outcome of things and open the doors to the unknown.


Gemini Sun, Moon or Rising

community, connection, technology, hope


The New Moon in Aries is inviting you to plant the seeds for those new projects or goals you are planning on achieving this year Gemini, filling them with hope and inspiration. Pay attention to your close environment and use your connection with others as a form of guidance in your journey. Ask your community or friends for their feedback and ideas regarding your dreams, take notes and go for it!

Cancer Sun, Moon or Rising

career, purpose, exposure, reputation


The New Moon in Aries is activating your house of career Cancer, reminding you to never settle for less and seek for new opportunities that ignite your passions! This New Moon is a very powerful time for manifestation purposes. Before jumping into new endeavours, ask yourself – What do I truly see myself doing? What or who inspires me? What things do I do that bring me joy? Do not take shortcuts. Visualise yourself doing what you love and hold onto that vision to guide you in your journey.


Leo Sun, Moon or Rising

spirituality, wisdom, higher learning, foreign lands


The New Moon in Aries falls in your house of spirituality Leo, reminding you of the importance of remaining present and appreciating your connection with the now. This house is also connected to higher learning and publications, so you can find yourself feeling called to research about a specific topic or publishing a work you have done (whether that is an article, a research or a new project). During this New Moon, you are being called to connect with your inner wisdom and pay attention to the signs. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. The future becomes irrelevant when we learn to appreciate where we are at this specific moment in time. 


Virgo Sun, Moon or Rising

transformation, shared resources, inheritance, sexuality


The New Moon in Aries is activating your house of transformation Virgo. This house was traditionally considered to remain in the darkness, becoming a blind spot in one’s life. What areas of your life have you been overlooking? Is it your job, your family, your relationship, your friendships? The New Moon in Aries is inviting you to burn down what is holding you back, distracting you from your purpose. Every day we are given a new opportunity, manage your time and your resources wisely.


Libra Sun, Moon or Rising

relationships, agreements, collaborations, contracts


The New Moon in Aries is highlighting your house of relationships Libra, reminding you of how cathartic and powerful new beginnings can be. If you feel your relationship has become stagnant, or you are single and feel stuck when it comes to love… push yourself to try something different! We seek what is familiar because we crave comfort, though this New Moon in Aries is here to push your own limits, to help you think outside the box and face your fears. There is excitement in trying new things when we remove the need to control the outcome. Enjoy yourself and have fun!  


Scorpio Sun, Moon or Rising

work, habits, routine, health


Scorpio this New Moon in Aries is activating your house of routines, work and health, reminding you we have the opportunity to create some magic in everything we do. Our day to day life can become boring and repetitive, yet having an intentional approach and appreciating the little details can help us see the extraordinary that lies within the mundane. What do you do everyday that brings you joy? Is it the smell of coffee in the morning? Doing your bed? Cleaning up your space? Or perhaps is writing your morning pages? 


Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Rising

creativity, self-expression, good fortune, inner child


This New Moon in Aries is bringing you an influx of inspiration Sagittarius, boosting up your energy levels. The New Moon is happening in one of the most auspicious houses in your chart, offering you new ideas and opportunities coming your way. The world is your oyster! Use this powerful energy to your advantage, visualise your goals, set your intentions, come up with a plan and take notes of all ideas that may come to you during this time. Stay alert for new opportunities coming your way, as these could happen in the most unexpected way.


Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising

home, family, boundaries, foundations


The New Moon in Aries is activating your house of home, safety and family environment Capricorn, and you may call me crazy but it seems that this is the perfect time to do a big spring cleaning! In Feng Shui, it is said objects can retain and accumulate energy over time. Using powerful astrological alignments like this new moon to rearrange things around the house and do a declutter can feel very therapeutic for the mind and soul.


Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising

knowledge, communication, short travel, siblings


The New Moon in Aries will activate your house of communication Aquarius, inviting you to become more intentional when communicating with others and expressing your feelings. Ask yourself in which ways can you communicate in a way that is more representative of yourself and your values. This New Moon could also reconnect you with a friend of family member, helping to rekindle an old relationship.


Pisces Sun, Moon or Rising

finances, values, security, self-worth


The New Moon in Aries is activating your house of finances Pisces, reminding you abundance is a state of mind. Our values reflect who we are and what we like. This New Moon is inviting you to reframe your idea of success. It is time to own your journey and take pride in the work you have done so far. You did not get where you are by accident, you worked hard for it. And even if this is not the end destination for you, you should pat yourself in the back and celebrate how far you have come!

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