New Moon in Aquarius


DATE JAN 21st 

TIME 3:53 PM EST | 8:53 PM BST 

community, hope, vision, discovery

“I believe in my ability to create and shape the future I dream of. My unique talents and ideas make me a visionary.”

 Today the New Moon in Aquarius will reach its peak at 1º, just one day after Aquarius season begins. 

This New Moon in Aquarius is pretty unique I would say. Not because of the aspects surrounding this lunation, but because of the lack of them. The past few years have been incredibly intense full of generational transits and energetic shifts. And trust me, this year will have its twists and swirls, however, today’s New Moon invites us to embrace the Aquarian energy to the fullest.

There is currently a stellium in the sky where the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Saturn are sharing the same space in the sign of Aquarius. In Tarot the sign of Aquarius is seen in the archetype of The Star in the Major Arcana, which represents hope, creativity, divinity and, in a way, renewal.

The sign of the water bearer reminds us that in order to manifest a brighter future, we must honour the past. The Star card signifies a spike of creativity and connection with the divine. When thinking on the Major Arcana as a whole, The Star is the card that follows after The Tower, which depicts a moment of devastation where old fundations are shacken in what we call the Fool’s journey in Tarot (the teachings reflected within the Major Arcana system).

That’s why The Star reminds us of our ability to transcend the negative and envision a new pathway towards realisation and enlightenment, something we see reflected in the sign of Aquarius

The sign of Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn and also Uranus in modern astrology. Saturn represents the past and tradition while Uranus represents future and discovery. Aquarius therefore represents a bridge between what once was and what can be. It invites us to dream big, to question our reality, to think outside the box and to shake foundations when we need to.

You know I like going down the rabbit hole when it comes to connecting astrology and tarot… So let us talk about the Decan of the 7 of Swords, which depicts the Moon in Aquarius, an energy that is present during this New Moon. 

The 7 of Swords depicts the Moon in Aquarius. The Moon governs our emotions while the sign of Aquarius is a fixed air sign, highly logical, idealistic and intellectual. In the Thoth Tarot this Decan is named as ‘Lord of Unstable Effort” – often this card is linked to thievery, betrayal and loss, however I would like you to see the bigger picture. The ever-changing energy of the Moon has a difficult time expressing itself though this archetype, meaning within this card we see how one could have their energy or resources depleted because a new system or mindset should be adopted if we seek to stablise this energy. Further more, I see the 7 of Swords as a card that indicates we are self-sabotaging our own progress, because we could be doing something more efficient instead of allowing our emotions to rule our decisions.

The logical approach of Aquarius is veiled in the environment ruled by the Moon, that is why the 7 of Swords invites us to evaluate what is true and what is not. What defines ourselves and what does not. How do we see our reality and what is merely an illusion, because our dreams are too vague or ambiguous. The delusional qualities of the Moon, when in the sign of Aquarius, invite us to welcome more reflection and double check our facts, instead of allowing our emotions to rule over our decisions or conclusions. Things are not always what they seem to be at first glance. Perhaps you have been feeling restricted or limited because of some preconceptions about yourself or a specific situation that could not be farther from the truth...

So now I ask you – what is it you really want? Who are you now and how is the person do you want to become? As I said, the astrological aspects surrounding this lunation are focalised on the sign of Aquarius primarily, offering this archetype full definition and expression. Interestingly, the Moon is activating the XXIV Mansion which combines the late degrees of Capricorn and early degrees of Aquarius, combining Earth and Air energy together. This Mansion was traditionally named as ‘The Wretched’ and it is actually a very auspicious Mansion. Christopher Warnock said: “This is a Mansion of nurture and nutrition. If we have been hungry, we will now be fed. Needs and desires will be fulfilled. Fortune smiles upon us and showers us with maternal love. Just as mother's milk is perfectly suited for her child's needs, this Mansion indicates we will receive support from a source precisely attuned to our individual needs. This Mansion may also herald a literal birth, i.e. the arrival of a new baby. But it can also signify the beginning of a fruitful project or the creation of new art or ideas. It indicates a positive answer to questions regarding the approach of good fortune. It advises us to act in a loving and nurturing way. Overall, this Mansion is most benefic. However, it occasionally cautions us to avoid being smothered in an all consuming "maternal" atmosphere.

Traditionally, this Mansion was considered to be auspicious and a significator of good luck and prosperity. When we nourish our soul with what we truly need, we live in a constant state of abundance. The XXIV Mansion shows serenity and beneficence. It is strongly linked to nurturing and receiving maternal love, something that we often seek in our relationships. To be held, to be accepted, to be given what we most need, to feel that someone cares about our needs. This mansion was traditionally considered a good omen for creative endeavors, the fruition of a new project and for receiving good fortune if we ask for it. 

Not only that but Venus and Saturn are on a tight conjunction during this lunation, reinforcing the need to reinvent the old (Saturn in Aquarius) and express ourselves fully and freely (Venus in Aquarius). Saturn was traditionally considered the secret lover of Venus, so I always find special when they both come closely together, as Venus has the ability to soften Saturn's rigidity, turning it into a more constructive and easily digestible energy. This does not translate as 'ditch the old!' but rather, how can we repurpose what we have and who we are so we can improve what was already done or who we are as individuals while we fit in and contribute to the collective.

Mercury and Mars are finally direct, and on a positive note Mars in Gemini will exchange a wide trine with the Sun and the Moon in Aquarius while they also sextile Jupiter in Aries. We cannot expect things to be different if we keep doing the same thing, Mars in Gemini is helping us to boost our inner curiosity while Jupiter in Aries is reinforcing us to take a risk and just do it. If there is something you have been wanting to do for a while, but you have not done yet because fear and other people’s opinions are holding you back – this is your sign from the Universe to take a leap of faith. New beginnings and experiments can feel daunting but also incredibly exciting! Also Mercury will be in a positive reception with Uranus in Taurus (Aquarius modern ruler) which is connected with The Fool… Do I have to say more? Go, go, go.

I hope you found this astroreport helpful and you learned something new. 

Blessings, Maria xx

Journaling prompts for the New Moon in Aquarius:

✦ What makes me different?

✦ What qualities make me stand out?

✦ What can I offer to the world around me?

✦ What does community mean to me?

✦ What community represents me and my values?

✦ What are my current hopes and dreams?

✦ Write about something you (re)discovered about yourself recently:

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