Full Moon in Virgo


“Today I am proud of my progress and I accept that healing is not linear. I am devoted to my personal growth and development, knowing everything I need is within me”.

The Full Moon in Virgo will reach its peak at 27º and is full of interesting alignments. Not only is this Full Moon in a positive reception with the outer planet Pluto, but it is also exactly conjunct with the Fixed Star Alkaid, found in the Ursa Major constellation, also referred to as the Great Bear linking this lunation with the myth of Kallisto. This full moon is happening in the XIV Mansion, reminding us our healing is not linear and that we should honour ourselves as we go through different phases in life. 

I like to see the different transits happening in the cosmos as stories full of hidden symbolism for us to decode. This Full Moon in Virgo is particularly special in that regard. As someone who has been passionate about mythology and ancient myths since a very young age (thanks dad!) I like to spend my time revising old texts to search deeper within the teachings of the celestial bodies. And what better time to do so than during Pisces season! This beautiful lunation is inviting us to take one last dip into the Piscean waters before we jump into the Astrological New Year on the 20th of March with the Sun entering the sign of Aries, where we will welcome spring and the beginning of a new cycle.

In this Full Moon in Virgo we can see an interception of two different myths, symbolising both protection and restoration. The first myth is linked to the fixed star Alkaid, found in the tale of the Great Bear in the Ursa Major constellation found in sidereal Virgo as the Full Moon will exactly conjunct this fixed star by degree. Here the stars remind us of the myth of Kallisto, also known as ‘the most beautiful’ a nymph follower of the goddesses Artemis. Kallisto devoted her life and sworn to remain virgin her whole entire life as all other nymphs who followed Artemis. Zeus turned himself into Artemis so he could seduce her, and after a few attempts tricked Kallisto leaving her pregnant. When Artemis realised this, Kallisto was expelled from her circle and when Heras (Zeus’ wife) found it, she turned Kallisto into a bear in a moment of rage. Months later Kallisto gave birth to her son Arcas who would later become the king of that land. One day when Arcas went hunting, he found a bear (Kallisto) and just as he was about to unknowingly kill his mother, Zeus turned both into a constellation the Ursa Major and the Ursa Minor so he could save Kallisto and her son, while also staring at her beauty for eternity that is why the Ursa Major is always above the horizon in Europe and never disappear below the horizon, it is always visible in the night sky, all night, every night, throughout the year. The fixed star Alkaid is found in the tail of the bear and according Ptolemy it holds the energy of Mars “Alkaid it is said to give a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger and revengefulness when roused”. Kallisto was devoted to her spiritual journey, though was seduced and tricked into something she did not want, here we see the pain and anger contained within the archetype, making it powerful and destructive. But we also see how bears are a symbol of meditation, patience and awakening in many cultures. The Ursa Major has been used as a reference for travellers since ancient times to find direction in their journey, that is why Alkaid is a symbol of patience, direction and devotion. This fixed star is also linked to The Chariot card in Tarot. A reminder to have grit and remove our urge to rush into things. It is not the destination but our journey that defines us. 

The second myth comes from the positive reception between the Full Moon in Virgo and the planet Pluto in Capricorn, both of which are in earth signs, which reminds us of the power of compassion and how our healing can become a personal choice in some cases. The myth of Persephone, also known as Kore ‘The Maiden’ is linked to Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and the asteroid Ceres in Astrology. Hades the god of the underworld fell madly in love with Demeter’s daughter Persephone, goddess of the Earth, fertility and agriculture. One day Hades emerged from the underworld and kidnapped Persephone. Demeter refused to let any vegetation grow on earth and Zeus sent Mercury (which is one of the rulers of Virgo) to the underworld as it was the only god able to enter different realities and found Persephone, who after months of starvation had eaten a seed of pomegranate making her unable to leave the underworld. Zeus and Hades agreed on releasing Persephone for 6 months so she would be reunited with her mother Demeter and the rest of the time will remain with Hades as a goddess of the underworld. This myth depicts the change of seasons and how after the hardest of winters, spring returns life on earth. This Full Moon in Virgo falls in the XIV Mansion where the Moon and Pluto are in an auspicious exchange of energy, reminding us endings can become a healing process for those who are willing to remove what causes them pain and have compassion and acceptance for themselves. Demeter had to accept her daughter’s situation so she could at least have her back for a short period of time. With every decision we take there is a consequence, and in many cases a sacrifice, but the benefits override the negatives when we prioritise our own healing and inner peace. 

May this Full Moon help to wash away your anxiety, worries and pain, allowing clarity to illuminate your path, offering you purpose and direction in your journey.

*To make the most of your horoscopes remember to read for your rising sign first, then for your Sun sign if you were born during the day or your Moon sign if you were born at night.


Aries Sun, Moon or Rising

work, habits, routine, health

The Full Moon in Virgo is drawing one of the most powerful and fascinating patterns in your chart Aries, a cosmic kite, offering you a new direction in your journey. This Full Moon is inviting you to revise your routine and daily tasks, so you put yourself and your needs at the top of your priority list. While the sign of Virgo is connected to service, we cannot forget we need to look after ourselves first and care for our wellbeing. This Full Moon in Virgo is washing away your need to perform a specific role, and inviting you to do the things that make you feel good, without seeking a specific outcome. A new direction or beginning could be on the horizon for you regarding work if you are looking for a change, so stay alert for new opportunities coming your way.  

Taurus Sun, Moon or Rising

creativity, self-expression, good fortune, inner child

The Full Moon in Virgo is illuminating one of the most auspicious houses in your chart Taurus, and in a positive reception with your sign, offering you support during this transit. It seems change is imminent for you, with Pluto sitting in your 9th house, and while we know you do not love change as much as other signs, this time you feel ready and grounded. The Sun and Jupiter in Pisces are sextiling your sign offering you a higher vision and a sense of purpose. Change can be good and it helps us to evolve and grow as individuals. Whether you have been considering taking a new direction in life, publishing a work or releasing a new offering, this Full Moon in Virgo is highlighting your path offering support to make your dreams become a reality. Do not hesitate, just go for it and have faith in the journey.

Gemini Sun, Moon or Rising

home, family, boundaries, foundations

Gemini the Full Moon in Virgo is highlighting your house of family and home, reminding you it is maybe time to slow down and find comfort in the things that offer you security and grounding. It seems this Full Moon is preparing you for something big and exciting, so you need to enter the right mind-space for it to happen. During this Full Moon, Jupiter in Pisces will sit on your house of career and purpose, expanding your vision and inviting you to dream BIGGER. You will also receive support from Venus and Mars in Aquarius in your house of higher knowledge and spirituality, perhaps indicating it is time to come up with a plan, to think smarter and more strategically and to envision what is that you are trying to manifest.

Cancer Sun, Moon or Rising

knowledge, communication, short travel, siblings

The Full Moon in Virgo is highlighting your house of communication Cancer, and I know how you feel, sometimes it is hard to put feelings into words, to actually describe what it is you are experiencing or going through. As the sign who understands more than others life has its highs and its lows, and that everything we experience is a phase, this Full Moon is inviting you to search deeper within yourself and your feelings. To welcome more reflection and meditation, to embrace the full essence of the Divine Feminine that lives within you. It is not time to take action, but actually to let things unfold and attract opportunities that are truly in alignment with yourself at the moment. This Full Moon in Virgo is washing away feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and discomfort, showing you how there is light at the end of the tunnel, only if you choose to believe in yourself. Everything in life is a process, and purpose requires intention. This Full Moon in Virgo is reminding you that while you may not be able to control the waves, you can always learn to ride them. 

Leo Sun, Moon or Rising

finances, values, security, self-worth

This Full Moon in Virgo is activating your house of possessions and values Leo, reminding you of the importance to stay grounded and not overthink your own progress but actually own what you have accomplished so far. The mutable energy of Virgo may clash can sometimes manifest as overthinking or over worrying, however during this Full Moon you are embarking on a personal and very silent transformation as Jupiter and Neptune sit closely on your 8th house. Change is not always noticeable right away, yet you may be able to feel this bubbling up to the surface. This Full Moon in Virgo is inviting you to become more intentional regarding your expenses, to redefine what your currency is. Is it money? Is it time? Is it freedom? You may have to express this openly to others, be selective and honest on how you are choosing to communicate your values to others so you do not run into unnecessary confrontations.

Virgo Sun, Moon or Rising

ego, body, energy levels, personality

This Full Moon is highlighting your first house Virgo, which may feel more intense, personal and the effects of it can become more real and tangible. New and Full Moon represent cycles, and in order to understand them we may need to trace back in time. Back in September 2021 you the New Moon created an activation in your first house and this Full Moon represents the culmination of that cycle. As the Full Moon is exactly conjunct with the Fixed Star Alkaid, this is offering you a new purpose and direction, where you can use the skills you have developed and the teachings you have learnt over this period of time with you. This lunation is creating a personal activation for you, where your energy levels may reach a peak and you may receive an influx of ideas. The outer planet Pluto is in a good reception with your sign, offering you a sense of renewal and a shift in perspective. Do not obsess on defining your reality and making the right choice, and focus on what is being presented to you at this moment in time. Jupiter and Neptune sit closely in your house of relationships and partnerships, offering you an opportunity to heal aspects of yourself through them wrapped in kindness and compassion. 


Libra Sun, Moon or Rising

intuition, dreams, secrets, sacrifice

This Full Moon in Virgo is sitting in your house ruled by your subconscious. This lunation may present itself as an invitation to rest and recharge your energy levels. There is a strong pull between obligations and work and taking your time to process everything and create a comfortable space for yourself where you can allow things to cool down. With Jupiter sitting in your 6th house, you are being guided to look at the bigger picture instead of becoming overly perfectionist and immerse yourself fully in what you do, while also practising more meditation and gratitude when uncomfortable feelings arise. As the Full Moon creates an activation on your 12th house, you may be more prone to overthinking or worrying about the future, yet this lunation is inviting you to focus on finding solutions. When you feel stuck in your own patterns, ask yourself: ‘What is this situation teaching me about myself or my situation?’ Followed by ‘I am grateful for the lessons that are being presented to me at this moment in time’.

Scorpio Sun, Moon or Rising

community, connection, technology, hope

This Full Moon in Virgo is highlighting your house of friendship, connections and hope Scorpio, guiding you to share your vulnerability with others. This lunation falls in the XIV which speaks about our healing, and how this process is not always linear. During this lunation you are reminded to rely on those who have your back, letting them guide you in your journey. On the flip side, Jupiter and Neptune sit in your house of self-expression and the inner-child, helping you to tap deeper into the dream realm allowing your imagination to reach higher dimensions. Dreams may appear more vivid and detailed during this lunation for you. Your modern ruler Pluto is in a positive reception with this Full Moon in your house of communication, perhaps becoming a conversation opener where you can be raw and honest about your thoughts, ideas, emotions and intentions with others or regarding a specific situation without feeling restrictive or cautious.

Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Rising

career, purpose, exposure, reputation

The Full Moon in Virgo is creating an interesting pull of energies in your chart Sagittarius, drawing a pattern called mystic rectangle. This combination of aspects represents an influx of energy being able to hold up a structure, idea or intention over time. As the Full Moon illuminates the highest point in your chart, the 10th house, you are being guided to redefine what is that you want to manifest in your life, specifically about your life purpose and career. Jupiter, your ruler, sits in your house of home and safety, expanding your horizons, allowing you to rely on a quiet and peaceful environment to meditate over your life direction and intention. As with everything in life, success may come with some sacrifices. Pluto is in an auspicious reception with both the Moon and Jupiter, reminding you to pick your battles and let go of what does not serve you. To be protective of your energy,  to filter and pick your experiences wisely.

Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising

spirituality, wisdom, higher learning, foreign lands

This Full Moon has many surprisingly positive alienations for you Capricorn! Pluto has been sitting in your sign for a long time, yet when the good aspects hit… you gotta make the most of them! So this is your time. The Full Moon in Virgo is offering you a new vision, an exciting new purpose to take on. The main theme on this Full Moon is progress over perfection. The only way is forward. Jupiter and Neptune will sit closely in your house of communication, so make sure you have a paper and pen ready to take on notes of all the ideas and messages that may come (especially those in dream form) while the Full Moon portal is open. You may find yourself researching on a specific topic, reading all the books or deciding it is time to begin (or pick back) your studies or publishing some work or new offerings during this lunation. There is a sense of inspiration, illumination, purpose and clarity coming from this Full Moon for you. Make sure you are using this energy to your advantage!

Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising

transformation, shared resources, inheritance, sexuality

This Full Moon in Virgo will be highlighting your house of transformation Aquarius, a house that always remains in the shadows, inviting you to search deeper within yourself and confront your fears or insecurities and look at your flaws with compassion as the outer planet Pluto modern ruler of the 8th house sits in your subconscious. Jupiter is helping dissipate the Neptunian fog in your house of values, helping you to redefine who you TRULY are and gain an elevated perspective. As I mentioned earlier, the major theme of this Full Moon is progress over perfection, so this Full Moon is inviting you to beat the fear of a blank page and just START. You may not have a clear vision as to what you want to do, but remaining in the same spot all the time will not change your current situation, so you need to confront your fixed nature and put yourself out there. A little something is better than nothing. I know you have a big ego, but maybe it is time to put yourself or your work out there without overthinking it or having expectations. This lunation is pushing you to overcome your fears, instead of focusing on meeting some unrealistic expectations you have set up for yourself.

Pisces Sun, Moon or Rising

relationships, agreements, collaborations, contracts

The Full Moon in Virgo is illuminating your house of relationships and partnerships Pisces, reminding you to remain devoted to your connection with those you value and love, cultivating admiration and appreciation. Jupiter and Neptune, both your traditional and modern ruler, sit closely in your sign, offering you a new perspective and more appreciation for those who surround you and are part of your life. Pluto is exchanging positive sextiles to your sign helping you to let go of what does not represent you anymore. This may be either a friend or a project/idea, but instead of leaving you empty handed, it is replacing it with a new experience entering your life. There is a sense of calmness and grounding surrounding this Full Moon, as it conjuncts the Fixed Star Alkaid. This lunation is also inviting you to make yourself a priority in your life. While you may be strongly driven by service and devotion to others, it is important you look after your needs first.

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