Full Moon in Pisces


This Full Moon in Pisces is speaking directly to our dreams, as these allow us to experience life without the limitations we often find in the mundane world. The Full Moon in Pisces will happen at 28º14’ degrees of the sign, closely conjunct to the outer planet Neptune, modern ruler of Pisces. Neptune in astrology is seen as the ability of the brain to tap into higher realms, using our imagination as a vehicle. Collectively, Neptune represents the elevation we experience after transcending the limitations found within our ego, enhancing the the interconnectedness between us, others and the Universe.


However, the archetype of Neptune also holds a paradox to it, since it’s considered to be one of the malefic planets, and that is delusion and sacrifice. Neptune in Tarot is represented by The Hanged Man, which depicts how sometimes our reality can be a painful experience, so may seek for ways to avoid looking at things we dislike by daydreaming, and it's only when we dare to change our perspective when we are able to see life differently. However the process of getting there might be uncomfortable because we fear the unknown. In the deep Piscerian waters, both fantasy and reality blend seamlessly, so much so we have a hard time discerning between the two. That is why within this archetype we also see how idealisation and romanticism can blur our perspective about life.


Mercury in Libra is currently in its shadow period, slowing down more and more as days go on in preparation for its retrograde face on September 26th. During this Full Moon though, Mercury in Libra will be making sweet trines to Jupiter in Aquarius, both planets in air signs helping us to invite more rationality and fact-checking to our current situation.


Do you feel things have been a bit unclear recently? Have you been fantasising about a situation in your life? While our dreams can give us clues about what our subconscious mind is trying to communicate with us, it’s also important to find a solid ground so we can see reality for what it truly is, instead of daydreaming. 


If you’ve been seeking for answers, you may be able to find the answers you need through your dreams. Now it’s time to use your intellect to decode the messages of your subconscious mind.


*To make the most of your horoscopes remember to read for your rising sign first, then for your Sun sign if you were born during the day or your Moon sign if you were born at night. 





Keywords: intuition, dreams, secrets, sacrifice 

Aries Sun, Moon or rising, the Full Moon is highlighting your 12th house which is also known to be the house that reminds ‘hidden’ from the native, where we tend to bury and hide what creates discomfort in our lives. If you feel a bit unsettled or that the energy of this full moon is too strong for you, make more space in your routine to welcome rest and meditation. There can be some challenging thoughts and emotions (which could be linked to any traumatic events you had to experience) bubbling up to the surface. This Full Moon in Pisces is asking you to surrender to your emotions without the need to control or hide from them. This is closing a big chapter for you so you can start anew. Some things may never change, however our perspective about them can, and that in itself is a powerful realisation, because you’re in control of how you choose to react about your situation, instead of allowing negativity to enter your energetic field. Remember you are the one protecting your own energy and drawing your circle.


Tarot: 10 of Talismans (Pentacles)   in a positive note though, you have the support of the 10 of Talismans (Pentacles) to guide you through these turbulent times, reminding you abundance is a state of mind. Plenitude and contentment come from the realisation that as long as we have ourselves, we have everything we need to move forward.




Keywords: community, connection, technology, hope

Taurus Sun, Moon or rising, The Full Moon in Pisces is highlighting your 11th house of connections, social groups and hope. Since the planet Uranus will be sharing the same space as your Sun and these will receive a positive influence of the Moon in Pisces, expect any sort of coincidence or lucky accident to happen. Whether this comes from connecting with someone that will bring positive outcomes to your life or perhaps finding a new community of like-minded people you can fully relate to, it’s a time for you to stay open to new people and experiences entering your life. Pluto has been in your 9th house forcing you to change the way you see the world. There can be a tendency to stick to the old or what feels familiar to us, though since Saturn in Aquarius has been squaring your Sun/Rising, however this Full Moon is opening new doors in your life. 


Tarot: 10 of Candles (Wands) Rx   Perhaps you’ve been doing everything on your own and had a lot on your plate as of late, making you feeling depleted and tired. This card is an indication you can seek help in others or in a community. While it’s true being in charge allows us to have control over a situation, sometimes life can be a bit too much. Learn how to rely on others to help you on your journey.   




Keywords: career, purpose, exposure, reputation

Gemini Sun, Moon or rising, the Full Moon is blazing over the highest point in the chart in your 10th house of goals and career. Since the Moon in Pisces is creating some squares, there may have been some setbacks in this sector for you or you could be currently facing some delays regarding some projects you’ve been working on, making you feel a bit disconnected and confused. Questions like: is this what I’m supposed to be doing? Am I really good at this? Will I be successful? Pluto in your 8th house is forcing you to confront your shadows and fight against these negative beliefs. You’re already successful. You’re good enough. Just because something isn’t turning out as you wanted right away or things are taking longer than usual to happen, doesn’t mean they won’t ever happen. This Full Moon in Pisces is reminding you to believe in your potential and to keep dreaming BIG. Slow progress is still progress. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep working on what you’ve been working on.


Tarot: 9 of Elixirs (Cups)  The cards never lie… There’s so much potential surrounding the person you are, you just have to open your eyes and see it for yourself. The 9 of Elixirs (Cups), one of the most positive cards in the deck, popped for you on this Full Moon to give you hope and remind you good things are coming. That’s right, read that again. Good things are coming for you and your hard work will soon pay off. Believe it.



Keywords: spirituality, wisdom, higher learning, foreign lands

Cancer Sun, Moon or rising, the Full Moon in Pisces is highlighting your 9th house of spirituality and wisdom, a house ruled by Jupiter the traditional ruler of Pisces. This Full Moon is bringing a big revelation about your life purpose. A moment of connection where you’re reaching a state of completion and contentment. You’re able to appreciate life for what it is at this moment in time. Since the 9th house is the house of higher learning, this could mean a big turning point in your life is going to happen where you’ll find yourself studying/researching about a topic which will become very relevant in your life. Aside from that, you could be receiving money from external sources to you or be able to pay off for a payment that has been due for a while (which could also be linked to your family) or even you or your family being released from a debt with Mercury in Libra transiting your 4th house and trining Jupiter. 


Tarot: Knight of Elixirs (Cups)   Knights in tarot represent a more cultured energy in tarot where we appreciate a development in our skills/personality. The Knight of Elixirs (Cups) is a traveller between realities, the conscious and the subconscious, the world of dreams and the mundane. This card is inviting you to listen to your heart when making important decisions, while also discerning between our fantasies and what we know to be true. Intuition never lies, listen carefully and pay attention to the signs the Universe has been sending you. 




Keywords: transformation, shared resources, inheritance, sexuality

Leo Sun, Moon or rising, the Full Moon in Pisces is currently illuminating the darkest house in your chart, helping you to see that our shadows are also an essential part of the essence of the soul, since we’re light. While the 8th house is one people often dread, for you this is marking a big ending as to who you think you were, and the person you’re becoming. This Full Moon in Pisces is asking you to trust the people you’re surrounded by. To know you can count on them when you need to. To feel supported by those who love and appreciate you. Opening up about your feelings will help you alleviate much of the discomfort you might be feeling. I know you want to protect your vulnerability, as expressing your weaknesses isn’t something you’re comfortable with, though Pluto is trying to teach you sometimes our facades must fall for they are only illusions we’ve created for ourselves, so others can truly see us for who we are.


Tarot: 2 of Talismans (Pentacles) Rx   Trying to juggle many things at the same time, while fun for a brief period of time, can end up depleting our energy in the long run. It’s hard to define what our priorities are when there’s so much noise in the background. Do this! Do that!. When was the last time you clocked off early and spent time on yourself? We can’t expect to make progress when we’re operating in autopilot. Remember YOU are in charge. Spending time organising tasks, blocking time off and planning ahead will grant you great success.



Keywords: relationships, agreements, collaborations, contracts

Virgo Sun, Moon or rising, the Full Moon is highlighting one of the most personal houses in your chart which is your 7th house. This house is like a mirror, in here we see a reflection of who we are and how others see/appreciate us. This Full Moon is creating a big emphasis in your relationships, and in how you see yourself through them. If you feel the spark has been lost, this Full Moon sextiling Pluto is asking you for ways to rekindle the flame. In the same way, the Moon in Pisces is inviting you to dream more, to be less of a planner and go with the flow, which might be a bit against your nature, but I promise you it’s for the good! The Full Moon in Pisces is helping you witness the value in your connection with others, rather than focusing on the purpose behind those connections. Jupiter in Aquarius is making sweet trines to Mercury helping you to be more efficient in your day to day tasks, so that way you can focus on what truly matters to you, helping you cultivate better relationships and connections.


Tarot: The Hanged One   Living on autopilot makes us increasingly disconnected from our reality when, all of sudden, nothing makes sense. Why, though? Why? Well, perhaps you’re so accustomed to your own way of doing things, when a new variant enters the equation you enter a spiral of analysis-paralysis. Remember: your obstacles are your teachers. Our reality is like a mirror, so it will only change when we change how we look at it. 




Keywords:  work, habits, routine, health

Libra Sun, Moon or rising, the Full Moon in Pisces is hitting your 6th house of daily routines and work. Mars just entered the sign of Libra and you may feel more tired than usual, or that you’re currently lacking purpose. The major theme during this Full Moon for you is learning how to rest, relax, and enjoy yourself. While one of the ways in which we measure success in today’s society is by productivity, the Full Moon in Pisces is asking you to do the opposite – to welcome a space for you to thrive where your needs are met. We can only do so much when we live in a rush, working, playing a role, pretending to be X, Y, Z, chasing new goals, etc. A personal keyword for you during this Full Moon is ‘healing’. Paying attention to your body, what you eat, making sure you’ve slept enough hours, and also giving you enough time to unwind everyday. Remember our routines can be a sacred ritual for us to thrive, where we support ourselves and our needs. 


Tarot: 3 of Keys (Swords) Rx  Healing isn't a linear process. The 3 of Keys (Swords) is indicating you may have been too harsh on yourself lately. Perhaps you have had high expectations about your work and performance lately. This card is inviting you to replace criticism with kindness. We’re not machines. Our evolution and progress isn’t a straight line. In the same way, you’re also compassionate and understanding towards others, so you should be compassionate to yourself too. 



Keywords: creativity, self-expression, good fortune, inner child 

Scorpio Sun, Moon or rising, the Full Moon in Pisces is illuminating your 5th house of creativity and self-expression, one of the most auspicious houses in your chart. This is an invitation to embrace who you are fully and to make time for the experiences that fill your cup. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius have been creating some tension in your chart for a while with the purpose of letting you know raising your boundaries is essential for you to thrive and filter the experiences meant for you, as well as a way to protect your energy from unwanted negative interactions with others. Boundaries allow us to be selective about where to redirect our energy, and that has been a main focus for you for a while. As Mercury and Mars in Libra activate your 12th house, there can be some people from your past to whom you have to come full circle, so a new one can begin. Endings can also be seen as open doors that help us unlock new experiences. Remember you’re the one holding the keys.


Tarot: The Fool Rx  Don’t be afraid of exploring new realms. We humans fear the unfamiliar because we fear change and uncertainty, and this is especially true for you as a fixed sign. Try to have an open mind and allow yourself to experiment and fail without putting pressure on a specific outcome. Only that way is when magic can truly happen.



Keywords: home, family, boundaries, foundations

Sagittarius Sun, Moon or rising, the Full Moon is blazing over the lowest point in your chart, also known as the 4th house. Here we see the need to make our home a sacred space for us to thrive. There could be some family issues creeping up during this Full Moon for you, especially if there has been any separation in your family sector with either your mother figure or siblings due to the influence of Saturn, but also to someone who feels like family to you. This Full Moon is bringing a full circle and completion to those issues, allowing you to welcome calmness, healing and resolution. This could also mean you’re reconnecting with your roots or homeland. Your keyword for this full moon is ‘inner-peace’. You are creating a safe space for your own evolution and healing, which could involve having some difficult conversations. Remember you’re not meant to please everyone, and sometimes there's things that won't ever change. However, your approach to them can. Have an open mind and welcome dialog and collaboration. The Piscerian waters are deep and what we see above the surface is only a small portion of what lies underneath. A new unexpected turning point can happen. Surrender to the moment. 


Tarot: The Emperor  This card represents the archetype of the divine masculine, an energy which you may have been tapping into recently or an indication you should embrace more of this energy in your current situation. The Emperor is a symbol of leadership, structure, and willpower. Sometimes life happens and we lose control over what we do everyday to stay focused and grounded. If you feel you haven’t been making any progress recently, this card is welcoming you to stay focused on your goals and come up with a plan, as well as becoming more organised. 



Keywords: knowledge, communication, short travel, siblings

Capricorn Sun, Moon or rising, the Full Moon in Pisces is illuminating your 3rd house of communication and knowledge, which leads me to the question: how have you been talking to yourself recently? Sometimes our brains can fool ourselves into believing something we’re not. The Full Moon in Pisces is making positive sextiles to your sign, inviting you to be kinder to yourself and others. With the strong activation you’ve been receiving from Saturn this year, it’s easy to fall in the scarcity mindset trap. However Uranus in Taurus is throwing the question ‘when was the last time you did something for the sake of doing it, just because you enjoy it so much? Abundance is a state of mind, and that’s something Jupiter in Aquarius has been teaching you this year. With Mercury in shadow and Mars in your career house, there could be some setbacks or delays in projects you’ve been working on. The Universe works in mysterious ways, delays can in many cases be seen as redirections in our journey. Just because it’s not happening now it doesn't mean it never will. Everything will happen at the right timing. Libra season will bring important changes in your career sector, so keep working on your dreams and, more importantly, learn how to enjoy the process. 


Tarot: 5 of Elixirs (Cups)  Seen as one of the most negative cards in the tarot deck, the 5 of Elixirs (Cups) alert us to be appreciative of what we currently have, as life has its ups and downs, and nothing lasts forever. Sometimes we win and sometimes we fall, however, the 5 of Elixirs is reminding you a lost opportunity is leaving the possibility for new ones to come to you, which could’ve been even better than what you’d ever imagined. 



Keywords: finances, values, security, self-worth

Aquarius Sun, Moon or rising, the Full Moon in Pisces is illuminating your house of money and finances. This full moon is asking you to manage your resources wisely, as well as looking after your finances. The Moon will be very closely conjunct Neptune, which can bring confusion and uncertainty up to the surface. It’s important for you to reassess your priorities about the things that matter to you. Mercury in Libra is creating positive aspects to your sign in a Jupiter ruled house, reminding you if you can dream it you can do it, and that there’s a world of possibilities ahead of you if you believe in your vision.    


Tarot: 6 of Talismans (Pentacles) Rx  This card can come up in times we’re questioning our own worth reminding us to believe in our abilities and what we have to offer. The 6 of Talismans (pentacles) is often linked to charity and generosity, when reversed is a reminder to focus on making a safe space for us to thrive so we can share that abundance with others. This card is also an indication for you to make self-care a priority.



Keywords: ego, body, energy levels, personality

Pisces Sun, Moon or rising, the full moon is falling directly on your sign with Neptune, your modern ruler sitting closely next to it, bringing a burst of inspiration and enthusiasm. Full moons imply a big energy release and all I can say is – soak it all in! Your passions, dreams and aspirations are being highlighted by the blazing light of this full moon and you’re not going to shy away from them. Jupiter and Saturn have been activating the house of your subconscious for a while, which can feel overwhelming at times. However, during this lunation you’ll have the support of Mercury helping you fight against your discomfort. If you’ve been questioning yourself or whether your dreams are too big, this is the moment to realise there’s a hidden potential within you that’s seeking to be shared with the world. Pluto is in a good reception to your sign, helping you get rid of your insecurities and imposter syndrome while Uranus is encouraging you to just-do-it! You’ve got this. It’s time you give yourself the recognition you deserve.


Tarot: 8 of Keys (Swords)  It never ceases to amaze me how tarot and astrology can be so connected. The 8 of Keys represents when the mind feels trapped in an overthinking paradigm, making us unable to escape from this spiral, often manifested as a victim mentality. You hold the keys to your freedom, never forget that. If you’ve been worrying about your abilities and your potential lately, this is a reminder for you to realise that our insecurities are an extension of our fears, but have nothing to do with who we truly are.


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