Full Moon in Libra


DATE APR 5th | APR 6th

TIME 12:34 AM EST | 5:23 AM BST 

balance, transaction, exchange, negotiation

“I am choosing the experiences and the relationships that help me elevate my life. Whatever is not helping me become the best version of myself is no longer part of my reality.”

The Full Moon in Libra is reaching its peak today at 16º of the sign and there is some softness to it, as Venus rules this lunation which is currently in its dignity in the sign of Taurus.
There are, however, other configurations happening during this lunation that are adding different layers and undertones to this lunation, such as the Jupiter combustion in Aries, the Chiron Cazimi and Mercury square Pluto.
So much of this lunation reminds us of the importance of balancing the scales in life, and how in many cases strategy plays an important role in this process.
Libra is often known to be the sign of relationships, however this lunation is happening in the XVI Mansion, which is unfavourable for relationship matters. However, you would think happening in this sign that the Full Moon in Libra will revolve about our relationship with others, and it certainly does not.
Christopher Warnock saidThis Mansion is superb for trade and business and indicates a positive answer to questions concerning wealth and prosperity. Careful assessment and planning promises business success and monetary gain. A business opportunity may be on the horizon or we may be offered a raise or lucrative investment. Such strong affinity to wealth is, not surprisingly, inauspicious for love. This Mansion brings to mind that ..."the love for money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows" (Timothy 6:10). When this Mansion appears, we must be careful to not allow our pleasure at the receipt of wealth blind us to the consequences of its unbridled pursuit. The recurrent theme of the scales reminds us to exercise moderation and maintain balance even in the midst of abundance.” 
I would also like to add Aggripa’s thoughts on this Mansion “Agrippa: It hinders journeys and wedlock, harvests and merchandise, it prevails for redemption of captives.”
The Decan leading this Full Moon in Libra is the second Decan of Libra, depicted by the 3 of Swords in Tarot. This card is ruled by Saturn in Libra, where Saturn find its exaltation, which is considered to be an auspicious position for Saturn. How can a card that depicts mourning and loss be represented by an archetype that carries a positive connotation and it is in an elevated position, you may ask. Is it not that a contradiction between Tarot and Astrology? Not quite. Let me explain.
Saturn in Libra depicts the transactional aspect of our relationships. The area of relationships where a mutual exchange happens. The power of reciprocity. The meaning behind the 3 of Swords goes beyond loss and pain – it depicts the power of grief, and how our grief makes us human. It is because of our pain that we can extend our kindness to others. It is because of loss that we can appreciate what one day was. It is because of our grief we can use our empathy as a vehicle to help us navigate our relationship with others. 
Grief is manifested in various different and is not always connected to the loss of a loved one. Grief can happen as a consequence of change – either because we change, other people in our lives have changed or a situation that used to offer us comfort is no longer the same, it is foreign and unsettling. Grief can manifest after a lost opportunity, or even when our expectations are not met. Therefore, we encounter grief more often than we think, and it is a process we undergo almost on a daily basis, yet it is often confused or blurred out by other feelings.
So, how can we use and tap into the power of grief aka the 3 of Swords? By understanding the ever changing nature of life. By appreciating what once was, as we connect with what currently is. This Full Moon in Libra is reminding us of the importance of the transitional stages we go through (as do all cardinal signs) grief being one of them. Everything in life is energy, and with every exchange there is something to gain and something to let go.
Because of the nature of this lunation, we could conclude this Full Moon in Libra would be a very auspicious time for signing up contracts, legal agreements and sales. However, one thing I always like to highlight about the archetype of Libra and its ruler Venus, is that only we can define what our currency is in life. Everything in life is an energetic exchange – and there is inherited value and great power to be found in those exchanges. 
During the Full Moon in Libra the planet Jupiter currently in Aries is combusted or also known ‘under the beams’ which happens every time a planet gets closer to the Sun and its overwhelmed and appear to be ‘hidden’ by the Sun’s power and strength. Contrary to Cazimi, which is when the Sun is at the exact same degree as the Sun, and therefore is considered to be ‘in the heart’ of the Sun, where is being purified by the Sun power’s.
These two exact placements will happen simultaneously during the Full Moon activation. While Jupiter is combusted, Chiron will reach Cazimi. Oftentimes planets that are under the beams are known to be ‘working behind the scenes’ – it represents doing something without other people actually noticing. So much of this combination between Jupiter and Chiron speaks about re-defining our power and identity. It is something only we can attribute to ourselves. The internal work we do is in many cases imperceptible by other people, however it shows on a grand scale when certain situations occur, which is so reminiscent of this Jupiter under the beams that will eventually reach Cazimi.
This Full Moon in Libra is part of the new series of partial eclipses happening in the Aries and Libra axis, which marks the beginning of a new transition for the collective energy. We are shifting our mindset from investment and transaction to the self and our reflection through our personal relationships, which act like a mirror to the soul.
Venus, the planet leading this lunation is in its domicile sign of Taurus, which grants balance and harmony to this Full Moon in Libra. And while Mercury in Taurus is on a positive reception to Saturn in Pisces, the outer planet Pluto creates a square to Mercury and the head of the dragon (also known as the North Node).
This can manifest as suppressing our decisions as we find ourselves unable to find a solid ground. 
Overall this Aries season is going to be influenced by the power of Jupiter in Aries as it sits closely to the Sun in exaltation (aka Aries), so themes like hope, vision, expansion, purpose are going to feel very relevant and enlarged by Jupiter’s influence for the collective as a whole. 
One thought that keeps coming to mind during this Full Moon in Libra that has a very transactional undertone is redefining our currency. What do we bring to the table? What do we want to receive from others? How do we want others to perceive us? What practices light up the fire within us? And how can we balance the scales of our lives so the energy that surrounds us matches what we receive from others as well as how much of ourselves we invest into making our relationships flourish.
I hope you enjoyed this Full Moon in Libra astroreport!
Much love, Maria xx

Journaling prompts for the Full Moon in Libra:

✦ What is my currency?
✦ What positive things do my relationships offer me?
✦ What quality and traits do I value in others?
✦ Do I see some or all of those traits reflected on me too?
✦ Am I facing some blocks in my relationships at the moment and if yes which ones?
✦ How can I honour and see grief as yet another cycle in life?
✦ Write about a happy memory, how did you experience in the moment and how does it feel to remember it now:

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