Full Moon in Cancer

The start of this new year has been quite slow. I have spoken with a few people and I am not the only one admitting I entered 2022 in a hermit mood. I feel the need to embrace more introspection than usual, instead of going for my usual ‘go, go, go’ attitude. I find often people look at tools like astrology for answers when in reality, the answers we seek are already within us, if we truly pay attention. 

Sounds very cliche, I know. However, as I continue to navigate this 8th house profected year, death has been very present in my environment, teaching me the importance of being present and feeling alive. I have learnt that, even though I was living my life being grateful for everything I have, I was not conscious that my choices were filtering my reality in a way it did not represent me or how I wanted to use my energy. 


One of my personal boundaries this year is to cut down my screen time on my phone. When part of your job is to have an online presence on social media, it is hard to draw the line. More often than not, I found myself mindlessly scrolling my way through social media. This year I am replacing that with activities that fill me with joy, such as creating, reading and writing.

The sign of Cancer is connected to our chest, while Leo is connected with the heart. This is why Full Moon is creating a heart activation, as it is falling in the X Mansion, reaching its peak at 27º. In this Mansion, both Cancer and Leo are rulers. This Mansion is found in the constellation Cor Leonis, falling directly in the heart of the Lion.

Protection and nourishments are associated with the sign of Cancer, which embodies the archetype of the divine feminine provider. So, in a way, this Full Moon is inviting us to think on ways we should protect our energy, and pay close attention to what makes us feel disturb or out of alignment.

Pluto, the transpersonal planet of transformation and renewal is directly opposing this Full Moon, emphasising the need to let go of the things that create discomfort in our lives. Conflictive aspects such as oppositions and squares to Pluto can create power struggles, though sometimes these are necessary for our own growth. In order to filter our experiences, we first need to allow ourselves to undergo them.

Boundaries have been a big topic for Capricorn season this year in 2022, especially because of the Venus retrograde in Capricorn. Our boundaries are a filter, helping us to select how we interact with others, and what is deserving of our energy.



The Full Moon in Cancer is falling in your 4th house Aries, which is the house ruled by the moon. During the first lunation of the year you are being guided to protect your personal space and make it a sacred place where you feel safe. This can either be your home, or somewhere around your house where you spend the most time at. Make sure you are clearing out old energies by rearranging some furniture and introducing new elements into your personal space that make you feel good or bring you some joy. 



The Full Moon in Cancer is falling in your house of communication and curiosity Taurus. During this first lunation of the year, you are being guided to look at how you communicate with others and also how others interact with you. See if there are new boundaries that you should be implementing, like your availability with certain people where communication may clash or be a bit more difficult than usual. Stay open to change your own perspective of things and evolve in how you interact with others.



Gemini, this Full Moon in Cancer is falling in your house related to your finances, values and overall security. It is important that you pay attention to what lifts your energy and what does not, and that your actions are bringing you something positive you can hold on to. Manifestation is real, and what we think has the ability to translate into our physical reality. During this Full Moon, I want you to imagine yourself feeling safe, having all the resources you need at your disposal, and believing you are worthy of experiencing success, in whichever way is meaningful to you. 



The Full Moon is creating an activation in the most important house of your chart Cancer, which is known as the rising sign. This is reminding you, you have come a long way. You have changed, and that most importantly, you have evolved as an individual. You are, in a way, coming full circle, which means some things must end for you to continue in your journey. May this be a reminder you are being guided and protected at all times, that you have the ability to preserve your own happiness and also that you can always feel safe within yourself. 



Leo, this Full Moon in Cancer is falling on the house ruled by the subconscious mind in your chart, reminding you looking after your mental health is important, and that it is time to implement new boundaries to protect your wellbeing. The first lunation of the year is reminding you to be compassionate and kind with yourself. We are all learning in this journey called life. It is time to let go of the experiences that are not lifting your spirit and start attracting what makes you feel good, inside and out. 



The first lunation of the year is falling in your house of community, dreams and hope Virgo, reminding you of the importance of having a clear vision of what you want to manifest, and how engaging in some activities may be slowing down your progress. Make sure you surround yourself with people that value you highly, that make you feel good, happy, people that inspire you to be the best version of yourself. 50% of who we are comes from the reflection we receive from our close environment. Our boundaries can help us filter our interactions with others, so we can choose who we want to be. 



The Full Moon in Cancer is highlighting the highest point in your chart Libra, reminding you of the importance of having healthy boundaries regarding your personal aspirations and your career. While today’s society has made us fall into the trap of feeling we should be constantly smashing our goals and chasing new ones, those who know when to slow down are the most advantageous. Having healthy boundaries can protect you from fulfilling expectations that are not your own, while also preventing you from reaching burn out. Make sure you consciously choose everyday how you approach your goals and that there is enough time for you during the day to switch off and enjoy yourself. At the end of the day, you are the sign of the scales, representing balance and harmony. This Full Moon is inviting you to honour and embrace your true nature.



This Full Moon in Cancer is activating your house of higher knowledge and wisdom Scorpio, offering you a revelation of some sort. Make sure you stay open and connected to the signs that have been guiding you so far. This Full Moon is guiding you to expand your wisdom, and to see what surrounds you as your teachers. It is time to open your mind and expand your horizons, to think bigger than ever. May this Full Moon help you realise who you truly are and what represents you. It does not matter how smart you are if you are not using the wisdom you have gained to help you become a better person. Life is not a race, but if you look back, you will realise how far you have come in your journey. Keep moving forward. Keep learning. Keep expanding. Keep believing in your abilities. 



The Full Moon in Cancer is falling in your house of transformation Sagittarius, reminding you it is okay to experience grief for the things that used to represent us, but do not anymore. We are in constant motion. This Full Moon is creating a big energy release that is inviting you to open up to your own discomfort and heal it, with kindness and compassion. While this lunation may feel a bit heavier for you, know it is also liberating your soul. 



The first Full Moon of the year is activating your house of partnerships Capricorn, reminding you of the importance of having healthy boundaries so you can thrive in your relationships with others. Remember your heart is very precious, and not everyone should have access to it. Your boundaries help to protect your energy, and while sometimes it can be hard to reduce our interactions with some people we love, think of it as being able to have the best experiences with those you care about. People may be in your life for different things, so being able to filter how you interact with them is a powerful realisation. Remember you should always be your number one priority.



The Full Moon in Cancer is reminding you of the importance of being selective about the things you experience everyday Aquarius. This lunation is highlighting your house of work, daily routines and health. What you do everyday defines who you are. Make sure you are choosing your daily activities, and that these are contributing to your overall happiness and personal development. If there is something in your routine that does not make you feel good, yet you continue to do it because you are now used to it, reframe your perspective. Choose activities that uplift your spirit. This can be journaling, reading, meditation, going for a walk, eating more fresh foods. Your routine should nourish your soul, from the inside out. 



This Full Moon in Cancer is activating your house of creativity and self-expression Pisces, reminding you of the importance of connecting with activities that help you feel inspired in life. That is the true meaning of self-love – doing something purely because it brings joy to your heart and soul. During this Full Moon, you are being guided to reflect on the things that make you feel content and how to make more space for those in your everyday life. It is time to let go of limiting beliefs, and fill your personal space with things that awaken your aspirations. Whether that is vision boards or manifestation quotes.

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