Restoring Balance – Planetary Magic Ritual

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The sign of Libra is a symbol of balance and harmony, depicting prudence and fairness.    

In today’s day and age it’s difficult to find the right balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, both of which are essential for our personal development.

In this ritual you’ll learn how to cast your intentions over a physical object. 

In the similar way talismans were casted with a specific purpose, we can turn a valuable object into a talisman by setting some intentions on it. As the major theme during this New Moon in Libra is to become more in alignment with ourselves, we will use jewellery for it.

You will need 2 pieces of jewellery, either two rings or two bracelets. One gold to embody the Divine Masculine and other Silver to embody the Divine Feminine. The Divine Masculine is an energy that creates, chases, and generates, whereas the Divine Feminine is an energy that attracts, reflects, and nurtures. 

On the day of the New Moon, you’ll grab a piece of paper and cut it into two equal pieces. Grab your gold ring or bracelet and the piece of paper you’ll use to set your intentions for the Divine Masculine. When you finish writing, wear your gold piece of jewellery on your right hand. Take your silver ring or bracelet and the remaining piece of paper where you’ll set your intentions for the Divine Feminine. When you finish setting your intentions, wear your silver jewellery on your left hand.

Example: Divine Masculine – ‘I am creating a new strategy that will help me attain my goals in a more efficient way, working less while obtaining better results’.

Divine Feminine – ‘I am creating a space everyday where I feel secure and supported. I will listen to my body and respect my own limits. Rest is a form of productivity.’


Wear your pieces of jewellery until you feel your intentions have come into fruition and you’re experiencing the results you seek. You can also choose to continue wearing your jewellery this way to remind you of the importance the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies have in your life.

Because of the society we currently live in, it’s hard to see rest as something valuable. We need to learn there’s a very important process in learning how to attract what we want, instead of constantly feeling we need to chase our goals. Our choices have the potential to attract better and more prosperous opportunities to come, and that can only happen by realising planting the seeds is important, but so is watering our intentions. And that's why balancing both energies has the potential to make us feel more in alignment.

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