New Moon in Scorpio

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One of the main particularities of this New Moon in Scorpio is the strong aspects that are currently happening in the heavens. Some of them are auspicious and some of them more challenging, creating an interesting mix and pulls of different energies.

The main one is the direct and exact opposition between the Moon in Scorpio (which is in its fall/weak position) and the planet Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is one of the three transpersonal planets, also known as 'Οὐρανός 'sky[oːranós]'in ancient Greek mythology, was considered the God of the Heavens. For that reason, this planet has a strong correlation with enlightenment. When Uranus is creating a direct aspect with another planet, astrologers always expect the unexpected, as the energy of Uranus is very unpredictable and volatile. Sometimes auspicious, sometimes malefic.

This New Moon is also falling in one of the most inauspicious Mansions, however, with this strong pull happening between the Moon and Uranus, representing our emotions and our connection with our soul, is in a way reminding us only we can heal ourselves. Understanding our pain can offer us liberation.

Mars in Scorpio, on the other hand, is in its traditional domicile position meaning its energy is powerful and strong in this sign. Mars in Scorpio was traditionally known as the ‘bringer of death’ representing endings are a natural process in life. This New Moon is inviting us to fully let go and surrender to our depths. To stop fearing the unknown. We all have secrets, traumas, insecurities we hold and keep to ourselves. That is just part of our human nature. Though the moment we define or sit down with those feelings and ideas, they seem irrelevant. Some of them do not even make sense anymore. 

This New Moon energy is incredibly powerful for shadow work. With this we do not expect our pain to magically disappear, but rather, understand where those ideas come from and transform them into powerful affirmations to support us in our journey.


Keywords: transformation, shared resources, inheritance, intimacy

Aries the New Moon is activating your 8th house, which is the house of transformation itself. This was traditionally referred to as the house that ‘remained in the darkness’. This New Moon in Scorpio is asking you to surrender to the depths of your existence, to question everything and anything. To analyse where do your fears and insecurities come from. What has been hunting you lately. In order to heal, we first need to be open and vulnerable with ourselves. 

Tarot: King of Keys (Swords) Reversed The King of Keys reversed is asking you to step into your power. To believe in yourself and in your abilities. This card represents an authority figure that leads others with strategy, honesty and truth. What is currently stopping you from being the best version of yourself? Claim your power back.   


Keywords: relationships, agreements, collaborations, contracts

Taurus the New Moon in Scorpio is creating an activation in your chart that will make you rethink the dynamics currently happening in your personal relationships. This is a moment for you to honour the connection with those you love, also knowing when it is time to walk away or perhaps, walk towards someone you have felt disconnected lately. This New Moon is asking you to reevaluate your relationships, what do they offer you, how do they make you feel, what works and what does not. Whether you have been investing your time in a relationship that is not making you feel your best or, perhaps you have neglected a little bit your connection with someone you appreciate, this is your time to transform your current situation by either giving 100% or quitting altogether and starting anew.

Tarot: Ace of Keys (Swords) Reversed Have you been receiving mixed signs recently? Do you feel confused, tired or lost? When the Ace of Keys (Swords) appears reversed, it can indicate a moment of uncertainty and confusion is on the horizon. If you feel unsure as to what the next steps should be, try to write them down on paper. Putting our thoughts into words using paper and pen always helps to visualise things better.


Keywords: work, habits, routine, health

Gemini, the New Moon in Scorpio is asking you to transform the way in which you see your everyday life. If you have been feeling stagnant lately, or that you are not making as much progress as you would like to, think about how your routine can become more efficient. How can you turn boring, daily tasks into something exciting and that you are looking forward to doing. Remember, magic is in the mundane. This New Moon is also inviting you to revisit what self-care means to you, and reminds you to not forget a healthy mind can only thrive on a well rested body.

Tarot: Two of Keys (Swords) Reversed When this card appears reversed, it indicates a decision must be made moving forward. It is important you ponder what your mind and your heart are saying, and to find a middle ground. If you feel you have been wanting to change a few things or take a risk and move in a new direction, this is a sign that in order to keep progressing in your journey, you need to make that decision you may have been postponing to make for a while (maybe because it scares you) and go for it.


Keywords: creativity, self-expression, good fortune, inner child

Cancer, the New Moon in Scorpio is creating an activation in your 5th house, traditionally known as the house of ‘good fortune’. This is, in a way, creating a rest in your luck. If you feel you have been swimming against the tide recently, this is an omen for change. In this house we also see the inner child, perhaps some of the things that have been holding you back in your journey are connected with those patterns that are created in the early stages of our childhood, that need to be rewired so your approach to life can transform for the better. 

Tarot: The Universe (World) Reversed While you may feel you need a change in your life, the Universe is saying ‘not yet’. There are times where all we want is a 180º transformation, so we can feel the energy of a fresh start. However this card is indicating that, in order for things to change, you need to be ready. Take this time to revisit your current situation and analyse what things have been holding you back, and pondering what must be released or changed for you to experience this transformation you crave.


Keywords: home, family, boundaries, foundations

This New Moon in Scorpio is currently activating the house in your chart that depicts your home environment and safety Leo. In a way, this lunation is asking you to have a deep energetically clean up everywhere in your life and home. Rearrange furniture, add new things to your home, change things around your house. In a way, when we feel at home we feel supported and it is easier for us to reach a state of calmness. This New Moon is also reminding you to revisit the foundation of your thoughts and make sure they continue to reflect what your intentions are, so your foundations can continue to support you in your journey. If you feel you cannot relate to the same thing you used to, do some research. Ask yourself big questions. Do not fear to start to implement new values in your life. It is ok to change.

Tarot: Nine of Elixirs (cups) One of the most auspicious cards of the deck is showing up for you today, reminding you abundance is a state of mind. When we are in alignment, everything flows effortlessly. Remember you have the power to always return to this peaceful space, where you feel happy, secure and content. 


Keywords: knowledge, communication, short travel, siblings

Virgo, the New Moon in Scorpio is highlighting your house of communication. How can you transform the way you communicate and express your feelings for the better? Saying the right thing all the time can be different to saying what we are meant to share at the time. This New Moon is asking you to transform the way in which you communicate with others and how you express your thoughts and your feelings. Maybe you need to give yourself some time to digest things before sharing your ideas with others. Maybe your boundaries need to be communicated in a more clear way so you do not feel others are crossing over them. Do not fear to share how you feel.

Tarot: The Hermit The card that represents your archetype is showing up for you today, which aligns with what we covered on your astrological forecast. You may be feeling more like a hermit lately, wanting or having the need to retrieve from people. While in some cases this can be beneficial, other times we use this as a defence mechanism, running away from what we should be doing. Some conversations can be harder than others, however if you want others to understand you, having an open heart conversation is the only way to help others see where you are coming from.


Keywords: finances, values, security, self-worth

Libra the New Moon in Scorpio is asking you to revisit your finances and what currently adds value to your life. What is your currency? What is currently supporting you and your dreams? Is it something that belongs to the material plane, or is it a skill you should be working on developing more? What we do with our time determines how wealthy we are. If you spend your time improving yourself, you will become a better person with time. If you invest your time in things that distract you from your purpose, you will become poorer. Simple as that. Take your time during this New Moon to reassess your priorities in life and be open and honest with yourself – have you or are you currently using your time in the way that truly benefits you? Is what you do everyday helping you to become the best version of yourself? Or is it helping you to achieve your dreams or short term-goals? 

Tarot: The Emperor Reversed It is funny how sometimes different systems can pint point the same problem. The Emperor reversed implies there is a lack of structure in your life that requires you invest your time and energy in creating a solid practice that supports you and your goals. The Emperor is all about strategy. Make sure you do not let this sign from the Universe pass and work on developing a structure that supports you through your day, so you can feel more grounded and more in tune with your purpose.


Keywords: ego, body, energy levels, personality

Scorpio this New Moon is happening right on your ascendant sign, reminding you we cannot see a change in our lives if we do not embark on a personal transformation first. You are not someone who fears the unknown, however you like to be in control of life. You like to know where things are headed, what is likely to happen. This New Moon is asking you to surrender and release that need for control. To let go of the ‘what if’ and allow things to happen as they should. 

Tarot: The Empress Reversed This card is asking you to spend some time nurturing yourself and your soul. I get it – life sometimes gets in the way. We have priorities. Then, without even thinking much about it, we are tired, upset, and we feel lost. We end up neglecting our physical and emotional needs. Take some time for yourself during this New Moon to giving yourself the time you need and practice more self-care.


Keywords: intuition, dreams, secrets, sacrifice

Sagittarius, the New Moon is happening in your 12th house, where we see one’s psyche. This New Moon may feel more intense for you, digging deep into those things that create discomfort in your life. In a way, this lunation is asking you to dig into the traumas you’ve buried over the years. To confront them and define what they mean. To integrate your discomfort instead of running away from it, or pretending it does not exist. This is not an easy transit for you, but it is time you let go of some old beliefs and ideas that have not been benefiting you. 

Tarot: Queen of Candles (Wands) What a better card to remind you of your potential Sagittarius. The Queen of Candles represents the figure of an inspirational leader. This card is reminding you to seek for new inspirations. To become your main source of inspiration and to not to forget about your own abilities that have taken you this far in your journey. To not second-guess what you have to offer and continue shining bright so you can illuminate everything around you. The grass is greener because we take some time to water it everyday. 


Keywords: community, connection, technology, hope

The New Moon is activating your house of community Capricorn. If you feel the people surrounding you do not understand or support your journey, it is time for exploring new possibilities. This is a house where connection is a main keyword. A community not only makes us feel we belong somewhere, but is also a place for us to thrive and connect with others. This can also mean some changes need to happen in your current community for you to feel yourself again. This can mean doing a social media declutter, looking for new inspirations, or finding new people you can connect with. 

Tarot: The Devil Reversed When The Devil appears reversed, it represents our inability to fulfil our soul’s desires because we fear what this could mean for ourselves and others. When, in reality, staying true to yourself is the only thing that matters. If something makes you feel good and does not hurt or creates disruptions to anyone, why not doing it? Spiritual bypassing has fooled us into thinking we must always seek ways to expand our soul, making us forget about our physical reality. Our day-to-day life. Do not feel bad if all you want is experiencing a simple and quiet life. Sometimes we feel more connected to our purpose, while other times being grounded, present and enjoying the small things in life is what we are meant to be doing.


Keywords: career, purpose, exposure, reputation

The New Moon in Scorpio is inviting you to reflect about your career and direction in life Aquarius. Maybe what you have been doing so far has served you well, but will this continue to support you for years to come? What needs to change for you to keep fulfilling your purpose and expanding in your journey? Sometimes it is the small and subtle changes that can make a huge difference in our lives. We are not talking about radical changes here, but rather implementing small new steps that can catapult you to your highest potential. New habits, new practices, new skills that will slowly add up to your life and before you know it, your life has radically changed in one years time. Take some time to reflect what this means for you and how you can assist this change to take place in your life.

Tarot: Nine of Keys (Swords) Reversed The Nine of Keys reversed indicates we are ending a period of fear and insecurities where we may have self-sabotage ourselves, our progress, or our goals. It is now time to take charge over your healing and shift your perspective. What used to bother you now belongs to the past. 


Keywords: spirituality, wisdom, higher learning, foreign lands

Pisces, the New Moon in Scorpio is opening new doors full of possibilities in your life. You are not one who fears change, in fact, you feel at your best when you embark on a journey that offers you new experiences, regardless of whether these are challenging or supportive for your growth. This New Moon is inviting you to set new intentions for those dreams you wish to unlock in your life. To keep believing in your abilities and what you have done so far. This transformation you will be experiencing is on a soul level, helping you to get rid of what has not served you so far and have a blank canvas for new experiences to be written.
Tarot: Ten of Candles (Wands) Reversed If you have been feeling extra tired lately, understand our bodies are not machines. Today’s society values productivity the most, yet rest can also be seen as a form of productivity for our bodies. Remember to take some time for yourself so you can recharge your batteries. It is also okay if things take longer than expected to be done. Life is not a race, but a journey.

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