New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces is here, reaching its peak at 12º. This is probably one of the most beautiful New Moons we will be experiencing this year, as both the Sun and the Moon will sit on a close conjunction near the Great Benefic, the planet Jupiter dignified in Pisces, inviting us to find new ways to seek liberation from what restrains our souls. 

This New Moon is happening in the XXVII Mansion, which was known to be inauspicious, yet when the Moon habits this Mansion we are being reminded to be compassionate towards ourselves and others. It is no secret the sign of Pisces is strongly connected to spirituality and divinity. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, representing the evolution the soul experiences after coming full cycle. Though when it comes to Pisces as a sign, there is no such thing as beginnings or endings… as both cycles are infinitely spinning around depending on the perspective we are choosing to take. Pisces represents oneness and the force that moves the cosmos. Everything we are that makes us one with the Universe.

The New Moon in Pisces has a strong influence of the Great Benefic, the planet Jupiter that is reaching its higher potential this year while in its traditional domicile sign, helping us expand our vision by transcending the limitations we encounter in the mundane. I see this New Moon as healing waters flushing away the excess accumulated over the years, the pain, the judgement, the uncertainty, our need for control specific outcomes, connecting us with the divinity that lives within each one of us, a sense of wholeness and interconnectedness, inviting us to surrender to what life is meant to be at this moment in time, knowing that, in the same way a river stream always finds a way to follow its course, so will life. We always arrive at where we are expected.  

I delved into the Jupiter in Pisces cycle in this blogpost where I explained the major significances and manifestations we can expect from Jupiter this year. Though, during this New Moon, we are being guided to connect deeper with ourselves and search for that thing that makes us feel alive. Jupiter is known to expand everything it touches, helping us transcend the limitations we encounter in the mundane world by allowing our minds to tap into higher realms through meditation, reflection, creativity and dreams. While New Moon rituals are mainly focused on setting intentions, I feel this lunation is asking for more than just that. It’s asking us to rewire our vision, and start seeing uncertainty as a blank canvas full of possibilities where we get to create what we desire. The possibilities are endless when we liberate our minds from what restricts our vision, and that is Jupiter in Pisces’ mission this year. Helping humanity remove mental blocks and restrictions, so we can find freedom and live to our maximum potential.


I hope this New Moon helps you to let go of old paradigms, and wake up to your potential – who you truly are when fear, past conditioning and limiting beliefs are removed. Now onto the mini horoscopes for each sign.

*To make the most of your horoscopes remember to read for your rising sign first, then for your Sun sign if your chart is a day chart or your Moon sign if your chart is a night chart.


Aries Sun, Moon or Rising

intuition, dreams, secrets, sacrifice

This New Moon in Pisces is activating the house ruled by your subconscious Aries, inviting you to take a moment to revisit your mental thoughts and patterns. While life can be difficult at times, this New Moon in Pisces is guiding you to gain a higher perspective, so you can zoom out and see the bigger picture. One small action has the ability to transform your reality, reminding you of the importance of perspective. Our emotions do not represent us, they fluctuate from time to time yet our values and vision is what prevails over time. If you are feeling a bit lost or depleted right now, welcome more rest. Focus on one day at a time. Remember a small change can make a big difference over time. 


Taurus Sun, Moon or Rising

community, connection, technology, hope

The New Moon in Pisces is reinforcing your need to (re)connect with other Taurus, reminding you that you are not alone in your journey. As a fixed sign, I know you are someone who likes to take the lead and be accountable for your work and your actions, yet sometimes we may need to ask for help as we encounter certain blockages in our journey and that is okay. Recognising our own limitations does not mean we are more vulnerable, but it is a sign of our inner strength and shows how much self-awareness there is within you. When we allow others to help us, our perspective becomes richer in meaning and purpose. 


Gemini Sun, Moon or Rising

career, purpose, exposure, reputation

The New Moon in Pisces is creating an influx of new energy in your house of career and purpose Gemini, reminding you sometimes there are greater opportunities awaiting for us out there. Sometimes we want something so badly we limit our own vision by focusing our energy exclusively on a specific goal or project, forgetting we are swimming in an ocean full of possibilities. This New Moon in Pisces is inviting you to expand your vision, and look out for new opportunities. 


Cancer Sun, Moon or Rising

spirituality, wisdom, higher learning, foreign lands

The New Moon in Pisces is activating your house of spirituality Cancer, creating a moment of connection, helping you to tap into higher realms. This lunation is asking you to open your heart to new possibilities and trust the voice of your intuition to guide you through the process. As a water sign, you are proficient at understanding the signs that come from the divine. This New Moon can be presented as a revelation and confirmation for you in your journey. Do not second-guess your gut feelings. Your intuition knows. Trust you are being guided at all times.


Leo Sun, Moon or Rising

transformation, shared resources, inheritance, sexuality

This New Moon in Pisces is creating an activation on your house of transformation Leo, reminding you of the importance of new beginnings. We do not need to wait for a special event, the new year, a new month or a new week to start off with something. Everyday you wake up you are given the opportunity to start anew, to implement a new habit, to reinvent yourself. Transformation is never easy, and motivation alone will not get you far in your journey, though purpose and discipline will. ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu’


Virgo Sun, Moon or Rising

relationships, agreements, collaborations, contracts

This New Moon in Pisces is falling in your house of personal relationships Virgo, reminding you of the importance of letting go of perfectionism and unattainable standards. No relationship is perfect, though appreciating what differentiates us we can help us uncover the potential behind our relationships. During this New Moon you are being guided to release your need for control and having acceptance for the role other people play in your life, as there is much of yourself you can uncover through your connection with others. This New Moon is inviting you to replace overthinking and judgement for kindness and compassion.


Libra Sun, Moon or Rising

work, habits, routine, health

The New Moon in Pisces is creating an activation of your house of work and daily routines Libra, reminding you of the importance of reinforcing rest in your daily life. We are not machines and our energy levels may differ from time to time. Instead of obsessing over productivity, why not focus on becoming more present every day? This New Moon in Pisces is helping you free your mind from the mental clutter you have accumulated over time, inviting you to welcome more mindfulness in your routine. Practising meditation, journaling, visualisation exercises and contemplation will help you liberate your mind from the stress and limitations we often encounter when we are too focused on the mundane plane. 


Scorpio Sun, Moon or Rising

creativity, self-expression, good fortune, inner child

This New Moon in Pisces is creating a very auspicious activation in your house of good fortune and self-expression Scorpio. You may be experiencing dreams that are more vivid and richer in meaning and connections. This lunation will feel like a warm hug for the soul, where you can appreciate an influx of new ideas, projects, and creativity. This New Moon is helping you connect deeper with your inner child’s desires, inviting you to be selective of your experiences and do the things that feel good for you without focusing too much on the outcome or what other people expect you to do. During this New Moon, you are being guided to nurture your desires.


Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Rising

home, family, boundaries, foundations

This New Moon is creating an activation of your house of home and safety Sagittarius, reminding you of the importance of boundaries and how filtering our experiences can help us find freedom within ourselves. This New Moon is inviting you to let go of other people's expectations and focus on attaining new levels when it comes to your overall well-being and self-care routine. This may imply revisiting your foundations, planting new seeds and nurturing your needs, inside-out. Society may expect you to feed the system, yet this New Moon in Pisces is reinforcing the need to protect your inner peace. Remember your personal needs and energy are sacred, so make sure you are looking after them. 


Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising

knowledge, communication, short travel, siblings

This New Moon in Pisces is activating your house of communication and knowledge Capricorn creating positive aspects to your sign, opening your mind to new ideas which may come from inspiration or dreams. This New Moon is reminding you to stay humble and to see how, despite thinking you have mastered something in your life or in your current journey, there is always something new we can learn, or something we can rediscover about ourselves. This New Moon is inviting you to use your curiosity as a vehicle whenever you feel stagnant or if you feel you are not making as much progress as you would like to. Dare to think differently. Admitting we do not know it all opens a world of possibilities in front of us where we can strive to continue improving ourselves.


Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising

finances, values, security, self-worth

The New Moon in Pisces is creating an activation of your house of values and self-worth Aquarius, reminding you it is okay to not know what to think, feel or do sometimes. This New Moon in Pisces is flushing away the heaviness in your heart, helping you to liberate yourself from feelings of inadequacy. We can feel strange and foreign at times when external circumstances take over our everyday lives, yet this lunation is inviting you to forgive yourself for the times you were hard on yourself and have acceptance for your feelings. This New Moon in Pisces is expanding your self-worth through compassion. Start appreciating everything you can offer to the world, and let go of past experiences and insecurities limiting your vision.

Pisces Sun, Moon or Rising

ego, body, energy levels, personality

The New Moon is creating an influx of energy on the house ruled by your ego and energy levels Pisces, giving you a big boost. This is your season, where you are finally coming full cycle and starting a new chapter. This New Moon is inviting you to dream BIGGER and speak your desires into existence. To keep transcending the mundane by expanding your horizons using your creativity as a guide. This lunation is strongly influenced by your traditional ruler Jupiter, offering you expansion and growth for this new cycle. You are sailing across an ocean full of new opportunities awaiting for you. Let your dreams set sail. 


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