New Moon in Aquarius




Community, hope, dreams, vision




“I believe in my uniqueness and my limitless potential. My vision can change the world and inspire those around me. ”


Happy lunar new year light beings! The New Moon in Aquarius will reach its peak at 12º of the sign. One of the singularities of this lunation is its close conjunction to the planet Saturn. 


In Tarot, Saturn is connected to The World card, which aligns with the significance of this new lunar cycle. In order to welcome new energies and envision a new future, we first need to be willing to let go of the past. 


While the beginning of 2022 has been rather slow and different compared to other years as both Mercury and Venus were in retrograde at the early stages of January, February feels like a fresh breath of air, where the winds of change are finally blowing in our direction. 


This New Moon in Aquarius has some interesting astrological alignments. Venus has now become a morning star, during its rebirth the planet has retrograde across the sign of Capricorn, where it met Pluto and now during this lunation it is closely conjunct the planet Mars, where the divine Masculine and divine Feminine energies meet in a cosmic dance. 


Mars reaches its exaltation point in the sign of Capricorn, where its energy is strong and constructive. Mars in Capricorn teaches us about strategy, planning, and determination. During this New Moon, both Mars and Venus will create sweet sextiles to Jupiter in Pisces, reminding us that our challenges are our teachers, and that life is about perspective. Our daily choices can help reframe our vision.


As Mercury continues its retrograde in Capricorn, it sits very closely conjunct Pluto, inviting us to revisit our internal thoughts and patterns. More often than not, we operate from an auto-pilot, forgetting to pay attention to why we do the things we do, and what is the foundation of our thoughts.


We get so accustomed to our own internal processes we forget to question whether these continue to represent or support us. The ruling planets of this New Moon in Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus as these are both the traditional and modern ruler of this sign. Saturn is known as the Lord of Time and Uranus is known as the Lord of Heavens, both teach us the relationship between the mundane plane and our spirituality, and how one could not exist without the other.


In order to keep expanding in our journey, we need to be willing to have acceptance for our own evolution. Grief comes in many forms. Many times we experience grief for our old self, for who we used to be, for the things we used to like, but we do not anymore. When we remain true to ourselves, we are able to recognise the essence of our soul, which never changes. Transformation is never easy, however, as New Moons set intentions for future events to come, it is important we revisit the foundations that are currently sustaining our lives and see what areas in our lives we have outgrown.


*To make the most of your horoscopes remember to read for your rising sign first, then for your Sun sign if you were born during the day or your Moon sign if you were born at night.


Aries Sun, Moon or Rising

community, connection, technology, hope


This New Moon in Aquarius will create an activation in your house of community Aries, reminding you of the importance of being surrounded by people who lift up your spirits. We tend to mimic and project the energy from our close environment, that is why during this lunation you are being guided to be selective of the people you interact with on a daily basis. Saturn is closely conjunct the Moon in Aquarius, reminding you of the importance of having boundaries to support you. Do your friends support your dreams and share your excitement or do they react in a negative way when you share these with them? I am by no means saying you should cut people off from your life, but help you to reflect and understand the dynamics in your relationships and how, sometimes, people project their insecurities in us because they lack purpose or confidence in what they do. This is where boundaries come in handy, they allow you to filter the experiences you share with others.

Taurus Sun, Moon or Rising

career, purpose, exposure, reputation


Taurus this New Moon in Aquarius is highlighting your house of career, reminding you flexibility is necessary if we wish to accomplish our goals. Sometimes, events may take an unexpected turn making us lose hope or feel confused about our life and purpose. You have been working hard on something, yet you are not seeing the results you expected to have. This is why revisiting our foundations is essential if we want to continue expanding in our journey. Both Mercury and Pluto are inviting you to welcome reflection and introspection. To take a look back and realise how far you have come in your journey. Sometimes we set ourselves into believing we want to achieve ‘X’, but it is when we embark on a journey we realise maybe the goal was not exactly what we were after, but rather the person we have become since we began our journey. Make adjustments if necessary, think what areas of your life you have outgrown and whether our goals continue to represent you at this moment in time.

Gemini Sun, Moon or Rising

spirituality, wisdom, higher learning, foreign lands


This New Moon in Aquarius is creating an activation in your house of spirituality and higher wisdom Gemini, reminding you it is never too late to engage with new activities that fulfil your soul. If you feel a bit stagnant lately, maybe it is time to delve deeper within and ask yourself big questions. Both Mercury and Pluto are helping you revisit who you truly are and wake up to your own truth. This New Moon may bring experiences that feel a bit foreign or challenge you, though do not forget we never stop learning. The master was once a student. If you have been working on something that requires publishing, this could be a good time to go ahead and share it with the world.

Cancer Sun, Moon or Rising

transformation, shared resources, inheritance, sexuality


This New Moon in Aquarius and the new lunar cycle are reminding you your emotions do not represent you Cancer. We tend to see our emotions as an extension of ourselves, however, when we think on how fleeting the nature of an emotion is, we see how these can change very rapidly without us even realising it. During this New Moon, the Universe is inviting you to change your internal dialogue. Saturn is closely conjunct the New Moon, helping you to establish new boundaries to support you. Instead of saying ‘I am…’ replace it with ‘I feel…’ this way, when you experience emotions, you can create a space that separates you from your feelings. 

Leo Sun, Moon or Rising

relationships, agreements, collaborations, contracts


The New Moon in Aquarius is falling in your house of relationships Leo, reminding you these are a mirror to your soul. If you seek to understand who you truly are, make sure to pay attention to the dynamics you find within your relationships. Since Saturn is very close conjunct this New Moon, there could be some gap, separation or misunderstanding between you and someone you care about. Instead of seeing differences as points of conflict, try to look at them as areas that can complete you, despite how foreign these can feel. This New Moon is inviting you to welcome kindness and compassion, to understand nobody is perfect and that we are all learning to integrate the different aspects of ourselves as we continue to evolve in this journey called life. 

Virgo Sun, Moon or Rising

work, habits, routine, health


Virgo this New Moon in Aquarius is creating an activation in your house of work and routine, a house you are very familiar with since you are its natural ruler. What areas of your life have you been overlooking? What rituals have stopped working out for you? How can you optimise your everyday routine to support your personal development? Since Mercury still in retrograde sits closely to Pluto in Capricorn, they create supporting trines to your sign, reminding you it is time to declutter the old and come up with a new routine that feels more in alignment with what your everyday looks now. If you have been feeling a bit disconnected lately, or you have had a slower start to the new year, remember it is never too late to start anew! Create a list of daily tasks, come up with a more specific schedule and start implementing new steps everyday. Remember progress is progress, big or small.  

Libra Sun, Moon or Rising

creativity, self-expression, good fortune, inner child


This New Moon in Aquarius is falling in your house of self-expression Libra, a moment to redefine what is your vision and how can you share this with the world. As the Moon creates supporting trines to your sign, this can feel like a fresh breath of air, and the actual beginning of the year. A moment of connection, where you finally feel motivated for what lies ahead of you. New ideas, new opportunities can now flow through you. While Saturn in Aquarius is in a positive reception with your sign, this is also reminding you to have your feet on the ground. This new influx of creativity, while exciting, can also be fleeting. So make sure your vision is clear and your purpose is strong. Use this powerful time to your advantage and be willing to work hard for your dreams. 

Scorpio Sun, Moon or Rising

home, family, boundaries, foundations


Scorpio, this New Moon in Aquarius could be creating a bit of an internal conflict for you. While your nature is very protective towards those you love, this New Moon is asking you to seek comfort within yourself. To protect your heart and make sure your intentions towards other people are clear. This discomfort can make you feel more reluctant and retrospective. Remember to discern between what is happening internally and what is happening externally. Sometimes we take things personally and they affect us more than they should. Our perception can in many cases blind us. 

Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Rising

knowledge, communication, short travel, siblings


The New Moon in Aquarius is inviting you to revisit your communication with other Sagittarius. Your carefree nature may come across as detached for some people. You are receiving positive sextiles from the New Moon and Saturn, reminding you misunderstandings can happen and that it is important to offer reassurance to the people we care about. Life can come in waves and feel hectic at times, though by being open and clear you can help dissipate any doubts that may arise in your close environment with people you interact with on a daily basis. I know you may think ‘yes, but people should know…’ however we appreciate an explanation from time to time. It helps strengthen your relationships so people can understand you better.

Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising

finances, values, security, self-worth

The New Moon in Aquarius is creating an activation in your house of finances Capricorn, inviting you to create a strategy and manage your resources in a way that is more efficient. Your priorities may have changed, yet you continue to live your life as you used to, because it feels comfortable and familiar. However, as Saturn is very close to this New Moon, it may indicate new systems must be put in place if you seek to continue thriving as you have been doing so far, or if you are looking to achieve better results. 

Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising

ego, body, energy levels, personality


Aquarius, this New Moon is happening during your solar return month, reminding you it is time to fully embrace who you are and to envision what you seek to share with the world. This is a powerful time to embrace reflection, as this marks the beginning of a completely new cycle for you. Not only is your solar return month, but it is also the beginning of a new lunar cycle. So many opportunities and possibilities are ahead of you, make sure your vision is clear and that you continue to be authentic and apologetic. It is time to believe in yourself, your progress and own your journey.

Pisces Sun, Moon or Rising

intuition, dreams, secrets, sacrifice


Pisces, the New Moon in Aquarius is falling in your house ruled by the subconscious mind, inviting you to welcome more rest, meditation and reflection.As Buddha said “If you let cloudy water settle, it will become clear. If you let your upset mind settle, your course will also become clear.” The mind is clear when it is calm. Use this time to reflect over your life, your choices, to engage in activities that allow you to sink in with the present moment. In this fast paced society we live in, it can feel scary to slow down. However, this is oh-so necessary to reassess our priorities and connect the dots in our journey. If you are feeling a bit more introspective, honour yourself and honour this phase you are currently going through. 

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