Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon in Taurus


TIME 6:01 AM EST | BST 11:01 AM



Transformation, rebirth, regeneration, shadow work



“I am letting go of what others expect from me and defining my own currency. I only attract opportunities, relationships and situations that match my energy, contribute to my growth and help me feel supported.


The Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon in Taurus is reaching its peak at 16º of the sign, where the Moon exalted in Taurus will conjunct Uranus exactly by degree, opposing the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. While this is unarguably the most intense/challenging eclipse during this season, I would like to decipher all the different aspects surrounding this transit.

Let’s put it out there – we have been descending to the darkness for a while. I think we all can feel it and have been aware of this lately, the eclipses have only intensified those feelings. However, I want to emphasises this is a transit, it is yet another phase in our lives, simply put – a transition. It is not the first time in our lives we have experienced eclipses, we experience eclipses twice a year every year and have been all our lives, so why would these eclipses be any different? 

The thing about these eclipses is that due to this year’s planetary alignments, such as Venus in detriment in Scorpio and Mars retrograde in Gemini, the effects of the eclipses (especially these two) feel more tangible and personal, since both of the personal planets are involved. It is important to note that those who have personal planets or angles like the rising in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) at 11º–22º will be the most impacted by the eclipses. 

Venus in Scorpio (a Mars ruled sign) depicts more of a controlling energy – we want to be certain, we want to know what is going to happen, we want to be in charge, we seek control. But this is not a reflection of the true essence and nature of Venus. The planet Venus is receptive, it understands the importance of allowing things to find their course, it is certain abundance is a state of mind, so it does not chase – it attracts. So, essentially, what I am trying to say is that, as much as we sometimes want to feel we are in control of our lives, we are not – and there is freedom to be found in this realisation, once we fully surrender to the fact things will happen as they are meant to be, and we will learn and grow from it. It is our choice how we will react, and what our response will be. 

Mars in Gemini on the other hand is more of an explosive energy, often manifested as overthinking. Wanting a response, but worrying we will not like what we hear, see or read. Mapping out all the possibilities, thinking on many options there are, what the best solution could be – when in reality, many times our worries and fears are a product of our minds. We make that s*ht up. And it can be so incredibly draining and energy depleting we then cannot think on anything else. We lock ourselves in a state of mind (at the end of the day, Mars in Gemini is the Decan that rules the 9 of Swords) though, as I always say, knowledge is power. If we know thinking about X gives us anxiety and makes our fears/insecurity worse – why thinking about what can go wrong? Instead, focus on what can be done NOW about your current situation. There is a sense of urgency within the archetype of Gemini, though you can choose (and you need to learn) what deserves your immediate attention and your energy, and what can wait.

As I mentioned previously, we have been descending to the darkness for a while, but I feel we sometimes need to hit rock bottom, so we can fully understand our own depth. We have the ability to learn and change based on previous experiences, however, how are we meant to change or understand something when we have never experienced it by ourselves? How bad can it get? And how are we meant to get our way out of it?

Here is where the energy of the Moon during this eclipse comes up.

The Sun and the Moon are known as the ‘Luminaries’ in Astrology, the only two planets to fall in this category. In the previous lunation we experienced (the Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Scorpio) the Moon reached its detriment point, whereas now the Moon finds its exaltation in Taurus, where its energy feels strong and supportive. Uranus is a wild card in Astrology, it can either support or destroy what surrounds it, and I personally believe that during this Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Taurus is creating an internal illumination, an enlightenment, a sudden realisation, or perhaps an internal revolution. It is an ‘aha’ moment, not a drastic change, but a breakthrough where the light of the Moon, although blocked externally, can illuminate what is within us.

As you can see I am mainly focusing on the personal when it comes to this eclipse, as I already disclosed on my previous article what the eclipses are likely to mean on a mundane level. 

In the work I did when I created the Ethereal Orbs Deck, which focuses on the Mansions of the Moon and Fixed Stars, the poem I used to depict the energy of the IV Mansion which is where this Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Taurus is taking place reads as so:

‘finding stillness

is like sailing up a river,

chaotic at the beginning

peaceful toward the closure’

Confronting our shadows is and will never be an easy task. I find we often overlook how challenging transformation is and can be in the spiritual community, represented by the archetype of Death (for a good reason). It is painful, letting go of our attachments can create a huge discomfort and loss in security and confidence. But what we need to understand is life works in cycles, and it is wise to observe nature to understand this is co-present with us. Trees lose their leaves, so they can bloom again in spring. 

An extract from the Ethereal Orbs Deck guidebook:

‘The fourth mansion is located in the constellation of Gemini where the fixed star Aldebaran is, which is also known as the ‘Red Giant’. Ptolemy said that the nature of this mansion holds the energy of Mars. The essence of this mansion carries a forceful energy. This mansion can indicate struggle and conflict. In order to find our ground, our mind needs to find peace. It also reminds us that without struggle, the motivation required to move forward might lack at times. And that without risk there is no gain.’

I like to use the snake analogy when I explain the energy of the eclipses specifically since the traditional depiction of the North and South Node in Astrology is the head and the tail of the dragon.  Lunar eclipses create an activation of the South Node, where the tail of the dragon is. They are moments where we shed the old. When a snake sheds its skin, it is in great pain. But it is the times where the snake experiences growth and renewal. Same happens to us during these activations.

On a personal level, the eclipses happening in the Taurus – Scorpio axis are meant to change our perspective about our self-worth, our mindset regarding abundance and wealth, how we collaborate with others, and what’s our currency – is it time? Is it energy? Is it recognition? Is it security? Is it an upgrade? Is it a rise? The houses ruled by Taurus and Scorpio in your chart will give you more insight as to what areas in your life are going to experience this activation. Is it what offers you security and helps you find peace and grounding (4th house)? Or is it how do you want your relationships to feel, and what do you expect to receive by those you love, based on what you invest on them? (7th house)

It is very hard to determine 100% how the eclipses will manifest in our lives, however by tracking down patterns we can have a better idea of the major themes we have been experiencing this year, especially since April 2022.

I hope this astroreport offered you a better and more detailed insight as to what to expect during eclipse season, what to look out for and, overall, helped you to feel more seen. As I always say, eclipse season is not a time to seek action and radical change, but to set up the (right) foundations to build that future change. Eclipse season is a time to invite more reflection and introspection.

A few journaling prompts to use during this Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Taurus:

✦ What is my currency?

✦ What is that I (really) want?

✦ What offers me grounding?

✦ What daily practices make me feel good and supported?

✦ What expectations people or past conditioning am I holding on to?

✦ Name what do you find the most challenging about change and why:

✦ Name one thing that used to represent you or your purpose but does not anymore and why:

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