Jupiter in Pisces – The Year of the Soul Expansion

The planet Jupiter, also known as the Great Benefic, is returning to its traditional domicile sign of Pisces after traveling through the zodiac wheel, finally coming full cycle. This has been a very awaited moment for Astrologers, because Jupiter has been facing some difficult interactions with other planets since his ingress in its detriment sign of Capricorn back in 2019, which in a way has been diminishing its benefic powers.

Jupiter in Pisces is here to offer us hope and expansion in ways we did not think were possible. The sign of Pisces knows no limits or bounds, so when Jupiter resides in this sign, it expands everything it touches. Pisces is the sign that represents oneness, they are travellers between realities, where the conscious and the subconscious blend seamlessly. They know no limits, for their reality is infinite. Pisces are architects of dreams, they have the ability to transform the mundane into the magnificent. 

Jupiter will remain in the sign of Pisces for the most part of 2022, however it will dip into Aries for a brief period of time from May 11th to October 27th. Here we will explore the connection between Jupiter (The Great Benefic) and the asteroid Chiron (The Wounded Healer). While Jupiter will not exactly conjunct Chiron, it will be sharing the same space and get as close as 6 degrees in August 2022. 

Chiron’s rulership has a few connections. On the one hand it is connected to the Virgo and Pisces axis, as the word ‘Chiro’ comes from the Greek word for ‘hands’. In the Virgo and Pisces polarity, we see how both the mundane and the spiritual share the same space. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth. Forgetting about our physicality may make us disconnected from our spiritual purpose in the long term. Spiritual bypassing is becoming more and more prominent in today's society, which is making people disconnected from their reality.


On the other hand, the secondary association to Chiron is Sagittarius, the centaur. So, in a way, we can see how there is a connection between Chiron's rulerships and Jupiter. In Greek mythology, we learn how Chiron found his purpose because of his pain (a reason associated to his physicality) and how that transformed the way he saw life and others, awakening to his true purpose of investing his life in helping other heal, even if he knew he will never be able to do so. Interestingly, Jupiter is associated to generosity, benevolence, and altruism.

Jupiter in Pisces is a transit that will help us connect deeper with ourselves and everything around us, while also presenting us with practises that can help us expand our vision in life. This is probably one of the most auspicious planetary ingresses we have experienced for the past 3 years, and while in 2022 we will be experiencing intense squares between planets and the nodes, the fact Jupiter will be in a strong position feels very promising for this new year to come. In February Jupiter in Pisces will exchange some auspicious sextiles with Venus retrograde in Capricorn, assisting the planet in the last leg of its transit. We are currently experiencing the rebirth of Venus, and when both nocturnal planets connect in water and earth signs, a space for healing and for new ideas and oportunities to be born is presented to us. 

I see much of the energy of the Knight of Cups in Tarot reflected in the archetype of Jupiter in Pisces. There is a deep connection between our reality and the world of dreams, though it is also important to discern between daydreaming and projecting our desires into what we do. Jupitarian themes are high learning and education, spirituality, justice, fertility, and emotional development.

After the restrictions Jupiter has been facing in Saturn ruled signs (Capricorn and Aquarius), the planet now finds liberation, extending its power to humanity, helping us to see the unseen. To understand darkness is merely the absence of light, and that without darkness light could not exist. 

Ruler of the 12th sign, Pisces is a water mutable sign. I think there is a strong battle between Gemini and Pisces to win the number one spot as far as mutability goes. Since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, it represents a moment of growth and completion in our soul’s journey. The last time Jupiter resided in Pisces was back in 2010, so it is always advisable to trace back in time and see what were we experiencing or what themes were manifesting in our lives back then. However, Jupiter dipped into Pisces for a brief period of time this year in 2021 from May to July, so this should be a more accurate representation of what the transit has in store for us. 

Seek for the house Pisces rules in your chart if you want to have a more accurate vision of the possible manifestations this transit will have in store for you and try to remember if any of the themes that correspond to the house Pisces rules in your chart correlate to what you were experiencing during May and July this year. 

I hope this transit helps you realise how far you have come in your journey, and that it also helps you expand your horizons. If there is one thing we all will learn during this transit is that our main purpose in life is learning as we go, surrendering to the events life presents us, trusting that answers will always be presented to us when we are ready to take them. Do not let your fears stop or limit you. Learning to surrender will also be a huge part of Jupiter in Pisces. 

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