Journaling Reflections


While I like to design easy and accessible planetary magic rituals, sometimes this is not always possible. Today is one of those days. Since the planet ruler of this Full Moon in Aries (Mars) is currently at detriment and combusted by the Sun, performing a magic ritual using this energy could bring unwanted results. That is why today we will use the energy of Mercury (now in direct motion) since it is Wednesday (day ruled by Mercury) and we will also be working with the energy of the Knight of Wands in tarot.

Here are some journaling prompts and exercises that can be used in combination with the ‘Reignite your purpose’ spread. 

✦ What things help me feel inspired?

✦ What activities allow me connect deeper with myself?

✦ How can I create a safe space for me to create everyday?

✦ What does creativity means to me?

✦ How can I ensure my heart is present in what I do?

✦ What does the Knight of Wands mean to you?

✦ How can you channel the energy of the Knight of Wands in your everyday life?

✦ If you have been feeling uninspired lately, write down the main reasons why this is happening and one small promise to yourself you can implement everyday to help you regain your inspiration and passion once again:

✦ Name a few activities or things you are passionate about and why:

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