Full Moon / Partial Eclipse in Taurus


Have you ever wondered what eclipses mean in astrology? There are different approaches to this topic, which come from a traditional approach to the subject to newer and more modern views of what these astrological events actually mean.

As someone who is mainly a practitioner of traditional astrology, but incorporates some hints of the modern approach, I can see both the positive and the negatives eclipse season has to offer. If you have been reading about it, or just scrolling down social media, you probably are a bit confused but mainly concerned as to what lies ahead of us. As it happens with the Mercury retrograde, people are mainly sharing the drama that has been associated with these transits. 

From a traditional standpoint, eclipse season was always seen as a bad omen. The fact both the Sun and the Moon (also known as the Luminaries in astrology) vanished from the sky was considered as something inauspicious, which will bring loss, pain, death, etc, as the luminaries in astrology represent our life force, the union between the divine masculine and the divine feminine, the conscious and the subconscious, the yin and the yang. Now, when we look at eclipses from a modern perspective, we see different realities colliding into one, creating strong karmic activations in a chart.

Karma and past lives is a subject not everyone believes in or is ready to subscribe to, and I respect that. I also feel the word ‘karma’ has a very heavy and difficult connotation to grasp in today's society. Everything seems to be related to karma, but especially if it is bad luck. Now, that is not what karma means. Karma represents a mission our soul has, so big it is said it cannot be completed in just one life, and that the purpose of reincarnation is to learn, rediscover the essence of the soul, as well as letting go of patterns or tendencies we have, which is also commonly described as burning up karmic debts or burning karma in general.

In Vedic astrology, based on the Karma theory, there are many different types of karma. The main karma I described above is known as ‘Sanchita’ karma. ‘Prarabdha’ karma is a collection of past karmas or debts, that represents the evolution the soul experiences after being reincarnated in different bodies, and experiencing different lives. In Vedic Astrology, Prarabdha karma is often an essential point described in a reading, as this is the main karma you are supposed to burn in this current lifetime.

This topic is particularly interesting when explaining the eclipse theory in astrology. Regardless of whether you are a modern or traditional practitioner of this subject, eclipses are commonly known as energetic portals that are meant to bring closure and open chapters in our lives. None knows what events lie ahead of an eclipse, no astrologer can 100% tell you what is going to happen for you specifically, but what we know is that these periods of 6 months bring major themes we can observe and keep track of. There will be some general guidelines based on the axis the eclipses will fall, though how eclipses affect us personally require a comprehensive study of the natal chart where an astrologer will track down past experiences related to eclipses, childhood events, upbringing, your nodes, and whether these eclipses create activations in any (or many) personal planets in your chart.

Perhaps this has been a longer introduction than usual, however this full moon / partial eclipse report is going to be different to previous ones. I am always happy to provide guidance and horoscopes for each sign, however when it comes to the eclipses… I have more respect towards this subject. This is why there will be some card pulls for each sign as a guidance from the Universe, though for me what eclipses may bring is something that requires a deep understanding of someone’s chart, that is why I will refrain myself from giving horoscopes this time around. Other astrologers may have a different perspective and that is okay. I will be writing some astro info for each sign for the last series of eclipses we will experience during Sagittarius season, but it will be different from my usual horoscope report.

Why is this Full Moon also a partial Lunar Eclipse? And what are Lunar Eclipses you may ask?

For the past year we have been experiencing activations in the Gemini - Sagittarius axis as the nodes have been there. This year towards the end of December the nodes of the moon will change from Gemini - Sagittarius to Taurus - Scorpio. This Full Moon in Taurus is the entry point of those new eclipses that will follow, that is why it is also a partial lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are when there is an activation of the South Node, which in astrology represents the past, old patterns, natural tendencies, and also a place of comfort because we are familiar with it. That is why Lunar eclipses are known to be major energy releases where we have support to reinforce our healing. The South Node of the moon is naturally connected to past lives and what I explained previously about karma, so many people experience during this time of the year regressions, whether it is through dreams, meditation, or simply events that unfold in a way that feels fated, as if everything was already written.

While during the eclipses that have happened in the Gemini - Sagittarius axis, we have been, as a collective, forced to seek our own truth and expand the limitations that reside within our minds. With the new eclipses that will fall in the Taurus- Scorpio axis, we will learn how to become more accountable, how to manage our resources wisely, how to create solid foundations, while also understanding what intimacy means to us and how exposing our shadows can actually make us feel more powerful, instead of vulnerable.

I hope you enjoyed this longer post and introduction, as I thought it was necessary to better understand the eclipses in general and how this topic relates to us on a more personal level.



Tarot: Ace of Candles During a full moon we experience a major energy release. The Ace of Candles may indicate you are receiving this strong influx of energy, which can either turn into productivity and inspiration, or anxiety. Use this burst of energy to your advantage, though remember this is also a partial lunar eclipse, so it is advisable to practice more reflection instead of taking action. However, you can still use this energy to visualise future plans, goals, projects, write them down so you can be on top of things.


Tarot: Prince of Keys (Knight of Swords) Reversed Taurus the Prince of Keys is maybe the total opposite of what your calm nature often reflects, however as it appeared in reversed it may mean you have been rushing into things without putting much thought onto what you have been doing or working on. I get it – like it is hectic at times. We need to deliver, though this eclipse season invites us to welcome more reflection into our lives. To let go of what we do not need or feels heavy. Pack light and focus on doing one thing at a time, or maybe one day at a time, appreciating the little things we get to experience everyday. 


Tarot: Judgement Reversed Whenever Judgement appears in reverse, I cannot help it but think on it as if it was a missed call from the Universe. It seems you may have been receiving signs, but you have been ignoring them. Sometimes it can feel scary to listen to these signs, as they might not be something we want to hear at this moment in time. For this eclipse season I want you to actually LISTEN what the Universe has been trying to share with you. You do not need to take action now, or change things, but use this energy to make a moment of connection and be honest and real with yourself. 


Tarot: Prince of Talismans (Knight of Pentacles) Reversed The Prince of Talismans may be indicating you have not been to focused on your priorities lately Gemini. As a mutable sign, multitasking is like your second nature, however how much progress have you been actually able to track from the work you have put in? This eclipse is inviting you to get your priorities ready, to write them down, to track them and come up with a plan. This is not the time to take action, though doing this work will help you focus on what matters the most to you, which will help you feel more fulfilled in the long run.  


Tarot: Fortuna Reversed When the Fortuna card appears reversed, it can indicate we are currently experiencing changes in our lives, and that fate is in our hands. This card indicates life is constantly fluctuating and changing, and that luck is an attitude. You can choose to overcome difficult times infusing them with purpose and determination, which may change the look of things. Leo I suggest that during this eclipse season you change your perspective and ask yourself questions. Life is not happening to you, it happens FOR you. Remember you are the writer of your own story.


Tarot: The Tower Reversed   Ahhh, the feared Tower moment. Virgo do not let this card put you off. I wonder if you feel you could be maximising your results lately, yet something feels off. Like it is not a piece of the puzzle you are trying to complete. Sometimes we outgrown our own skin, yet we do not notice it until something feels off. If you are having a hard time recognising yourself lately, do not overthink it. We are constantly changing, and this card is here to remind you there is so much more awaiting for you, only if you choose to let go of these old beliefs that do not represent you anymore.


Tarot: Queen of Elixirs (Queen of Cups) Reversed Libra the Queen of Elixirs is inviting you to focus your energy inwards and tap into your intuition. It seems you have been relying too much on your logic, as it is a natural tendency of yours as an air sign, however sometimes it is important to allow our instincts to guide us. If you wonder how you can know whether it is your intuition sending you signs or whether it is fear or anxiety, remember the voice of your intuition is soft and calm. It feels peaceful. When you think of something, you get a ‘this feels right’ type of feeling. Use this eclipse portal energy to connect deeper with that voice that is trying to guide you through the darkness.


Tarot: Magnum Opus Reversed The Magnum Opus reversed is trying to alert you Scorpio of something very important, which is your thoughts have the ability to alter your reality. As they say, words are spells. What you say or think can have an impact in your life. This card is inviting you to use this eclipse energy to set powerful affirmations about yourself, your goals, and who you are/want to be. Remember you are the magician. It is in your nature to become a master of the elements. Do not let your fears control your life. 


Tarot: Alchemy (Temperance) What a better card to see than your archetype card Sagittarius. It seems that you are in your element. You are understanding the natural flows of life, how to work with the elements and make the most of it. Remember this card can indicate living in alignment is crucial for us to fully experience life. So if you feel there are areas in your life that can overflow with time, it is time to focus on other areas that you may have left unattended to make sure everything continues to work as it does. 


Tarot: Eight of Candles (Wands) This card is indicating there can be different active channels to receive communication during this eclipse season for you Capricorn, so staying alert to the signs you will be receiving during this time is important. While eclipse season is not one to make big moves, it is a powerful time to come up with a plan and reflect on what you are trying to manifest. Set new intentions, and let go of ideas that do not represent you or your journey anymore. If you are unsure as to what direction to take, pay attention to the synchronicities, as they will be guiding you during this transit.


Tarot: 5 of Talismans (Pentacles) Reversed It was interesting reflecting on what messages this card has in store for you during eclipse season Aquarius, but the main one was ‘to stop selling yourself short’. If you feel you have not been receiving the recognition you deserve, look at yourself in the mirror and realise your potential. You are not asking for too much, you are asking for what you deserve. You are worthy of affluence and abundance. If someone is not able to see your value, it is time to create opportunities that will attract people who will appreciate your potential. 


Tarot: 4 of Candles (Wands) I have to say this card could not be more fitting for what I think the energy of the eclipses should be used for. Pisces you have worked hard for the stability you are now enjoying, so why looking for more? While setting goals for ourselves is an essential step for our growth, being appreciative of our journey is what truly makes us thrive, because it is when we can see our evolution. Enjoy this time of stability, rejoice in the small things, count your blessings. Since the 4 of Candles has a strong connection to our homes, this may also be an indication to stay in during this eclipse season and enjoy the comfort of your home. Enjoy a bath, warm drink (or a glass of wine!) and some journaling.

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