Full Moon in Sagittarius – Shooting Forward

DATE JUN 3rd | JUN 4th 
TIME 23:40 AM EST | 4:40 AM BST 
curiosity, exploration, learning, discovery
“I allow myself to explore new realms and let go of preconceptions and limitations. I do not believe in failure, for everything I do is teaching me a valuable lesson.”
The Full Moon in Sagittarius is reaching its peak today at 13º and this feels like a *BIG* cosmic push forward after the intensity of eclipse season. 
This is the second lunation that is not an eclipse and where all planets are direct (except for Pluto which is currently retrograde). This is calm before the storm I have to say… As we will soon be entering the Venus shadow period prior its retrograde starts in July. What is even more interesting is that all planets seem to be connecting with Venus in some capacity.
Jupiter in the early degrees of Taurus is in a Venus ruled sign, in a good reception to Venus, Saturn and Venus are currently in a positive exchange. 
Venus will soon enter the fiery sign of Leo, and its speed will start to slow down. While all planets retrograde every year, Venus and Mars are the exception as they have unique retrograde cycles, in the case of Venus it happens every year and a half (around 18 months) while Mars retrogrades every 2 years approximately, that is why these periods are considered to be a bit more unique compared to the rest of the planets.
Venus and Mars are also defined as the personal planets in astrology, that is why their effects, transits and retrogrades are experienced in a more tangible and intense way. 
Venus being the planet of love, partnerships, beauty and possessions will activate those topics during the retrograde in a form of revelation or shadow work, as a way to help us understand our needs, desires, and purpose in a way that is connected to our hearts. 
We will cover the the Venus retrograde cycle once the transit is active, though I wanted to offer a heads up during this Full Moon in Sagittarius as something to expect in the upcoming months.
The Full Moon in Sagittarius sits in the XX Mansion, also known as ‘The Dragon’s Head’. Christopher Warnock said “This Mansion has a close association with animals, being auspicious for taming wild animals and for hunting. It reminds us, too, of our animal nature. Often when this Mansion appears, it indicates that we must rein in unruly passions, whether they be anger, impulsive unbridled action, or pursuit of sensual fulfilment. This Mansion signals success in questions involving a quest or reaching a goal. If we have been hunting for something, the time is auspicious for finding it. But we must not be passive. Al-Na'am calls upon us to put forth the energy and single-pointed concentration of a hunt if we wish to reach our goal.”
Agrippa’s words about this Mansion “It helps for the taming of wild beasts, for the strengthening of prisons, it destroys the wealth of societies, it compels a man to come to a certain place.”
The energy of this Mansion is quite strong and involves hunting and chasing – it has a very Martial energy, which could help us shoot us forward in our journey. As I was reflecting on this Full Moon in Sagittarus, the quote ‘an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards’ came to mind.
Sometimes the answer we seek is directly in front of us, and we only need to search deeper.
This thought is directly connected to the two Fixed Stars being activated during this lunation, Aldebaran at 10º of Gemini and Sarin at 15º Sagittarius.
Aldebaran is often referred as ‘the follower’ and was considered to be one of the four guardians of the Heavens, depicting an influx of abundance and glory. Sarin is a Fixed Star found in the constellation of Hercules, whose myth tells the story of how he, despite being born as a demi-god with incredible strength and stamina, suffered from many setbacks, disappointments and tragedies, though it was due to his endurance, discipline and persistence he could achieve his goal of returning to Mt.Olympus as a God.
Some of the goals we set ourselves to take longer than expected, we face delays, things do not turn out as we expect them to… And that is ok, it is important to trace back our steps, appreciate where we come from and see the bigger picture so we can visualise where we are heading towards. So much of this Full Moon in Sagittarius involves exploration, inviting us to use our curiosity as a vehicle, letting go of preconceptions and actually immersing ourselves in the process of doing and undoing, watching how new results can be achieved by simply trying new things.
If there is something in particular you want to achieve, like a personal goal, a milestone, a job… I would say this is a very lovely Full Moon to work with. 
Jupiter and Saturn are in a positive reception during this lunation exchanging a sextile, while Jupiter sits very closely next to the North Node in Taurus. I see this alignment as watering our intentions with purpose and care. Nourishing our needs and wants during this process. While hustle culture seems to be the trend and norm these days, it is okay to lower or pace, it is okay to ask for directions, it is okay to need time to reconsider what direction we want to take next.
This Full Moon in Sagittarius comes with a bonus! Mythoscopes written by astrologer Ollie Amauri – what a treat. I love the way Ollie has to express and merge concepts in astrology, and as many of you know I am a fan of ancient myths and lores, so I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. 
Full Moon Sagittarius blessings to all of you beautiful souls.
Much love, Maria xx

Journaling prompts for the New Moon in Sagittarius:

✦ What is currently inspiring me to move forward in my journey?
✦ What am I seeking to manifest and why? How will achieving my goals make me feel?
✦ Write one of your recent ‘failures’ and write a few words about it, how that did make you feel, what things did you learn as a consequence of it, how have you grown as a result
✦ Name one or a few new practices or hobbies you would like to explore and why, what do you want to achieve from them, what feeling are you looking forward to experience as a result of them
Full Moon Mythoscopes by Ollie Amauri

Aries Sun, Moon + Asc

The Ram gazes beyond the Horizon as the stars beckon to them. They yearn for more, the calling of enlightenment as everything in view begins to expand. Oh how marvelous the future seems in which they are awe-inspired by the potential of forward movements. Yet through past burnt flames, they struggle to start anew. Shaking their head, the Ram claws the dust, aims for the Stars, and fires true. All they needed was a moment to regain their vision and understand that it is the Journey ahead of them that is important, not the destination itself. Off they set to a new adventure, seeking for their answers.
Action Item: Power-up with a scream of determination and encouragement as you take the day head-on.
Mantra: I learn from all that is before me, as it is a part of my Journey and Path.

Taurus Sun, Moon + Asc

The Bull waits, taking a sip from a nearby chalice, they wait. A door is before them, one where darkness can be found just past the door frame. And so the Bull waits. Their curiosity has been poked at for quite some time now, and yet they are in no hurry to explore this door and what it might lead to. Exhaling a breath long held, they begin to step forward, inspired by some hope of what they might find. Their mind has been swirling with mysteries left unsolved. Perhaps now they are feeling brave enough to venture into territories unknown. Or maybe these territories are not so unknown after all.
Action Item: Find the unlocked doors in your life that you have avoided shadow explorations, and acknowledge them.
Mantra: I accept all interests and sides of myself, as they contribute to my Whole.

Gemini Sun, Moon + Asc

The Twins sit across from each other as they find themselves on a seesaw. Giggling and bouncing up and down, the two find their rhythm in this harmonic movement. But one of the Twins has desires to play something else. By saying nothing, the Twin knows that the other wishes for something more, but does not understand what. It is not until they stand up and lead their counterpart to the destination of their dreams that they both are in understanding and true balance once more. The experiences that were not challenging enough are not up to their expectations. Now they desire something new.
Action Item: Do not hesitate to speak your mind and lean into your desires for change, experiences, and to learn something new.
Mantra: I find avenues to pursue my desires, as they fuel me with inspiration.

Cancer Sun, Moon + Asc

The Crab is searching for something insightful. They are being faced with their daily routine and wondering how things can change. Unsure of the shifts they should make, they begin to gently move significant landmarks in their life. Just a little bit to the right. Just a little bit to the left. Forward, backwards, rotate it. In the spirit of discovering a new perspective, they discover habits and rituals to incorporate into their mundane life. Approaches they had never thought of nor considered become the key to reaching new potentials. Their instincts guide them to exciting discoveries, encouraging them in shifts.
Action Item: Light some incense and cleanse the areas of your life that you need to bring more ritual to, be routine in your actions.
Mantra: I discover unique shifts for my life, and embrace shifts that help me grow.

Leo Sun, Moon + Asc

The Lion curls their paws and stretches, watching closely at the ants and other hard working creatures before them. They are intrigued and take an interest in the movements of these actions, wondering how they might be engaged to this extent in their own life. Rolling over, they look to the sky and consider their enjoyments, their interests, their passions that light them on fire and exhale. They simply crave something new. A scratch has formed in a hard to reach spot that they have never had to itch before now. And so, they can simply do their best, rolling around trying to find their Path.
Action Item: Take up a new hobby and determine how it brings life to you, replenishes you, and helps you find joy.
Mantra: I enjoy the excitement of all things around me, seeing life in its fullest.

Virgo Sun, Moon + Asc

The Virgin yawns and closes their book, finally getting up from their cozy posture to return the story to the shelf. They run their fingers over fresh additions to their collection and consider which to read next. Tapping their feet, they take a moment before bending down. Looking in a place they usually would not have considered, they find a very old book passed down through the generations. It was a story of old that shaped the Journey for all that came before them. And so they blow off the dust and begin to read. There, at the bottom of the bookshelf, finally taking time to connect with their roots.
Action Item: Reconnect with childhood pursuits or family interests and make them unique and individual to you.
Mantra: I see and make old traditions my own, setting my foundations to grow.

Libra Sun, Moon + Asc

The Scales do their best to balance a large stack of papers in arms, barely able to look over the top. It has been too long since they sat down with their thoughts and now they have built up. Letting out a sigh, they sit down and begin to go over each page, questioning if these desires were still worth it. It is not until they pass over a crumpled page in the pile that they pause, noticing the scribbles and hesitation present on the page. Would they have the moment to let these thoughts free? They rock back and forth, debating if they should finally speak out, simply wanting an opportunity to share.
Action Item: Respect the desires pulling at your heart strings and find supportive individuals to encourage you in your interests.
Mantra: I value my ideas and my energy, pursuing my dreams and endeavors.

Scorpio Sun, Moon + Asc

The Scorpion grumbles, getting lost in their resources as they do not wish to admit that they are unsure of what they are looking for. Their vision of discovery is clouded by all of the stressors presently blocking their Path to insight. Stepping deeper into the shadows, they make their way to a tall covered object. Pulling away the sheet, they find a mirror and begin to stare intensely at it. At first, they see themselves in their current state, but the glass starts to ripple and change. Stepping closer, they see the answer to their question unraveling. Now they must learn more about their beliefs and values.
Action Item: Allow your personal questions to surface, and dedicate your time to re-evaluation and learning about Self.
Mantra: I make time to recognize and understand my wishes, they are worthy.

Sagittarius Sun, Moon + Asc

The Archer sits on top of a hill as the Moon shines overhead. In that moment, they feel divine inspiration and enlightenment as Subconscious efforts rise to Consciousness. While this clarity may only last for a season, the illumination is of help as it pinpoints areas of Self to be addressed. Temperaments are high in the heavens as goals are on the tip of one’s tongue. And so they are ready to aim once more and find their place on a new hill, higher up the mountain, in the heavens once more. Their study of Self allows the expansion of their mind to reach new heights, yet the Moon softly touches emotions.
Action Item: Remember to check-in with yourself and acknowledge your emotions and progress thus far.
Mantra: I attune myself with my goals and emotions, aiming higher than before.

Capricorn Sun, Moon + Asc

The Sea Goat spins in circles as their tails hit whirlpools. They are not often used to these moments of fog and the unknown, and yet this challenge is before them. Furrowing their brows, they chew their cheeks and thrash about. They just want to move past this moment, to obtain their goals and dismiss obstacles like this. But these obstacles offer insight to patterns and secrets that were previously dismissed. A chance to comprehend and break down the purpose of Life is at their fingertips. They simply need to sink and allow the flow to take them for a ride of discovery and belief.
Action Item: Search for the unknown aspects and mysteries in your Life, and allow yourself to flow to the answers.
Mantra: I identify old patterns and remove what is no longer of use, letting go.

Aquarius Sun, Moon + Asc

The Water Bearer sets down one of their vases and examines their entire collection. Having not realized they had so many, they walk between them and are amazed by the shapes, sizes, and varieties between them all. However, there was still something missing. Yes they had specific ones that fulfilled their purpose… But something was missing. Grabbing sketches, considering some possibilities, only to realize, there might be more than meets the eye. Filled with ideas, they grab some clay and begin to work their vision. Starting over again and again until it is just right, finding the missing piece.
Action Item: Flip through ideas, old and new, and see what you may have been missing and are in need of adding to the collection.
Mantra: I revisit my ideas and I am proud of my mind, full of endless possibilities.

Pisces Sun, Moon + Asc -- 10H

The Fish peek into the waters as they wonder what Life has in store for them. Their calling has been too loud as of late, in which they are being pulled to consider how their efforts contribute to their Purpose. Next steps pool in their mind as they swim from one option to the next, never truly satisfied with any of them. While in search of the perfect opportunity, they might miss the benefit of a stepping stone. Now they must be honest with where they want to go, what they wish to accomplish so that they can continue the pursuit of their Journey. The sky's the limit, pick a place amongst the stars, then move forward from there. 
Action Item: Map out your objectives and what you hope to bring to fruition for this season in Life, only then will you see your next steps.
Mantra: I invite clarity and decisiveness into my Soul, choosing stepping stones wisely. 

About Ollie Amauri

Ollie Amauri (she/they) is currently a university graduate student that goes to school full time and works full time in the medical procurement field. Spending most of her free time doing art, reading, or writing, she enjoys utilizing her creative nature within her craft.

Amauri has been a Spiritual Practitioner for over 8 years and an Astrologer for over 11 years. Amauri's primary studies are alchemy, astral/higher self work, astrology, divination, dream work, energy work/reiki, and sacred geometry.

Having recently come out of her hermit's shell, she aims to give a new perspective of astrology, the purpose of one's soul, flowing with life's ebbs and flows, and the process of building new things through the lenses of mythology and poetry, and by being a conduit for one's learning experience.

With a niche focus within Astrology on Asteroids and Draconic Astrology, Amauri looks forward to sharing her understanding of these ancient studies through more projects to come!
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