Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces is here, inviting us to dive deep into the world of dreams, removing our attachments to the mundane world and our need for control, allowing the healing waters of the moon to flush away the excess accumulated through this year and purify the soul.

We are currently experiencing a big shift this year astrologically speaking, where we are moving from a fixed ruled modality to a mutable one. What does this mean you may ask? Simply put, we have had many planets sitting on fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) creating big and important aspects all thought the year – until now. What is left of this year will be predominantly ruled by aspects happening within the mutable sign axis (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Fixed signs fall in the thick of a season in tropical astrology, meaning they are more rigid and structure in mentality, they are a powerhouse and like repetition, structure, and definition. Whereas mutable energy in tropical astrology falls just before the transition into a new season, sitting on a liminal space where there are no rules and there is no clear definition and anything can happen. Think of the thick of summer happening during Leo season (fixed) and the slow transition between winter heading into spring during Pisces season (mutable) where it is still cold but nature is starting to flourish – we are not there quite yet, though you can appreciate subtle changes in your environment.


The planet Uranus will be supporting this lunation with an auspicious trine reminding us possibilities are endless, and that some things may take longer than other to develop. Success is something completely personal to each one of us and should not be measured by time or be compared to someone else's. Success is determined by the skills and knowledge you acquire though the process. So if something in your life it is presenting to be a bit harder than what you expected, do not lose hope and do not quit. Try to find alternative ways to approach that situation or concern. Pause it for a few days and try back again.

With 6 planets in retrograde and Mercury joining the party, there is a higher need to STOP and invite reflection in our lives. How are you feeling? How has the past week/month been? Are you where you want to be? If not – how can you make new changes and adjustments to get there? If there is anything we are learning during this Full Moon in Pisces is that nothing is fixed in life. Whenever I envision Pisces as a water sign, I picture a river flowing through a green forest, coming from the mountains and into the ocean. It is said that a river always find its course and so in the same way, feeling lost at times is normal and happens to all of us. However, this does not mean you have lost your spark or purpose. The Fixed Star Markab sits closely to this Full Moon in Pisces, freeing our minds from the internal limitations that are restricting us.

This Fixed Star is found in the star cluster of Pegasus in the constellation of Pisces at 22º of the sign. A note about the constellation of the winged horse Pegasus and the Fixed Star Markab, which rests on the wings of Pegasus: "The Pegasus Syndrome, as exemplified in the legends of Perseus and Bellerophon, is concerned with the innate ability possessed by some people to negotiate difficulties by rising above them, on the one hand, and the danger of overreaching themselves, on the other. Pegasus, by birth, is the child of Medusa and Neptune, symbols of ‘wisdom’ and ’emotion,’ respectively, which shows the dichotomy of his nature. As in the story, Bellerophon attempted to fly to Olympus (overreach his potential). He believed that Pegasus was subject to his will. However, it was Pegasus who made it to Olympus, while Bellerophon was tossed back to earth, lame and reproached by others. It is unwise to take any situation for granted as the ‘lesser’ person (or, in this case, beast) may be the very one to teach us the much needed lesson in humility. Pegasus is also indicative of a specific mission in life which the inquirer will always find the time and energy to pursue, although the path may be sewn with difficulties (the Chimaera) and limitations (Bellerophon’s doubt or arrogance). So, the Pegasus Syndrome is the seeming ability to “fly over any situation,”  

[Rich’s Pegopediahttp://thanasis.com/pegasus.htm].

Life can feel overwhelming at times, especially when the future is unclear. Though, I would like to remind you that you do not need to always have the answers in order to continue moving forward in your journey. This Full Moon in Pisces is a reminder to simply allow things to unfold. To go with the flow of life and trust the process. To understand the only way to find liberation, is by tapping in the present moment where the worries from the past and the fears from the future disappear.

Mercury, the traveller between realities, will be shifting back from the balanced scales of Libra to the detail oriented vision of Virgo one last time before the year ends. Jupiter will be dipping back into Pisces one last time before making a full ingress on Aries for a full year transit. Both conscious and unconscious, clarity and infinity, limitation and expansion meet. Mutable signs depict adaptation, change, possibility and fluidity. 

Perhaps you have been rushing out in your journey forgetting to pay attention to some details that may have gone unnoticed. During this retrograde period, we are given the opportunity to trace back our steps, see what areas of our lives are in need of some adjustments so we can continue growing in our journey.

Mars currently in Gemini will be making wide squares to Venus in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces, though it will receive positive trines from Mercury in Libra. I see this as an internal battle between want and need, productivity and self-care, duty and entertainment. There is no magic formula as to how to live life, where all different, yet one thing is clear – understanding our needs and setting up boundaries and expectations is a requirement for us to thrive. Some days we feel more productive than others. Other days it is hard to focus on simple day-to-day tasks. However, (and this is where Mars in Gemini plays in a big role) finding a system that is flexible and can be easily integrated in our daily routine is the key to success. The planet Mars is going to spend a long amount of time in Gemini (until April 2023!) so during this time, we will be called to find new ways of thinking, transforming old habits into systems that offer us a new outcome. Much of this process will be trial and error – learning what works and what does not. See? The purpose here is not the outcome, but who we are becoming and the lessons we are learning through this process. And of course, yes – we all want to achieve our goals (that new ‘magic’ formula to productivity and daily structure) but the secret to this is being open to all possibilities. 


I hope you use the energy of this Full Moon to connect deeper with your spirituality and strengthen your connection with the Universe.


Here are a few journaling prompts to reflect on during this lunation, I personally love doing journaling right after a meditation session. Feel free to use Tarot or Oracle cards if you need further guidance when writing your answers.


✦ What areas in my life am I being guided to change?

✦ What small changes can I implement everyday to honour myself?

✦ What is currently creating set backs in my journey ?

✦ How can I find closure with what is blocking my progress?

✦ What helps me to feel free?

✦ What practises can help me to tap into my inner-self?

✦ What thoughts/feelings/reflections came up during my meditation?



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