Full Moon in Leo

TIME 1:27 PM EST | 6:27 PM BST 
vision, potential, confidence, hope
“I believe in my limitless potential. Everything I can envision for myself, I can make it happen. I am a visionary.”
The roaring Full Moon in Leo is shinning bright in the night sky, reaching its peak today at 16º.
Unlike the Full Moons in Leo we have experienced in the past couple of years, this lunation feels strong and has a surprise/unexpected component to it, as the Full Moon in Leo will be on almost an exact square to Uranus in Taurus. However, unlike the past few years, Saturn is now in the late degrees of Aquarius which is creating some loser bonds and allowing the unexpected component and surprise element of Uranus to flourish into the surface. 
I see this interaction between planets more as a sudden internal realisation, like ‘if I have been able to endure X, I am ready to face for whatever comes my way’. The Full Moon in Leo is loud and strong. Squares in astrology represents not only challenges, but the growth and progress that comes from these. 
Mars in Gemini is still moving quite slow, but will soon be picking up speed. Now that the planet is direct, the energy of Mars is redirected towards a specific purpose, it has a target, it’s blunt, spicy and direct. Mars is exchanging a supportive trine with the Sun in Aquarius during this lunation, while it applies a very wide sextile to the Moon in Leo, that is why this Full Moon in Leo feels so loud. Very argumentative also. If something does not sit well with you – say it. I see this lunation as a way we are being guided to regain our authority.
One of the highlights of the month of February is Venus currently transiting Pisces, its sign of exaltation. Here Venus feels at ease, and it something to celebrate and use to our advantage. Pisces in Venus is good for any artistic matters, healing, reconnecting with our intuition, and using the dreamscape to manifest what we seek to materialise.
The Full Moon in Leo is happening in the XI Mansion, which is located in the constellation of Leo (some mansions can fall in between signs - constellations so this is a significant detail to be addressed). Ptolemy said that the nature of this mansion holds the energy of Saturn and Venus. The traditional meaning of this mansion speaks about prestige, mastery and worship which emulate the nobility of a lion.

The powers of this mansion were used to request authority and a rise, especially when it comes to a job position. This mansion encourages us to be bold and fearless, to prove others we are deserving of respect and admiration. To truly believe in who we are and in our abilities.

One of the harsh aspects creating tension during this Full Moon is the square between Venus and Mars. This feels quite symbolic since both planets represent the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies. This transit speaks about how can we embrace action while also allowing things to unfold as they should. There is a surrender component to this alignment, which it could be put into words as ‘I know I have done the work, and I trust this is going to happen in the best way possible. I am willing to adjust and adapt if I need to, because I know I can create what I desire’. You see, within this statement there is a slight clash of ideas, though it represents perfectly the current push and pull between Venus and Mars.
Interestingly, Mars in Tarot is represented by The Tower, and in astrology it represents that very explosive energy that destroys or end things, so better things can be created or be born as a consequence of that (as we see through the sign of Scorpio, traditionally considered one of Mars’ dignities).
Which leads me to my final observation during this lunation which is that this Full Moon in Leo depicts the in between period of the eclipses, since these happened in the fixed axis of Taurus-Scorpio back in October and November, meaning this lunation is triggering that middle point where major movement, evolution and progress will happen until the following eclipses occur, as the Nodes are currently being activated by the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo so we can close this chapter once and for all. Something we have been experiencing for the past year and a half. In order to gain a greater insight about the eclipses and what is unfolding for you, pay close attention to the houses ruled by Taurus and Scorpio in your chart and analyse what themes started back in April and May last year, what events unfolded during October and November 2022, and what is currently happening in your life as a consequence of that. 
It is important to mention that not all eclipses are experienced with the same level of intensity by everyone, some manifestations of them might be quite superficial or mild, whilst for other people (specifically those with many personal placements or points in the fixed axis aka in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will experience these eclipses in a more tangible and intense way.
Overall, I hope during this Full Moon in Leo you take your time to analyse and envision what is that you truly want, who you are and what do you have to offer, but also to appreciate how far you have come in your journey so you can reach new heights in the (near) future. 
Blessings, Maria xx
Journaling prompts for the Full Moon in Leo:
✦ What is one thing I love about myself?
✦ What do I have to offer to the world?
✦ What sets me apart or makes me different?
✦ How can I use my knowledge and my abilities to help others in their journey?
✦ What makes me feel good and confident?
✦ In what area of my life I feel less confident and why?
✦ Write a few lines about your own evolution, how did you get to where you are now and the lessons you have learnt about yourself and your journey:
P.S: as a Leo Sun myself, I hope these journaling reflections hype you up and boost up your confidence by helping you have more appreciation for who you are, your journey and remind you that you are a baddass ;)

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