Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon in Leo is here! I have always thought there is something special about seeing the energy of the Sun shining full force through the Moon in a sign ruled by the archetype of the luminary Sol. I’m someone who likes to spend time decoding the hidden symbolism the different astrological transits depict, and this lunation is full of beautiful metaphors.

This Full Moon in Leo is happening in the XI Mansion, creating a heart activation reminding us of our inner strength and confidence. However, there are some harsh aspects to be considered during this lunation, one of them being the square between the nodes and the moon, while other unique alienations are happening, like the conjunction between Venus and Mars in Capricorn.

I see much of the significance of this Full Moon in Leo reflected in the ancient Japanese technique known as ‘Kintsugi’, which consists of transforming a broken object into a beautiful piece of art by filling up the cracks with a golden resin. The cracks in our hearts may be visible, yet that does not mean our pain should define us. Instead, we are being guided during this Full Moon to have acceptance for who we are and the things we have endured in our lives, by filling up the cracks in our hearts with hope and compassion.

On Monday Mercury entered the sign of Aquarius, finishing up what seems to be one of the longest retrogrades we have experienced in a while. This is partly because of the three conjunctions that happened between Mercury and the outer planet Pluto, asking us to zoom out and see the bigger picture. It is no secret we are all adapting to a new reality, and the planet Mercury represents how we perceive what is around us and how we translate the signs we receive from our close environment. When confronted with the planet Pluto that depicts rebirth and renewal, what we think to be true can be burned down to ashes, creating confusion and a disconnection from the higher self. So much has changed. We have changed. And sometimes it takes time for us to accept the ever-changing phases we go through in life. We now need to reinvent ourselves into this new reality. Instead of creating resistance, the Universe is inviting us to honour the process and immerse ourselves fully into it by digging deep into our subconscious mind. Mercury moving into Aquarius will help to bring clarity and brightness to the mind. 

This Full Moon we are also experiencing a rather interesting and unique astrological event. Both Venus and Mars will be exactly conjunct during this lunation, but not only that – they will be travelling at the same speed until March 18th where Venus will be gaining speed and distancing from Mars. The planet Mars finds its exaltation in the sign of Capricorn, depicting authority, strategy and determination. While Venus energy is receptive, Mars is here saying ‘this whole manifest your dreams thing is okay, but what about being specific, coming up with a plan and working hard towards those dreams?’ Manifestation without purpose will only remain as a dream. We need action. We need to be specific about the things we want to manifest, why we want it, how that makes us feel, and how we see ourselves in that reality we are intending on manifesting. 

I hope during this Full Moon in Leo you practice self love. You treat your progress with kindness. You learn to have acceptance for all that is you. The past years have been tough, and pretty much every human on earth has confronted heartache in some way. However, we need to stop identifying ourselves in that pain and start seeing it as part of our human existence, where we have the opportunity to see the cracks in our heart as an opportunity to create something unique to us. In the 'Kintsugi' art, artisans are not trying to repair a vase so the broken pieces are not visible. Each fissure is different, and that allows the artisan to create a unique piece of art out of a broken object. When we look at it, we appreciate its beauty for everything that is, regardless of how many incisions there are. 


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*To make the most of your horoscopes remember to read for your rising sign first, then for your Sun sign if your chart is a day chart, or for your Moon sign if your chart is a night chart. 


Aries Sun, Moon or Rising

creativity, self-expression, good fortune, inner child

This Full Moon in Leo is shining in one of the most auspicious houses for you Aries, bringing optimism and hope for what is to come. This Full Moon is reminding you to keep your head up, and inviting you to continue to dream big. Venus and Mars are creating an activation on your 10th house of career and purpose, advising you to unsubscribe from today’s society hustle mentality and learning how to have fun through the process. 


Taurus Sun, Moon or Rising

home, family, boundaries, foundations

The Full Moon in Leo is creating an activation in your house of home, family and boundaries Taurus, and it is possible there is some tension in the air. Remember your boundaries are there to protect you and bring you security. Maybe you need to start evaluating how accessible your availability is to others. As Venus and Mars are conjunct in your house of spirituality, remember energy is currency. This Full Moon in Leo is asking you to be selective about your experiences and to make sure you are prioritising your own wellbeing.


Gemini Sun, Moon or Rising

knowledge, communication, short travel, siblings

The Full Moon in Leo is creating an activation of your house of communication Gemini, a house you are very familiar with since you are the ruler. This Full Moon is asking you to step outside of your comfort zone and wear your heart on your sleeve. The nature of our feelings fluctuates just as much as your mutable nature, and that is why you must prefer to rely on the facts. Yet, sometimes, people cannot see what we are going through internally. With Mercury still in shadow, but finally in the Air sign of Aquarius creating positive aspects to your sign, you will be able to find the right words to describe exactly what has been in your mind.


Cancer Sun, Moon or Rising

finances, values, security, self-worth

The Full Moon in Leo is highlighting your house of values Cancer, reminding you of the importance of practising self-love more often. Our confidence is like a mirror. When the mirror is covered in dust, we are not able to see a reflection of who we are, only parts of it. This is why this Full Moon in Leo is inviting you to make sure you are cleaning up that mirror everyday, so when you look at it, you can see the true essence of your reflection on it. Mercury entered Aquarius activating your house of transformation, and while still in shadow, clarity will come soon, helping you to find new ways to express yourself. 


Leo Sun, Moon or Rising

ego, body, energy levels, personality

The Full Moon is shining bright for you dear Leo, reminding you of the importance of being proud of your accomplishments more often and celebrating both the small and big successes equally. I know you are often misunderstood as a sign that always takes pride in everything you do, however this may not always be the case. We are so used to being exposed to other people’s accomplishments nowadays that we often forget to celebrate our own because they may not seem big or good enough. Take a moment to look back at your progress and soak it all in. You have done this! Never take for granted what you have and remember where you come from.


Virgo Sun, Moon or Rising

intuition, dreams, secrets, sacrifice

Virgo this Full Moon in Leo is creating an activation of the house in your chart ruled by your subconscious mind, reminding you of the importance of seeing our shadows as part of who we are, instead of a burden or something that limits us. This Full Moon is inviting you to search for your own light. To ask yourself questions. To dive deep in the waters of the subconscious mind. As Venus and Mars are conjunct creating auspicious aspects to your sign in your house of creativity and self-expression, this Full Moon is offering you a new opportunity to reinvent yourself. 


Libra Sun, Moon or Rising

community, connection, technology, hope

This Full Moon in Leo is activating the area in your chart where your hopes and dreams reside Libra, a moment to reevaluate your desires and an invitation to dream even bigger. To envision what you are trying to manifest. The voice of our internal chatter may make us doubt ourselves, thinking we are asking for too much. Do not feel bad for having high standards and wanting more (without obsession). Mercury is still in shadow but entered the sign of Aquarius a few days ago making auspicious aspects to your sign, helping to stimulate your mind and giving you a new influx of ideas.


Scorpio Sun, Moon or Rising

career, purpose, exposure, reputation

The Full Moon in Leo is activating your house of purpose and career Scorpio, creating some tension in your chart. This lunation is asking you to learn how to delegate your work. I know you are very protective and like to have control over what is being done, however this is not devaluating your effort but rather inviting you to extend your trust into others, so you can focus on areas that require more of your time and effort. In a way, this Full Moon is asking you to open your heart to new possibilities, and let go of negative past experiences. 


Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Rising

spirituality, wisdom, higher learning, foreign lands

The Full Moon in Leo is highlighting your house of spirituality and higher knowledge Sagittarius, and since you are the ruler of this house, this Full Moon may manifest as a moment of connection, a realisation or a mini enlightenment. You may have been waiting for answers to come, and the beginning of the year may have been quite slow for your liking as both Mercury and Venus were in retrograde. This Full Moon is expanding your horizons and offering you a new direction. The Venus and Mars conjunction in Capricorn can help you drive that energy towards a specific end and come up with a detailed plan. 


Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising

transformation, shared resources, inheritance, sexuality

This Full Moon in Leo is creating an activation in your house of transformation Capricorn, helping you to have more appreciation for the different phases we go through in life. While I know you value progress above all, transformation is never easy. It may mean we have to remain at a specific point in our lives until we have fully mastered the lessons we are meant to integrate. This Full Moon is asking you to have more compassion and kindness towards yourself, in the same way you would do for a friend who is going through the same situation as you do. As Venus and Mars are currently conjunct and will be moving at the same speed for a while, remember progress can be experienced in many ways, of which some of it may not be visible on the outside, but is experienced internally. 


Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising

relationships, agreements, collaborations, contracts

The Full Moon in Leo is happening in your house of relationships Aquarius, reminding you the connection we share with others can act as a mirror for the soul. In your relationships you will be able to appreciate a reflection of many aspects of your personality, all of which are unique to the people you interact with. Remember to surround yourself with people that bring the best out of you. This Full Moon is inviting you to have appreciation for the people that help you shine bright in your life.


Pisces Sun, Moon or Rising

work, habits, routine, health

Pisces, the Full Moon in Leo is reminding you of the importance of being in love with life, having appreciation for the small joys we get to experience every day. I know your heart belongs to the land of dreams, and that you enjoy transcending the mundane the most, yet we can find magic in our routines by appreciating what certain activities make us feel, regardless of how common or simple these may seem. Waking up before the sun rises for instance, so you can appreciate the quietness of early mornings. Everyday we are being presented with a new opportunity, a fresh start. This Full Moon is asking you to see the beauty in everything you do.

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