Full Moon in Gemini

DATE DEC 7th | DEC 8th
TIME 11:07 PM EST | 04:07 AM BST 
Communication, strategy, evaluation, redirection
“I let go of unwanted conflict and welcome new forms of communication that allow me to attract and create deeper bonds with those who match my energy and uplift my spirit.”

The Full Moon in Gemini will reach its peak at 16º exactly conjunct Mars, that is why this lunation is not just another Full Moon, but it represents a turning point in the Mars retrograde cycle as the energy of Mars is being influenced by the Full Moon. 
Because of Mars' influence, this Full Moon can feel a bit destabilising and even jarring for many, however, there are some interesting details we can focus on in order to elevate this Full Moon experience to help us release what is needed in order to make space for what is truly important in our lives before the beginning of a new year and therefore a new cycle.
For those who do not know, Mars will remain for a total of almost 6 exact months in the sign of Gemini, something very unusual for the planet Mars as it is one of the fast moving planets. Therefore there is a big emphasis for us to uncover and integrate the lessons found within the archetype of Gemini represented by the twins. Mars is one of the personal planets in Astrology meaning the manifestations and possible themes manifested during its transit will feel more real and tangible for all of us, and the house ruled by Gemini in your chart will offer you a deeper insight as to what these mean for you.
Gemini in Astrology is the ruler of the third house of communication, elementary learning, short distance travel and siblings. In Tarot we see the archetype of Gemini represented by The Lovers and The Magician in the Major Arcana, and through the 8, 9 and 10 of Swords specifically in the Minor Arcana, with Mars in Gemini being represented by the last Decan of Gemini (aka 10 of Swords). Because of Mars influence, this Full Moon can feel a bit destabilising and even jarring for many, however, there is some interesting details we can focus on in order to elevate this Full Moon experience to help us release what is needed in order to make space for what is truly important in our lives before the beginning of a new year, and therefore a new cycle.
Now, let us take a moment to decompress what all of this means. Mars retrograde periods often manifest in times where our strategy should be revisited, as well as our overall direction in life, as Mars represents one's purpose and drive. I often tell clients how our life is 50% what happens to us and situations that are completely outside of our control and 50% is how we react to these events as they unfold. While we may sometimes feel we do not have a choice, the truth is… in most cases we do, but perhaps we do not see choices for what they are, which are essentially opportunities in our journey that are filtering our overall experience of life. And this is where The Lovers card (ruled by Gemini) comes into play.
Gemini is a sign that depicts curiosity, the openness of a child-like attitude that is not worried about meeting certain standards or performing a role, because there is simply nothing expected from them. Children have the ability to explore life using curiosity as a vehicle. And this is partly where this Full Moon is guiding us to do. 
When we are not worried of making mistakes or attaining the unattainable, magic happens. As we see through the archetype of The Magician (ruled by Mercury) proficiency is obtained by experimentation and mastery of the elements, however, in order to get there – we have to try. We have to be comfortable with the idea of failing too, as it is just another process of the learning experience.
This Mars retrograde conjunct the Full Moon is bringing up to light the things we may not like, it may stir difficult conversations with those we love, so we can reevaluate our choices and approach to life. One thing that becomes very prominent when the duality of the sign of Gemini is present is our need to compare our experiences as a way to evaluate our situation. Thing is… have you ever mirror flipped an image of yourself or someone else’s and had a hard time recognising what you see, even though everything is exactly the same? What we see in a mirror is an altered vision of what reality is, yet it reflects the essence of that reality, which is directly connected to us. We are the source, everything else is a reflection. Therefore we should not compare our reality to others, nor forget our choices represent not only who we are, but the experiences we allow to come into our lives.
During this Full Moon in Gemini, Venus in Sagittarius will make a final square to the planet Jupiter in Pisces before it departs from its traditional domicile to Aries later this month for the majority of 2023. This aspect can create some confusion between what we seek or expect and what is realistic, while this Full Moon invites us to have a more realistic approach, where we prioritise decisions that are aligned with ourselves and our vision.
The Full Moon and Mars in Gemini will exchange a wide trine with Saturn in Aquarius allowing some space for reflection and restructure. I’ve said this in a couple of astro reports prior to this one, but I will say it again – this is not a time for making huge changes (unless they are necessary or imminent) but rather setting a new structure in place that will sustain ourselves long term. Re-evaluating our decisions, our situation, our choices and revisiting our priorities so we can make choices that are more in alignment with our vision, whether that applies to our career, our overall life direction, our relationship sector, social group or even family.
The Full Moon in Gemini is also happening in the VI Mansion, known as ‘The Scar’. This is considered one of the most auspicious Mansions, especially regarding the relationship/partnership sector. It reminds us our relationships are a mirror to ourselves, and the polarity we find in them is able to reflect back to us aspects we are unable to see by ourselves. This Mansion reminds us we can find what we are lacking or projecting in our lives through our relationships, as they mirror different aspects of ourselves we may not even be aware of.
“Warnock: Al-Hana is a very positive Mansion, but nevertheless, not every activity can be auspiciously undertaken when the Moon resides here. The dual images of the Mansion indicate a fundamental polarity. This is the source of its attractive power, the energy of love that it usually signifies. But this power is not to be trifled with nor underestimated. The basic duality of Love harbors the potential to flip from attraction to repulsion. This is a mansion of power and flow, and not conductive to the slow growth of crops or the stability necessary for the long endurance of a building or city.
There is one very subtle aspect surrounding this Full Moon in Gemini that adds even more layers to the Mars retrograde cycle, and that is the sextile between the Moon and Mars in Gemini with Chiron in Aries. 
Chiron is an asteroid also known as the ‘wounded healer’ which represents how understanding our pain can offer us liberation. We see here a strong correlation between Chiron and the archetype the 10 of Swords as the ruler of this Full Moon, also known as the third Decan of Gemini (depicted by Mars in Gemini). The 10 of Swords represents a breakthrough moment where reach the end of what it seems a troublesome or difficult journey. I do not personally agree with the traditional depiction of this card as a man lying on the floor, bleeding and with ten swords stabbed on his back. For me, the 10 of Swords is a card of surrender, but also empowerment. Let us not forget the planet Mars was associated to the god of war in ancient Greece. The archetype of the 10 of Swords depicts knowledge is power, and once that we understand what is causing us pain or creating setbacks in our journey, we are able to see reality for what truly is. We are in a position where we can choose what is good for us and what is not. The number 10 in numerology reads as 1+0= 1 connecting this card directly with The Magician, ruled by Mercury which the ruler of both Gemini and Virgo.
What do the 10 of Swords and the Magician have in common, you may ask? Well, everything begins and ends with us. Only you can live your life. The Magician is a master manifestor, it represents the power of actions, and how our decisions shape our reality. While we see pain and sorrow depicted in the archetype of the 10 of Swords, this card reminds us underneath the hardship we encounter we are given the opportunity to learn or (re)discover something about ourselves or a specific situation. The 10s in Tarot depict the end of a cycle, where we can either remain where we are or we can choose to begin a new cycle. However, resistance will only create more sorrow long term. Sometimes we just need to accept defeat, without that invalidating who we are or our ability to make progress.
I hope you use this Full Moon to reevaluate your journey, to ask yourself big questions, to set up a new strategy, to find new ways to connect and communicate with your relationships and evaluate your recent choices

Journaling prompts for the Full Moon in Gemini:

✦ How do I feel about the recent choices I have made in my life?
✦ Have my decisions been aligned with my actions?
✦ How has been my communication with others lately?
✦ What areas of my communication could be improved?
✦ How can others make me feel supported and understood?
✦ How has been my progress lately? Is there any areas that feel stagnant?
✦ Write down three things you would like to change (regarding your life, career, purpose, relationships, etc) and three things you like as they are and why.

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