Full Moon in Aquarius

Astrologers have been talking about the upcoming challenges that will come up during the month of August, and the truth is, this Full Moon in Aquarius symbolises the peak of this difficult period. While Leo season tends to focus on self-expression, creativity and enjoyment, this year the tides have changed. And perhaps they have changed because WE need to change. 

The Full Moon in Aquarius represents the last hit of the ongoing square between the fixed axis of Taurus and Aquarius. The intensity started to build up once Mars entered Taurus and joined both Uranus (the planet of Revolution and Enlightenment) and the North Node, creating squares to Saturn in Aquarius (often referred as the Lord of Time and Order). The Moon joins Aquarius for this lunation, while the Fixed Star Nashira enhances the futuristic vision inherited in the sign of Aquarius. While the astroweather is telling us old structures must fall so new ones shall rise, meaning we may have to confront hardship and loss, the underlying message of this transit is that there is still HOPE. 

When you keep receiving messages from friends and people on social media asking you ‘what is actually going on out there’ you know it is a fact. We cannot deny we all have been feeling the intensity of this transit collectively but also on the current changes happening on the overall direction of society. From recession, to political and law changes, the issues within the agriculture market and so on. We cannot deny we are (or will soon) undergo a revolution where old systems will start to crumble. 

When us astrologers analyse transits on a collective level, we place our focus prematurely on the outer planets (if using a traditional system Jupier and Saturn or Uranus, Neptune and Pluto if your methodology is modern) Interestingly, the planet Mars has been making this transit more raw and striking since it is one of the personal planets. As someone who uses predominantly a traditional system but in combination with some modern elements (such as the transpersonal planets) the Uranus presence on this transit is, in my opinion, where everything revolves around. 

To put things into perspective, we are in the midst of a 7 year transit, where the planet Uranus entered officially the sign of Taurus back in June of 2018 and will remain there until May of 2026. The planet Uranus represents the Greek mythology the God of Heavens and Enlightenment. Ruled by the sign of Aquarius, Uranus transits are meant to create changes in society that will shake up old structures to help us reach higher levels of consciousness. In he current Uranus transit we are experiencing how Uranus in Taurus exchanges harsh squares with Saturn in Aquarius (its second dignification based on traditional astrology) Saturn in Aquarius brings new orders, new laws, questions today’s society ideas and needs so these can be rewritten. When Uranus is in Taurus, we can say it is in a fall position since its exaltation point resides in Scorpio. Taurus seeks comfort and familiarity, it has a tendency to stick to the old. So here we can see how both planets are currently clashing and why it seems society is reaching a turning point where we are trying to revive the old, but is simply not working out. 

Mars in astrology is seen as an activator, it creates a ripple effect in a chart wherever it falls. That is why the current energy feels more like a ‘NOW OR NEVER’. There is an urge to create a change in our lives, whether we are ready or not. Truth is, if we wait to feel ready to make changes, we could wait forever as we are never going to be fully ready to do so. Change comes with risks and, in many cases, it implies a sacrifice (Saturn rules sacrifice and penalty) We are choosing to let go of what once offered us security to open ourselves up to new possibilities. These may not come easy to us, but they promise a greater future with long lasting benefits. We cannot seek growth if we remain in the same spot forever.

Here is where the Fixed Star Nashira comes into play. This Fixed Star is found at 22º of Aquarius (in the constellation of Capricornus) sitting next to Saturn and the Full Moon in Aquarius. According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter; and, to Simmonite, of Saturn. It causes overcoming by evil, which is turned to success, and gives danger from beasts. [Robson, p.179.]

Dependent on its position in the chart it will bring a life full of change. According to Arabic tradition this star will make a native become a legal advisor or counselor and will give such a person the ability to hold a position of trust. This star makes for integrity and justice and gives a knowledge of man. Therefore we see here a refining Saturn influence, this will be achieved if the natal Saturn is well placed. It is interesting that Deneb Algedi is to be found in three birth charts of present day atomic physicists (names listed in Fixed Stars by Ebertin-Hoffman). [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.179.]


This is the poem I wrote to symbolise this card on the Ethereal Orbs Deck:

“overcome your concerns

by embracing change

in the midst of confusion

one can also find purpose.”

The name Nashira literally translates as the ‘Fortunate One’ or the ‘Bringer of the Good Tidings’. This fixed star was used for those who seek to overcome evil and turn hardship into success. 

The Fixed Star Nashira reminds us that luck is an attitude. Much like The Star in Tarot which is the archetype ruling this Full Moon in Aquarius, it shows us we can use our hope and devotion to help us find purpose and overcome our discomfort. This is not to promise us we will live a life without difficulties and hardship, but that a great future follows those who dare to encounter their limitations, because that is when we acquire self-mastery and discipline. 

If you have been feeling stuck in your journey, ask yourself: Where am I heading towards in my life at the moment (aka what is my main purpose or direction)? what should I let go of in order to move forward in my journey? What has been working for me recently and what has not? How can I take small steps everyday to help me arrive to my new destination?

Much love,


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