Meet the Artist


I think in this day and age, people are more and more interested in knowing where do the products they buy come from, who created/designed them, or what’s the purpose behind a brand. That’s why I wanted to take the time to formally introduce myself.

My name is Maria, I was born and raised in a small city called Granada in southern Spain. Ever since I was 18 I’ve been moving to different countries and cities, trying to find my space in the world. At the moment I’m based in London, UK but who knows where I’d be in the (near) future! 

One of the earliest memories I have of myself is drawing. It was my favourite thing to do as a child, I could easily spend hours drawing and colouring. Growing up, I became very interested in photography and graphic design. It’s funny to look back and seeing how I now combine both of my passions as my job. Contrary to what people may think, I’ve never considered myself as an artist, though I’m a professional graphic designer and have been working in the field for the past 8 years. To me design is much more than just art, it’s a way to connect different elements and merge them together into one, similar to what an alchemist would do. 

Over the years, as I expanded in my personal spiritual journey, I delved into the depths of the esoteric world. In combination with my work as a designer, I also perform professional astrological consultations. Helping others find clarity in their journey and recognise their potential brings me so much fulfillment and happiness.

My astrological practice has changed quite a lot, especially in the past couple of years. Like many people, I started my journey in astrology as a modern astrologer, focusing on the psychological aspect of it. As I evolved in my journey, I now consider myself a traditional astrologer with a modern twist. I discovered the work of Chris Brennan and Christopher Warnock (two very well-known astrologers in the community) and I knew right there and then that was the type of astrology I wanted to practice, as traditional astrology is strongly connected to planetary magic/alchemy which has been very present in my life ever since I discovered it, as I was able to notice how powerful some rituals were right away.

Unlike modern astrology, traditional astrology focuses on working with the energy and cycles of the 7 traditional planets (the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) removing the transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) of the equation. In my practice, I use a whole house system (as opposed to Placidus which is the most commonly used nowadays) and over the past years, I’ve included techniques such as zodiacal releasing and annual profections, as well as horary charts (which basically uses the chart of the consultation as a unique separate element to answer the client’s questions in combination with their natal chart). These elements are predominantly seen in traditional astrology only. I still keep modern elements in my readings such as the transpersonal planets (when it comes to analysing transits) the asteroids (Chiron, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas Athene, and Juno) or Black Moon Lilith for instance, though it depends on the purpose of the reading.

I now create modern divination tools and systems as a living, using the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years about the esoteric world and my experience as a professional graphic designer. For many years prior to this I was mostly focusing on UX design and user experience. Never in my life I thought I would become a deck creator, yet here I am. The Universe has rather interesting and unique ways to lead us where we are supposed to be. My first deck was born from the necessity to expand the possibilities of what was available in the market, as I couldn't find an astrological deck that fitted my needs, included all of the elements one can work with and resonated with the imagery chosen for it as I personally don't like using animals to represent the zodiacal signs or real people to represent the planets, since astrology is much more than just the depiction of a symbol, it has a unique symbolism and centuries of history. This could also be seen as solving a problem of a lack of availability, which is a very UX design thing to do.

That’s why you’d see how the main reason behind what I create is serving a purpose. As much as I love and appreciate all kinds of artistic expressions, my take on art is merging aesthetics and functionality into one. I want to create products that speak directly to your soul. Nothing makes me happier when I see customers creating their own connections with the systems I've created, as I strongly believe in the power of individuality and how we all have something to offer, share and contribute with the world.